T-Mobile allows college students and teachers to save $100 on phones (iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 included)

At the beginning of 2018, T-Mobile was allowing US college students, college staff, and K-12 staff to save $60 on select phones and tablets, as part of a promotion dubbed Campus Exclusive. Now, the promotion is considerably more attractive, including savings of $100 on a variety of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. 
This is a call-in offer that’s available only at this number: 1-844-428-3892. A T-Mobile rep will have to verify that you’re a college student, K-12 staff, or college staff member. Another important thing to note is …

College students get a discount on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Thanks to Samsung’s Student Discount Program, being a college student can save you some money on the purchase of an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9+. Sign up with a valid .edu email account to join the program. After getting validated, you can use the student email account to log into Samsung.com for special promotions. For example, students can get $63 off the Galaxy S9/S9+, taking the prices of the unlocked handsets down to $665.99 and $776.99, respectively.

If you are taking advantage of Samsung’s deal that takes up to $350 off the price of the new flagship phones with …

PSA: T-Mobile allows college students, teachers to save $60 on phones (including Galaxy S8) and iPads

If you’re a US college student and you need a new smartphone or tablet, you may want to know that T-Mobile currently allows you to save $60 on select devices, including some high-end models. This also applies to US college staff, as well as K-12 (primary and secondary education) staff. 
Dubbed Campus Exclusive, T-Mobile’s $60 off deal requires a new line and a qualifying plan (while excluding postpaid devices, as well as devices costing less than $240). This is a call-in offer only, meaning it’s not available online or in stores. T-Mobile has full details on this …

This list of cool vape cloud GIFs is a minefield of college application links, so your son has to click at least one


We understand you want your rebellious teen to go to college, so we’ve laced this list of cool vape cloud GIFs with college application links so your son has to accidentally click at least one. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Hell yeah, it’s time for some lit big vape cloud GIFs.  

Haha, sick

Image: via giphy

This one is wearing a horse mask, fuck yeah

Image: via giphy

This one has a smaller circle going through a bigger circle and it looks cool as hell

Image: via giphy Read more…

A vape girl? Now that’s even better

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