Samsung Galaxy S8 U.S. pre-orders rise 30% over Galaxy S7 reservations and set new company record

Before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8 last month, Samsung executives no doubt were sitting on pins and needles. How would the public respond to the new flagship models just half a year after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was pulled off shelves? The phablet turned out to be doomed by faulty batteries that made each unit a potential explosive, something that Samsung didn’t want the public to associate with its brand.

Earlier this year, Samsung said that it would institute a new 8-point battery check in an attempt to persuade consumers that they have nothing to fear from new Samsung handsets. …

Company developing a physical QWERTY keyboard Moto Mod will meet with Lenovo and Verizon

Last month, we told you about a company called Livermorium that is developing a third-party physical QWERTY keyboard Moto Mod. The accessory is listed on Indiegogo where the company is trying to raise the $100,000 it needs to guarantee production. With 15-days left on the crowdfunding site, Livermorium has raised a tad more than $47,000 from 638 backers. If you like the idea of adding a QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z device, you might want to donate $60 for a Super Early Bird model. The company plans on selling them for $120 at retail, if it can get the necessary funding.

Looking very similar …

Apple is the most admired company in the world for the tenth consecutive year

For the tenth consecutive year, Apple has been named the most admired company in the world. The honor that was bestowed on the tech titan is based on the opinions of 3,800 executives, directors, analysts and experts. Rounding out the top five are Amazon, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, and Disney. Other tech firms in the top ten include Facebook and Microsoft. Besides being the most admired company on the planet, Apple is also the most valuable company on this rock with a market capitalization (share price multiplied by outstanding shares) close to $700 billion.              …

Global VP of HTC Jason Mackenzie has left the company

HTC’s Global Executive Vice President – Jason Mackenzie – announced his departure from the company on his Twitter account. No explanations are given, but Mackenzie says he’s had a “great run” and “feels blessed” for having spent 12 years working for HTC. He’s also yet to figure out where he will be going next.

Mackenzie’s departure follows that of Claude Zellweger, a senior designer who worked on the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and other famous products.

Despite these blows to its hierarchy, HTC will proceed with releasing new products in 2017. A high-end …

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

Apple’s iPhone is a device that has become so much necessary for smartphone-lovers that they can’t live without it. No exaggeration – we have seen folks around us who keep using iPhone no matter wherever they are. There are thousands of apps, games, and interesting iPhone tools that keep iPhone-lovers busy. And while not using them, iPhone users keep talking about their devices. If not about devices, they keep sharing which app is your favorite, what new app you recently downloaded, have you jailbroken your iPhone, and such talks go on. All this is not without any reason; its aesthetics, availability of scores of apps, and continuous updates in software and hardware, both are some points that we can say always attract smartphone users towards it. This is the reason; today iPhone app development companies are on their best times ever.

Mobile development has seriously changed the focus of many software development companies. We don’t need to go so back in the history, this is the talk of just 5 years ago that companies use to develop desktop software and the web applications at most. Very few companies were in to the business of mobile app development. But today if we see we find scores of iPhone app development companies and most surprisingly most of them are so much successful. All this is because of the proliferation and popularity of smartphones as more and more people started using these smartphones to access their emails and surf the internet. And today, according to various surveys, more people use internet through their smartphones. This in return has increased the demand for the companies who do mobile app development. Especially the iPhone app development companies are in high demand since the launch of iPhone 4. Furthermore, the news for the iPhone 5 is also on its boom. More and more companies are now being fascinated for iPhone app development. This is why, daily we see the inception of new iPhone app development companies.

However it doesn’t mean that all of these iPhone app development companies are expert, professional and result-oriented. Most of the people get inspired by the boom of anything and they start a company without proper planning and future thoughts. So beware of such iPhone app development companies who can waste much of your time and money by claiming to be your reliable app development partner. This is the reason you need to make sure about certain things while you are hiring an iPhone app development company to develop professional iPhone apps for you.

Millions of users and billions of app downloads, iPhone app development era is buzzing with activity. As there are variety of users, different sort of iPhone apps are needed. Some like to play games, some like to access social networking platforms, some like to check their IQ, some like to check emails, and the list goes on. That is the reason diverse range of iPhone application need to be developed for all these users that can fulfill their entertainment, business, commercial, and various other needs.

Techliance is a professional iPhone application development company that offers cost effective iPhone App solutions. Contact us today – to get a free quote for your iPhone app solution.

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

GoTronics is the answer to all your iPhone 4g Insurance company searches

GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance company has all that it takes to provide you with an abundance of benefits. Insecurity of using your iphone without protection has to come to an end now if you choose to get iPhone 4g Insurance company. There is an extended warranty which you can have any single damage that your iphone may face. In the extended iPhone 4g Insurance warranty, charge port breakage, accidental drops, cracked glass and even water damage is adequately covered.
The GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance also offers you with data recovery for iphones which experience water damage. If your iphone gets submerged in water accidentally, you may risk loosing a lot of data which you may be in very great need of in the future. IPhone 4g Insurance GoTronics is the only company that ensures that all your data are 100 safe no matter what happens. Your pictures are also retrieved if you lost them with the damage so that you can enjoy them as you wish without a single trace of worry of having to either live without them or struggle in an effort to get new ones.
If you have an iphone from a dealer other than GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance, you have no reason to cause worries to you. GoTronics is very accommodating and would gladly get you iPhone 4g Insurance for the phone without any problems. This includes second hand iphones which are so common at eBay. You may also acquire an iphone from a friend and want to get iPhone 4g Insurance for it, just get down to GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance company and you will have your chance of getting it given full protection. There are very professional technicians who would give your iphone a thorough evaluation to get its value. If it is found with no traces of past repairs and any technical damages, there would be no hindrance to your being awarded iPhone 4g Insurance protection as you want.
There is also a transferable iPhone 4g Insurance offer for those who upgrade their iphones. Getting an iphone which is better than the one you are using at the moment, you do not have a reason to worry about getting a whole new insurance for it. GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance offers you the grand opportunity to have the iPhone 4g Insurance offer you have at the moment transferred to the phone you need. This is real convenience that you can not miss out on.

You have no more reason for failing to get iPhone 4g Insurance and risking either losing or getting your iphone damaged with no iPhone 4g Insurance compensation that you can rely on. So professional are the technicians at GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance company that even lost data and pictures are recovered during the repair process.

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How to choose the best iPhone Insurance company

Some of the most expensive gadgets which people own are iPhones. Getting iPhone Insurance is therefore just a step towards ensuring that it is well protected. To do this, it is not just about jumping into any office of a company that claims to offer for example iPhone 4 Insurance. You need to be careful. Your iPhone is very precious and definitely deserves the best treatment which it can only get from a reputable company. You do not want to risk paying a lot of money for iPhone 4 Insurance and then be unable to get reasonable compensation when you make a claim in future.

It’s important to look into the background of the iPhone Insurance company you are about to go with before making any commitments. If you can not find any reliable reputation from the company or positive reviews, you need to look elsewhere for a better and more reputable iPhone Insurance company.

There are many companies now offering insurance for iphones which are listed online. These could be genuine companies that you can make good use of to make sure that your iPhone gets the coverage it deserves. You should however read very carefully with such online iPhone Insurance companies so as not to fall into the hands of scammers and con artists. Google advertising have become so cheap that many people have posted fake iPhone Insurance companies which you should be in the look out for. Only buy insurance from a company that you have verified can actually offer you with the iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3g insurance services that it has listed. Unless you are working with a reliable online company like GoTronics, you should be very careful.

Another reliable way for locating a good iPhone Insurance company is from your friends, family and colleagues. Asking around for referrals of reliable companies offering insurance for iPhone services would really help you to be able to work with the best, you can also look up good iPhone Insurance companies from the local telephone or postal directories. This can help you to find accessible iPhone Insurance companies which are close to your location.

Quality is the thing you should be looking for. Settling for anything less would just put the safety of your iPhone 4, 3gs or 3g into jeopardy. For all types of iPhone Insurance, you can opt to work with a reliable company like GoTronics. They will present you with the most cost effective iPhone 4 Insurance offers on the market. This can be confirmed from the references which our customers give every now and then as a result of the satisfaction of iPhone Insurance services we have been able to offer them along the years.

For you to be able to find a reliable iPhone Insurance company, you need to be very careful. You should not risk having just anyone claiming to offer iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3gs insurance services be the company you go with. Go with a reliable and trusted company to give you quality iPhone 4 Insurance services.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Selecting Mobile Repair Company For HTC

Today, most of the people have mobile phones, and with the advancement in technology, they are using latest Smartphone as well as models. HTC is one of the worldwide popular brands and the fastest growing mobile phone industries also. The price of HTC mobile phones depends on its model and the features it contains. We know that mobile phones are very sensitive items, so you should very much take care of it from any kinds of damages. However, if your HTC mobile phone got any problem like battery malfunction and water damage that are very common, then you have to find a best HTC mobile repair service provider.

But, the question is how you will know that this is the best HTC repair company? Don’t know, there is no need to worry at all. Below, we have given few things that you should consider before selecting any repair company.

First, the HTC mobile repair service provider must be certified and authorized. Most of the repair service providers don’t have skill and expertise technicians, and also charges high prices. So, you must be careful from them, and choose the company, who offer services not only HTC but for all the smart phones like iphone repair services, and they usually provide a discount also.

Second, check the reputation of the repair company as there are several certified and authorized repair companies but their reputation is not good. So, you must look for the repair company who is not only certified and authorized but also reputed.

Third, you can read the customer reviews for checking the reputation of the HTC service provider on their websites. You can also visit any review site because most of the people leave positive and negative comments about their experience. By reading these comments, you can figure out whether the service provider you are going to opt has been offering the best services. Remember, always visit top review websites because they give 100% accurate information’s.

Fourth, you must consider the quality of the services of the company which include mobile phone repair technicians, warranty and discount. Therefore, do deep researches on the services of the repair service provider. However, if the company has experienced HTC repair technicians, then the company surely provides quality services as it comes from expertise. You can also check the qualification and experience of the technicians before sending your HTC mobile handset to them. Remember; give priority to quality of service over money.

You can find a best repair service center according to your location or city. For this, you have to just search about HTC repair center on the Internet according to your to your city like mobile repair in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. However, if you are looking for a particular HTC mobile repair company, then you can search like HTC service centers in Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Author work for Acma Tech, one of the trusted Mobile repair shops in Mumbai. Acma Tech provides HTC mobile repairing service for all models. Also provide free pick and return service across India.

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