LG G7 Boombox Speaker explained: louder sound through clever design

As the case is with many things in life, when it comes to loudspeakers, size matters. There’s no way around this without breaking the laws of physics. That’s why smartphone speakers can’t match the performance of a dedicated audio system – they’re just too tiny to deliver full, high-fidelity sound.

Still, some smartphones do sound better than others. The Galaxy S9 and recent iPhones, for example, use two speakers in clever arrangements to cover a broader range of the audio spectrum and deliver some stereo separation along the way. The Sony Xperia XZ2 and the Razer Phone use two dedicated, …

Clever artist turns Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' into a hilarious pop-up book


It’s common knowledge by now that Donald Trump isn’t much of a reader.

That fact alone suggests he probably won’t get through a full read of Michael Wolff’s explosive, new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Fortunately, one talented individual came up with the perfect solution.

An artist who creates under the name HappyToast rebuilt the broad strokes of Fire and Fury as a pop-up book, using 3DS Max modeling software. He then shared each page of on Twitter in an ever-more-hilarious thread. Read more…

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Clever little otter uses his own face to make a sprinkler for his pool party


Otters shouldn’t be underestimated. They can chase grown men to cars, make snow sleds of their own bodies and make DIY sprinklers on a whim — with their adorable little furry faces.

A clever little Asian small-clawed otter figured out how to make a home sprinkler system from a pipe pouring into his Wellington Zoo waterhole.

Filmed on Jan. 2 by a keeper, the Facebook video shows the male otter using his little snout to spray the water everywhere like a gleeful toddler. The zoo’s five otters, Bay, Eko, Si, Bhutan and Jambi, know how to pool party. Read more…

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Lifelong Apple iPhone user switches to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in clever commercial

In what might be Samsung’s most endearing commercial since the days of the barista and the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III, a clever ad shows an lifelong iPhone user making the switch to the Galaxy Note 8. The ad starts in 2007 with a look at a long line wrapped around an Apple Store in 2007 for the launch of the original Apple iPhone. We see a young gentleman taking the phone out of the box. “Guess what I just got,” he says to someone on his new iPhone.

We then jump ahead to 2010, and our young man is now sporting an Apple iPhone 4. He tries to take a photo with the device …

New iPhone camera app bets on pro-level controls, clever interface

Whether you’re a skilled photographer or you’re shooting just for fun, it always helps to have a great camera app loaded on your phone. One such app is Halide – a brand new and ambitious camera application for iOS.

According to the creators of the app, there are at least two elements that distinguish Halide from the remaining dozens of similar apps in the App Store. These are the specific gesture-based UI with tactile feedback and the design of the app itself. All the manual controls can be managed with simple gestures like swipes or taps, which makes the app easy …