Broadcom says that Qualcomm has connections with Chinese companies and the country's government

Earlier this week, we told you that the the U.S. Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) took the extraordinary step of commenting on Broadcom’s proposed purchase of Qualcomm, even though the deal had not yet been agreed to. CFIUS usually makes its pronouncements after both parties to a merger have signed on the dotted line. With its release sounding more like a research report issued by a securities firm, CFIUS mentioned its concerns about Broadcom’s reputation as a cost cutter when it comes to R&D budgets, and its position as a foreign company.

While …

Samsung to start selling Exynos chipsets to other smartphone companies

Apparently, Samsung wants a piece of the chipset market share, as the South Korean company plans to expand production of its Exynos CPUs and find buyers for them among smartphone vendors.

At the moment, Samsung is only fourth place in terms of smartphone chipset market share, as Qualcomm is in leading position followed by Apple and MediaTek. According to industry sources, Samsung plans to sell mostly chipsets for mid-range smartphones in an attempt to take on MediaTek. If Samsung’s plans turn out to be successful, MediaTek may have a tough 2018.

Moreover, analysts say Samsung is …

Google to launch Echo Show competitors in partnership with JBL, Lenovo, Sony, LG, and other major companies

Facing incredibly tough competition from Amazon, and with Apple’s HomePod on the horizon, Google announced that Google Assistant will be making its way to a wide range of smart home speakers made by different manufacturers in 2018. Major tech companies, including Bang & Olufsen, Altec Lansing, Anker Innovations, Braven, iHome, JBL, Jensen, LG, Lenovo, Klipsch, Knit Audio, Memorex, RIVA Audio, SōLIS, and Sony are reportedly on board and will be producing their own smart speakers powered by Google’s AI Assistant.

What’s more interesting is that JBL, …

2018 needs to be the year of private spaceflight companies fulfilling their past promises


It’s time for private spaceflight to start making good on its promises. And in 2018, hopefully it will do just that.

From SpaceX’s long-promised first flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket to NASA’s plan to contract private companies to deliver astronauts to the International Space Station, 2018 should be the year when spaceflight companies start meeting many of their long-touted goals. 

“I’m looking forward to a lot of past promises becoming reality,” John Logsdon, professor emeritus of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, said in an interview.  Read more…

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Private companies could have access to this country's facial recognition database


Signing up for a phone contract? Telecoms companies could be getting another way to check you’re the right person.

When the Australian government announced in October it would add photos from government identification and driver’s licences to a national facial recognition database, there was plenty of concern from privacy advocates on the security of this data, and how it would be used.

According to a report by The Guardian, the federal government has been in talks with telecommunications companies to allow them to access the Face Verification Service (FVS) for a fee.

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Google wants to help people find their perfect job, and companies to find the best talent

Closing out the Google I/O keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai talked about a new project that Google is working on, which should help employers find the right talent, and people to find the right job for them. According to stats that Mr. Pichai quoted, 46% of US employers are struggling with filling up vacant job spots, and Google decided to use the thing it does best — search and machine learning — in order to lend a helping hand to the job market.

The initiative is called “Google for Jobs”. The new feature will be available inside the Google app — you just need to type out …

This millennial wants to build the Berkshire Hathaway of biopharmaceutical companies; can he pull it off?

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-11-36-am If these black marks on the industry are slowing down 31-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy in any way, you wouldn’t know it. He thinks his company, Roivant, will one day be a giant holding company for dozens of independent biopharmaceutical companies – both by developing drugs as well as focusing squarely on reducing the time and cost of the drug development process.
It all sounds rather lofty. Read More

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Mobile development by Virginia based companies.

Asian countries ruled the offshore mobile development market for long. Today, we find certain emerging destinations for outsourcing such services. Companies from the US, Eastern Europe and Russia have lately hopped on to the mobile app development wagon. US based companies have been rapidly expanding their market share. Let’s dig out some of the competitive advantages of Virginia based mobile development companies.

Communication: Majority of the mobile development demand comes from the countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Companies from the foreign lands sought mobile development services from the eastern countries, specifically India, Pakistan and China. Reason? Low cost of app development due to currency difference. Outsourcing from the Asian countries can slash down mobile development cost drastically.

Outsourcing comes with its own set of challenges as well. The biggest challenge for the client company is managing the communication gap. English is not the first language for most of the Asian countries. Not being able to get the app developed as desired, is more out of communication issue rather than technical issue.

Mobile development by Virginia based companies eliminate the language issues. By hiring a mobile developer from a Virginia firm, you can totally focus on your core business rather than having to worry about communication issues.

Expertise: The sun rises from the east and technology from the west. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android all these are a brainchild of the companies strongly based in the western half of the world. Technology is contagious. There are plenty of mobile development companies that have worked on app development projects requiring complex coding.

Mobile development by Virginia based companies will offer you flawless app development on the platform of your choosing. They have the versatility and technical expertise in bringing app ideas to life. What about the costs? When compared with their Asian counterparts, Virginia based companies are on the higher side. However, the quality product justifies the costs involved.

Help in app marketing: Some mobile development companies in Virginia have gained grounds in helping their clients to effectively market apps. They help clients to draft and implement an app promotion plan. It frees the client company from fretting over advertising the app and generating downloads. The mobile development company especially from Virginia helps its clients right from app design to generating app downloads.

Rising Tides Solutions, LLC (RTS) is a Mobile Development company in Virginia. It provides mobile development solutions for Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. To know more about the company visit,

Work with iPhone Insurance companies that grow with you.

We all agree to the fact that technology is a thing which will never stop to grow. With every dawning day, a new technology discovery is born. GoCare iPhone Insurance company has taken absolute advantage of this factor and made sure that if you want to keep up with any new technology trend nothing can deter your efforts. A transfer of iPhone Insurance covers from one iphone to another is guaranteed. iPhone Insurance transfer is done so that should you buy a new iphone and feel that it deserves iPhone Insurance cover other than the current one that you were using, nothing can block you from doing so.
Many people have taken to this unique iPhone Insurance offer and made it work for them. It is one of the most convenient offers that any one can be able to get in the industry of iPhone Insurance. This is also a service that is only possible to find from an iPhone Insurance company which is so flexible in its service provision like gocare iPhone Insurance company. It is clear that we do not leave any stone unturned as we work towards achieving the best satisfaction for our highly esteemed iPhone Insurance clients. No more worry if you want to upgrade from one iphone model to another of your choice. You now have the iPhone Insurance freedom to experience the fun of having a taste of every new technology which comes n with every tick of the clock.
Windows period is a hindering iPhone Insurance factor that many people have to deal with. At GoCare iPhone Insurance, we do not have the 90 day warranty period which is commonly associated with most insurance company companies. Should you buy your iphone and is not yet ready to have it insured at the moment probably due to financial issues, GoTronics iPhone Insurance would understand your decision and be able to offer you iPhone Insurance cover when you are ready. Even for iphones which had been bought from other dealers and have had the limiting window period gone way beyond, gocare iPhone Insurance is still open and flexible with its insurance company services and would grant you cover for the value of your iphone.
A reason for buying a second hand iphone might be that your friend was selling the iphone at a throw away price compared to the offers you may find at the shops for a brand new one. This would make you to need iPhone Insurance for the second hand phone. If you are with a company like GoTronics, you would be sure to suffer no discrimination on the basis that your new gadget is not brand new.


If you are ready to embrace new technology, you should work with an iPhone Insurance company that understands this and is able to support your progress. GoTronics iPhone Insurance has done all it possibly can to make iPhone Insurance allocations of all sorts that can allow you to move on

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Mobile Application Development Companies – Creating Apps to make Life Simple and Convenient

Mobile application development companies are developing at a rapid pace due to the evolution of smart phones. People have started to use mobile phones for everyday life, everything from paying bills to shopping. It seems that very activity in a person’s life is being converted into an application in order to make life simple and convenient.

Mobile app development companies USA work on creating applications which can be installed on phones across various platforms. During the development phase they have to carefully design the mobile user interface in order to attract the users. Input from the user gets recorded in this user interface and the system uses this information inside the application. Front end tools are necessary for allowing development of an application that can access the the user’s device and provide cross platform support across the various mobile operating systems that are currently available like Android and iOS.

Top mobile app development companies use back end tools to provide connection between the mobile apps and the mobile appl servers. Mobile Application Servers are used for managing the user authentication and for controlling the data services. The mobile applications server programs are developed are written in basic languages like C, C++, Java and Visual Basic.
The applications are later tested using emulators before carrying out the beta testing. There are many emulators available for different operating systems like Google Android, Testiphone, Mobiphone, iPhone and Blackberry emulator. These emulators are used by the developers to test if the app is working correctly across all the platforms before launching it.

Mobile app development for android creates apps that are free to download. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple app store or Windows store. Mobile apps are no longer created just for smart phones; they are also created for tablets and other mobile devices. As a matter of fact, apps were first created in the year 2008. The creation of mobile apps has simplified everyday life and also increased the general productivity of a person. The most popular apps that are used by people apart from gaming apps are calendar, email, weather forecast, stock market, shopping and banking apps.

Mobile apps have gained in popularity in the recent years as smart phones have become much more affordable. Using mobile apps has become much simpler than using the browser on a cell phone, as the apps are created to fit the mobile screen while the mobile websites have sizing issues a lot of the time. Mobile apps can achieve better results for the users than websites on cell phones as it provides a more personalized and convenient user experience (UI/UX).

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