Zuckerberg responds to Cook's comments about Facebook scandal, admits "I could've done a better job"

Last week, Tim Cook sorta, kinda threw fellow CEO Mark Zuckerberg under the bus. Cook was responding to a question about Facebook’s recent “scandal” involving the use of 50 million user profiles without the permission of these subscribers. When Apple’s CEO was asked what he would do if he were Zuckerberg, Cook said, “I wouldn’t be in this situation. We could make a ton of money if our customer was our product. We’ve elected not to do that.”

Today, an interview with Mark Zuckerberg was published in Vox and included his response to Cook’s statement. Calling the Apple CEO’s comment “extremely …

Facebook testing a new 'Downvote' feature for flagging comments

We’ve all been there – scrolling on Facebook, just to come across a comment that does not achieve anything other than to offend someone. And the only option we had was to pass it by, as there was nothing else that could be done. Well, this may change soon.
Facebook is currently testing a new option called ‘Downvote’ to allow flagging of inappropriate comments. No, this is not a dislike button, as explained by a Facebook spokesperson, who also added: “We are not testing a dislike button. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on …

Liam Neeson's 'witch hunt' comments miss the point of the #MeToo movement


A note to men in Hollywood: You don’t get to call this a witch hunt.

In an interview with Liam Neeson that aired Friday on Irish network RTE’s The Late Late Show, host Ryan Tubridy turned the conversation to the sexual misconduct reckoning in Hollywood and referenced a comment Neeson made this week that “there’s a revolution happening.”

“What is happening over there, and is it long overdue, and are you happy to see things moving the way they’re moving?” Tubridy asked

“Yes,” Neeson started, adding: “There is a bit of a witch hunt happening, too.”  Read more…

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Microsoft engineer in China says that there will be a Surface Phone before editing his comments

There is some hope among consumers that the foldable device that Microsoft has been seeking patent protection for, is the long rumored Surface Phone. Yesterday, a Microsoft engineer might have accidentally given away the news that the Surface Phone is real and is coming in the not too distant future. On a Q&A site in China called Zhihu, someone wrote in to complain about the poor integration of Cortana on Android.

The Microsoft engineer, writing on Microsoft Asia Research Institute’s Cortana support account, blamed the lack of permissions on the operating system as the reason why Microsoft’s …

Kit Harington clarifies his 2016 comments about sexism 'towards men': 'I was wrong'


Kit Harington has clarified comments he made in 2016 about his experience with “sexism” as a male actor, in a new interview with The Guardian 

The Game of Thrones star said he “was wrong” to conflate his experiences as a man with that of the very real sexism women face in the film industry. 

As Harington told The Sunday Times in May of last year:

Harington’s comments drew criticism for framing his experience and the experiences of women working in show business today as equal. It’s a deeply unfair comparison, considering women in the industry, in addition to being under hired and underpaid, are routinely subjected to horrific sexual harassment and assault by powerful industry men.  Read more…

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Instagram introduces automatic blocking of offensive comments

Instagram isn’t as infamous for its toxic user base as other social media services are (looking at you, Twitter), but just like pretty much every online community out there, there exists a specific subset of its users that take advantage of the relative anonymity to abuse others. To combat this problem, Instagram has just launched a new feature: automatic blocking of offensive comments.

The filter will work both in posts and live video, and will block comments it finds abusive or offensive. Together with it, a new spam filter is also being introduced, and both of them will be …

Facebook is finally letting us add GIFs in comments

GIF images and animations have been around for the last 30 years, but only recently have they become a popular way for expressing thoughts and emotions, mainly thanks to social media. And they seem to be a hit on Facebook. Do you know that people send nearly 25,000 GIFs on Messenger every minute? Тo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GIF as well as the popularity of the image format among its users, the company is finally letting everybody add GIFs in comments, effective today, June 15th.

You know that you can already post GIFs in Facebook’s status updates, …

Despite comments from Verizon CEO McAdam, analysts don't see Big Red buying Disney or CBS

Ready to play a new game? It’s called “Who is going to merge with Verizon?” Here’s how you play. Take the following sentence, “Verizon is going to merge with _____________. Fill in the blank with the name of a well known company. Use your common sense and stick to wireless content providers and distributors, large media firms and communications companies. Be smart. Verizon isn’t going to buy Dairy Queen. Some of the names that Wall Street has bandied about recently include Disney, Comcast, Charter and CBS.

Last week, Verizon announced that it lost 289,000 postpaid phone subscribers …