This coming week's T-Mobile Tuesday is all about FOX's MasterChef

If you like to cook and watch the MasterChef cooking competition hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay on FOX, you are going to love this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday. It starts with a free movie or television show rental or purchase (up to $5.50) from Vudu. Another freebie gives T-Mobile customers $25 to use toward any deal. The site has more than 500,000 deals to choose from daily. And T-Mobile subscribers can learn the nuances of cooking by taking an online cooking class taught by past winners of the MasterChef television show. You’ll learn how to cook up some tasty home made meals.

Those …

The Galaxy Note 8 also has 4K at 60 FPS video recording coming… soon

The camera is one of the most important modules in modern smartphones. It’s a huge part of why consumers are willing to spill a huge chunk of cash for a flagship, after all — the combination of media-streaming, top-end hardware, and a great camera to capture your memorabilia with just 1 device is always a nice excuse to drop $800 on a handset.
So, naturally, phone manufacturers work to improve smartphone cameras each and every year. And this year, Apple was the first to announce that its new iPhones would be able to record 4K UHD video at 60 frames per second. Now, …

Essential Phone coming to all Sprint stores on September 14

The wait is finally over
and the Essential Phone will be available for purchase in all Sprint
retail channels on September 14. The only carrier in the United
States that sells the Essential Phone, Sprint announced that, for a
limited time, customers can lease it for $14.58 per month and take
advantage of the best price for fully featured Unlimited data among
national carriers.

Basically, you’ll get 50%
off Essential Phone and you won’t have to pay anything ($0 down) with
18 Sprint Flex Lease payments, thus saving more than $260. On top of
that, the Essential 360-degree camera costs just …

Android One phone coming to the U.S.?

Is the U.S. a developing market, or has Google expanded its distribution plans for its Android One line? You might recall that when Google initially announced Android One at Google I/O in June 2014, the phones were entry level models designed for smartphone hungry markets where consumers could not afford mid-range or high-end phones. The idea was to widen the reach of Google’s open source Android OS.

But it would appear that not only is Android One moving to mid-range models, it is moving on up to countries where there are buyer who can afford spending a little more cash on higher-spec’d …

WSJ: Apple to unveil augmented reality hardware 'in the coming weeks'

When Apple takes the stage tomorrow at its new “space ship” headquarters, it won’t be only iPhones and smart watches announced, it seems. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple will be making a grander push into augmented reality, as per CEO Tim Cook’s promise, complete with new hardware and software that will be unveiled “in the coming weeks.” The company already unveiled the a software development kit dubbed simply ARKit, for creating augmented reality apps or games, but it is the claim that there will be new AR hardware by Apple that piques our interest.

Tim …

Love Lego? Then you'll love this coming week's T-Mobile Tuesday

In the midst of a fierce storm called Hurricane Irma, it is time to look at what Hurricane Magenta (meaning T-Mobile, of course) has for its subscribers with this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday. PhoneArena readers know that we usually examine the free giveaways first and then move on to the contest prizes. There usually is a theme between them, and this coming week the theme has to do with Lego.

First, this coming Tuesday you can get free access to HotelStorm’s list of discounted hotels. The average discount is $45 a room. In addition, music streamer Pandora will give you a 90-day free trial …

Android 8.1 revealed to be coming next as the newest Google Search app gets scrutinized

According to a teardown of the latest version of the Google app for Android, the Mountain View software giant is already working on the next version of Android that will likely arrive in the following 2-3 months for all eligible devices, likely alongside the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2.

That’d be Android 8.1 and it will likely introduce a neat amount of changes due to the simple fact that it will be joined by a siginificant bump in the Android SDK, which is set to hit number 27. In case you didn’t know, the SDK is essentially a collection of APIs that allows third-party …

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition not coming to the U.S.

Bad news for U.S. consumers who were hoping to get their mitts on the Black Edition of the BlackBerry KEYone. The enhanced version of the handset will not be sold in the states. With a fabulous QWERTY keyboard and spectacular battery life, the KEYone has been a surprise hit for BlackBerry Mobile. The Black Edition, which launched last month as an exclusive in India, not only gives the phone a sleek black look, it also increases the amount of RAM on the handset from 3GB to 4GB, a 33% increase. Native storage doubles from 32GB on the standard model to 64GB on the Black Edition.

At the end …

Android Oreo update hits OnePlus 3 closed beta group, public beta for 3, 3T, and 5 coming soon

A new OTA update has become available to members of the OnePlus 3 closed beta group. With a size of around 800MB, the patch contains the eighth major version of Google’s mobile OS – Android Oreo. 
According to Android Police, the current build of the Oreo update is far from stable. Testers are experiencing connectivity issues, such as unstable Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, non-functional NFC, and so on. OnePlus has advised users to report any issues that may arise during the trial period.
Apparently, …

WhatsApp reveals plans to launch business accounts in the coming weeks

WhatsApp has just announced that it has already started working to implement some business features to its messaging application. The company owned by Facebook is expected to launch enterprise accounts in the coming months, but for now, WhatsApp is just testing these features.

Not many details have been provided on how they will exactly work, but WhatsApp revealed that it will introduce verified business accounts, which will allow people to identify a business from another person.

Furthermore, the company announced that it is now testing different tools that …