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4K UHD wallpapers mega collection: stunning backgrounds, perfect for your LG G6, Galaxy S8/S8+, Pixel XL, HTC 10, Xperia XZ Premium, and others

With smartphone display sizes and resolutions on an upwards spiral of constant growth, finding a wallpaper that looks good and fits well on whatever crazy aspect ratio phone makers come up with next, becomes a rather annoying exercise in trial and error.

Aaaaaand that’s where we step in to save the day bring you an awesome collection of ultra high-res images that can automatically transform the home screen of any smartphone in existence into something utterly amazing! We kid, we kid! The part about providing you with copious amounts of top-notch wallpapers is still …

No, a Japanese man wasn't crushed to death by his porn collection


The story does make for a very catchy headline: lonely Japanese man gets crushed to death by his six-ton porn magazine collection. 

But that story is incorrect, as a look at Japanese media shows. 

The Daily Mail ran the initial story with the headline “Porn really is bad for you! Lonely Japanese man who amassed a SIX-TON pile of dirty magazines died when it collapsed on top of him… and his body wasn’t found for six months.”

It went viral, for obvious, morbid reasons, and was picked up by Sky News Australia, The Mirror, The Toronto Sun, CBS Philly and LADBible among others.  Read more…

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