Why did Apple fall down 24 places in an annual company reputation ranking?

Apple has fallen 24 places – from 5th to 29th – in the annual Reputation Quotient made by analytics company The Harris Poll.

The survey had 25,800 consumers in the US voice their opinion on which company they thought had the best reputation. For the second year in a row the winner is Amazon. The company seems to be getting more and more love each year, and the first place confirms it all. There’s something interesting though and it’s regarding Apple ranking. Last year the company was 5th, but has since fallen down 24 positions, getting the 29th place this year.
But …

FBI arrests Vincent Ramos, CEO of company alleged to have sold custom BlackBerry handsets to gangs

Phantom Secure is a company known for selling customized BlackBerry models. To make the ‘Berry even more secure than it is out of the box, the camera and microphones are removed and secure messages are sent only through private networks. While certain businesses and politicians might have an interest in such a device, it appears that a percentage of Phantom Secure’s business is conducted with gangs, according to a report published on Saturday.

Papers filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California last week, charge Phantom Secure’s founder and CEO Vincent Ramos with …

Elon Musk says his Boring Company tunnels are for cyclists and pedestrians


Elon Musk’s Boring Company is set to revolution the face of … cycling?

In a series of Friday afternoon tweets, the totally not-a-Bond-villain CEO made clear that his proposed system of underground tunnels will not in fact be focused on whisking cars around. Instead, he insisted, they’ll be mainly for pedestrians and cyclists. 

This is a change from the initial proposal, which depicted Teslas being shuttled around underground.

“Adjusting The Boring Company plan,” he tweeted, “all tunnels & Hyperloop will prioritize pedestrians & cyclists over cars.” Read more…

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Qualcomm has a new Chairman; Broadcom to be a U.S. company on May 6th

With stockholder voting on its 11-member board delayed until next month, Qualcomm has named a brand new chairman of that board. Replacing Paul Jacobs, who was Qualcomm’s CEO from 2005 to 2014, and its executive chairman, is Jeffrey Henderson. On the company’s board since 2016, Henderson also worked at Cardinal Health Inc. as finance chief. He will be given the title of non-executive chairman. Jacobs will remain on the chip maker’s board.

With Qualcomm still the object of Broadcom’s desires, there is thought that by adding a non-executive independent chairman to the board, the company’s stockholders …

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch leaks as the company aims at both genders this time

Fitbit’s first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, was hardly a success. When paired to a handset, the Ionic gave users notifications related to texts and phone calls, and with a smattering of apps, a mobile payment system, GPS, and Fitbit OS, the company figured that the Ionic would appeal to consumers interested in a smartwatch. But the large size of the display apparently turned off potential female buyers, something that Fitbit is said to be addressing with its next smartwatch.

Thanks to a report published today, we can see that Fitbit’s second smartwatch attempt is being prepped. Called the …

Amazon could beat out Apple to become the first trillion dollar company

In the past, we’ve discussed the possibility of Apple possibly becoming the first company to reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion dollars. That figure is computed by taking the current stock price of a public company and multiplying by the number of shares outstanding. The last time we addressed this issue, last May, Apple’s shares were at $153 and the company became the first to be valued at $800 billion. With its shares now at $176, Reuters computes Apple’s current market cap at $893 billion. Apple is just another 12% rally away (a stock price of approximately $197.20 should do the trick).

In …

Samsung buys AI company Kngine, human-like Bixby 2.0 incoming?

Samsung has just made another step towards improving the next version of its virtual assistant – Bixby 2.0. The company has acquired Kngine – an Egyptian-based startup, fully dedicated to the idea of making an AI which learns and evolves just like a human does.

Kngine is developing a human-like artificial intelligence by allowing it to answer questions after learning from reading documents, books, manuals, searching the web, and more. The engine works in phases – first, it processes the question. Then it proceeds to break it down into sub-questions and forms an answering …

Music streamer Spotify files for an IPO; company could be valued as high as $23 billion

With 71 million paid subscribers, and 88 million listening to an ad-supported free tier of service, Spotify is the world’s largest streamer of music. Spotify might not hold that position forever, which is why the company has decided that now is the time to file for an IPO (Initial Public Offering). In second place is Apple Music, which has garnered a total of 36 million paid subscribers and is projected to surpass Spotify in the U.S. by this summer. Apple does not have a free ad supported tier of service although it does offer a free three-month trial.

One of the bad things about going public, …

The company behind the Turing Phone files for bankruptcy

It appears that Finnish company Turing Robotics is in deep financial troubles if we are to believe the latest reports coming from Finland. After announcing a $1 billion deal with Potevio, a company owned by the Chinese state, for the distribution of the Turing Phone in the biggest smartphone market, TRI (Turing Robotics Industries) has now filed for bankruptcy.

A Finnish newspaper reports creditors have filed a claim with the company in 2017 and all movable property belonging to the company has already been seized.

Although everyone hoped TRI will start to deliver the Turing Phone …

AT&T's CEO says the company is committed to an open internet following FCC repeal of net neutrality

Last month, the Trump FCC repealed net neutrality. Why? Well, the president seems to favor big business and what could help the carriers/ISPs more than giving them the ability to charge more for certain online content. Or it just could be Trump’s obsession with reversing every regulation put in place by his predecessor, Barack Obama. It was the Obama FCC that put net neutrality in place.

While the Senate is just one vote away from passing a resolution to restore net neutrality, the Congressional Review Act gives the Senate only 60 days to vote on reversing a decision made by an independent …