This new Google website shows all possible Google Assistant commands and interactions

Google is really betting high on its Google Assistant, which is now available on almost any contemporary Android device, a ton of existing and new smart speakers, and soon coming to an automobile near you. Google representatives also made a lot of cameos at various manufacturers’ keynote events at the currently-ongoing CES 2018 show. 
One can palpably feel it in the air that Google really really wants the Assistant to take off and become more mainstream.
But useful it may be, the majority of useful features of the smart bot are still …

Spotify is testing Driving Mode and voice commands to make jamming while driving safe again

One of the most annoying and dangerous things everyone does when behind the wheel is navigating through music playlists, or skipping through songs. Your fingertips rarely find the right touch spot when you are driving, as you can’t really pay attention to both the road and your phone equally at once. You always end up frantically tapping on your screen and swirling your vehicle, as the fiddly interface and small control buttons in most music apps just do not let you navigate as easily as you’d like while driving.

Thankfully, the most popular music-streaming app, Spotify, …