Google snags Apple engineer to help with company's rumored production of in-house mobile chips

Google is said to be in the early stages of developing its own line of mobile chips that it can deploy on future Pixel handsets and other mobile devices. To help Google produce top quality components, the company has lured chip designer John Bruno away from Apple. According to a recently published report, Bruno was in charge of Apple’s silicon competitive analysis group. This team made sure that the chips used inside Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad were topping those used by competitors.

Prior to joining Apple, Bruno worked at Advanced Micro Devices, where he was head engineer. He …

Huawei Mate 10 will seriously challenge Apple's iPhone 8, company's CEO promises

Huawei is currently the world’s number 3 smartphone manufacturer, and the Chinese company doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. There’s no market we can think of where Huawei doesn’t sell its handsets, so the next step for the giant would be to try and appeal to even more consumers in those markets.

The number one market where Huawei must pick up the pace in North America where the Chinese company is seriously challenged by Samsung and Apple. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu told Bloomberg in an interview that his company is readying an answer to Apple’s iPhone 8, which …

Huawei Honor 9 hands on: a look at the company's latest device

Yesterday was Huawei’s summer showcase in New York City, a
chance for the company to bring not just their latest devices stateside, but
their mission statement as well. Huawei’s slogan “make it possible” speaks not
only to the consumer but also to the company itself. Just a few short weeks
ago, it was named the 88th most valuable company on Forbes top 100
list, and now it seems Huawei is poised to creep up from behind and begin to steal
market share from the biggest names in the industry. Their high-performing
chipset sub-brand, HiSilicon, continues to produce capable and high-powered …

LeEco chairman has $182 million in assets frozen after failing to pay off company's debts

Call it schadenfreude if you will, but LeEco’s massive death spiral is getting ever more interesting to observe. Previously, the company officially halted its ambitious plan to expand onto US territory, fired about 80 percent of its workforce in the country, and sold off the property on which it had previously planned to build a Silicon Valley HQ. But this wasn’t nearly enough to cover all the debt, though, as a Shanghai court has now frozen $182 million in assets tied to LeEco’s founder, Jia Yueting.

The freezing of the assets, which are property …

LG patent shows dual-screen phone crossing the lines between the company's V and G series

LG has patented an interesting hybrid design that looks like a combination of both its G and V series of high-end smartphones. It’s as if the LG G6 had a secondary display with the front camera in the center, alongside even thinner bezels. It’s an interesting visual for sure, even if that dead-center front cam is a little too in-your-face for our liking.

So, is this the LG V30? Hard to say. It will be a bold move for LG to introduce a phone that looks like this, as there’s truthfully nothing else out there to remotely resemble this design. And LG is cautious not …

B&O launches the Beoplay H4 – the company's cheapest over-the-ear headphones at $299

In the world of wireless headphones, products like the Apple AirPods and BeatsX are some of the most popular options that currently exist. These gadgets, while offering a ton of mobility and being great for workout sessions, aren’t exactly go-to solutions if you’re looking for high-end audio reproduction. If you’re more concerned about the quality of your tunes but still want a pair of headphones that will fit in perfectly in the post-3.5mm headphone jack world, you might want to check out the newly released B&O Beoplay H4.

B&O (also known as Bang & Olufsen) is one …

AT&T CEO Stephenson meets with Trump to discuss the company's proposed purchase of Time

Back in October, AT&T announced that it would buy Time for $85.4 billion. But almost immediately, then presidential candidate Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to say that the deal results in “…too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.” Trump went on to add that as president, he would block the deal. As you know, Trump shocked the world with his Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton; that means AT&T’s purchase of Time is in jeopardy of being blocked by U.S. regulatory agencies. 

AT&T wants to make more content available to its subscribers …