Mercedes-Maybach concept car is electric, ultra-luxurious, and ready for tea time


A concept car from Mercedes is revving up car enthusiasts ahead of this year’s Beijing Auto Show.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is an electric idea with an interior to match its “ultimate luxury” name.

The high-end sedan and SUV crossover is imagined as a four-motor all-wheel drive vehicle with a 200-mile range battery with fast charging capabilities. The inside of the car is as important as its specs as Mercedes describes the vehicle as “intended primarily for chauffeur-driven use.” 

Its interior features “Magic Wood” ebony to appeal to the Chinese market and is smooth and curvy with few sharp edges. The color palette includes rose gold, crystal white, and pearl gray. The seats are white leather and very adjustable. The reclining seats also feature calf support. Read more…

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ZTE concept phone has two notches, one on top and the other on bottom of the display

It appears that ZTE is thinking that if consumers love having a notch on their smartphone, they will absolutely adore having two notches. Renders of a concept model with the name ZTE Iceberg have surfaced, and they show that the dual-notched device carries a notch at the top and the bottom of the display (when held in portrait orientation). The top notch contains the front-facing selfie snapper along with the earpiece and sensors for distance and light. The bottom notch carries only a second speaker, which allows the Iceberg to offer stereo sound. The casing on the four corners of the phone is …

Vivo changes its mind, will manufacture the concept Apex phone in the middle of this year

At MWC last month, Vivo introduced a concept phone called the Apex. With a fingerprint scanner embedded under the lower half of the display, a pop-up 8MP selfie camera, and Screen SoundCasting Technology which allows sound to be emitted from the display, the Apex certainly has a lot of interesting and exciting features. It also sports extremely thin top and side bezels, and the hidden front-facing ambient and proximity sensors mean no notch is necessary.

Originally, the word in Barcelona was that the Apex was a concept phone, and the official video introducing the device says so in the small …

Essential owns patent on a pop-up selfie camera similar to the one on the Vivo Apex concept

The other day, we told you about the Vivo Apex concept phone. With a tap anywhere on the bottom of the screen activating the in-display fingerprint scanner, and audio coming out of the screen, the near bezel-less display leaves another quandary for the manufacturer; with bezels this thin, where does Vivo put the front-facing camera? The proof-of-concept OG Xiaomi Mi Mix, which was the blueprint that many of today’s bezel-less handsets followed, had its front-facing camera located in the bottom bezel. That was repeated in the Mi Mix 2. The Mi Mix 2s plans on putting the front-facing camera in the …

Designer produces concept images of Apple's rumored AR glasses

While the Apple HomePod smart speaker is Cupertino’s next big consumer tech device, on the horizon is something bigger that could replace the iPhone as Apple’s top revenue producer. Last June, analyst Gene Munster, who now pores over spreadsheets for venture capital firm Loup Ventures, said that AR powered Apple Glasses will become bigger than the tech giant’s iconic smartphone. Based on comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook about the current state of AR technology, we probably won’t see this device launch until 2020 at the earliest. Apple will reportedly turn to contract manufacturer Quanta to produce …

Rumor: Razer Phone 2 could be launched in September alongside the interesting Project Linda concept

Announced and released two months ago, in November 2017, the Razer Phone might get a successor sooner than we’d expect. According to French website FrAndroid (usually a reliable source), a well-informed insider has it that a second generation Razer handset, possibly called Razer Phone 2, should be released in September 2018 – less than one year after the original model. Interestingly, FrAndroid notes that the Razer Phone 2 might be launched at the same time with a commercial version of Project Linda (pictured above), though the folks at Razer haven’t made a final decision on this yet. …

ZTE will continue to experiment with foldable smartphones, refine the concept

Despite the fact that its first foldable smartphone, the Axon M wasn’t too well received by the press and consumers alike, ZTE announced that it will continue to experiment with this design. It’s true that ZTE’s vice president of marketing Jeff Yee has said that the Axon M received positive feedback from those who bought it via AT&T, but that’s simply because it’s “something new.”

Although most customers are used to pay less than $200 for a ZTE smartphone, the Chinese company will continue to enlarge its portfolio of foldable smartphones, which are likely to …

iPhone "Xc" concept shows what a cheaper, colorful and plastic iPhone X could look like

Four years ago, in late 2013, Apple introduced a new iPhone that was unlike others: the colorful, plastic iPhone 5c. With its “unapologetically plastic” design and bright colors, the iPhone 5c was different than the typical, “serious”-looking metal phones that Apple is known for. And it was also more affordable.
So… what if Apple revived the iPhone 5c idea with a colorful new version of the iPhone X, an iPhone “Xc” of sorts?

This iPhone Xc concept is pure fantasy, but it looks stunning

We have no reason …

Samsung to take on the Apple Store concept with an opulent London beachhead

With more than $13 billion profit forecast for the last quarter, Samsung is no longer a runner up in that regard, and wants to be perceived as the start that it is right now. People in the know share that its first order of business might be to open flagship stores like the ones Apple has on key locations in major cities, and one of the beachheads will be in London’s upcoming Coal Drops Yard mall, which has been designed by Thomas Heatherwick with a curved roof, and some amazing architectural solutions. 

Samsung has reportedly already leased 20,000 square …

Apple AR glasses concept shows us what the future could look like

Face ID comes to replace the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone X, but could it also be a sign of what’s to come from Apple in the future?
We have already heard it from multiple reliable sources that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses, something like Google Glass without the creepy camera and record-people-without-them-knowing part.
And here is an interesting concept that shows how the new Face ID might actually be used to become the centerpiece of the new Apple AR glasses.
Apple …