Chrome 65 for Android brings new language settings, other improvements

Google is rolling out yet another version of Chrome for Android, and this time it adds a few new features and loads of improvements. Although Chrome v65 has already been released, it will be available on Google Play Store over the course of the next few weeks, so be patient if it doesn’t show up on your phone right away.

The most important change is the addition of a new option that allows Chrome users to turn on the prompt for simplified view for all supported articles via Settings / Accessibility settings.

Another option to set language preferences for web content in Settings / …

Here's how Chrome will filter annoying ads


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Starting tomorrow, Feb. 15, Google’s web browser Chrome will start automatically blocking overly intrusive ads, which might mark a huge (positive) change in how we view the web. 

In a blog post Wednesday, Google has explained exactly how this will work.  

Unlike certain ad blocker programs, Chrome will not block absolutely every ad you encounter. Instead, it will only remove ads that do not follow “Better Ads Standards,” a set of standards for acceptable and unacceptable web ads created by a coalition of organizations and companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The idea is that users don’t hate all ads, only overly intrusive ones, and if everyone gets rid of those, both users and publishers will end up happier.  Read more…

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Picture of Acer's rumored Chrome OS powered tablet grabbed from now deleted tweet

Just the second day into 2018, we told you that Samsung was allegedly working on a Chrome OS powered tablet to be powered by a high end Intel processor. But Sammy’s Chrome OS powered slate might not end up being the first such device to hit the market. An image taken from a now deleted tweet shows an Acer tablet that is said to be running on Chrome OS. The picture was snapped by someone attending the Bett education and technology show in London, and tweeted yesterday.

Google has dropped hints in the past about allowing manufacturers to use Chrome OS on a variety of form factors, including …

Chrome 64 for Android released in the Google Play Store, here's what's new

It’s been more than a month since Google released the last stable version of Chrome for Android, which brought the enhancements of some existent features. Today, Google is rolling out Chrome 64, which further adds improvements to the mobile browser

There’s one important thing that Chrome 64 does better than any of the previous versions of the browser: it prevents sites heavy on ads from opening new windows or tabs without the user’s permission.

Also, the updated browser includes a new setting that allows users to mute the sound of an entire a website. You can access it from the Settings …

Results: Chrome about to be dethroned?

So, for quite a while, it was common practice for most Android users to disable whatever browser their phone came with and set Google Chrome as the default (if it wasn’t already). Most manufacturers picked up on that and, instead of trying to fight it, abandoned their custom browser development. But Samsung didn’t back down. On the contrary — in the past couple of years, Sammy has been hard at work, adding features and speeding up the work of its Samsung Internet app.

So, we thought we’d ask if Samsung users out there actually use it now, or they just swap to Chrome as soon as they can.

Little …

Samsung users: do you use Google Chrome or the stock Samsung Browser?

For a long, long time, most Android users have been used to taking a certain set of steps when setting up their brand-new device, no matter its brand. Among these steps is setting Google Chrome as a default browser for your phone and overriding whatever proprietary app the manufacturer tried to force upon them. Many phone makers have now given up on making their own Internet browsers, but Samsung is one that just doesn’t give up.

But here comes the plot twist — the Samsung Internet Browser has actually become good through the years. It’s fast, it supports extensions, …

Samsung reportedly working on a Chrome OS tablet with high-end CPU and camera

Samsung is reportedly hard at work on a new Surface-style, detachable tablet, codenamed “Nautilus”, which will be powered by Google’s Chrome OS. What’s more interesting, is that Samsung is apparently not aiming for the high-end, not holding back in the hardware department, even when it comes to the camera. That’s interesting, considering how Chromebooks have never had great cameras (not that anyone’s complaining).
According to Engadget, “Nautilus” will be powered by a 7th gen Intel Core CPU, much like the competition from Microsoft, and will also employ a Sony IMX258 …

Samsung vs Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge mobile browsers benchmark speed test

Not that we’ve ever had a shortage of mobile browsers to choose from, but this season is especially rich in new entrants from juggernauts like Mozilla or Microsoft. 
At the same time, there are fresh new updates for the incumbent Google Chrome, as well as for the Samsung Browser which used to occupy the top in previous speed tests, so we decided to give it a quick whirl, and run a few synthetic benchmarks like BrowserBench and Basemark on a Note 8 with the aforementioned browsers freshly installed to see what they’ll return as scores:
Speedometer: …

Google Chrome soon to get ability to mute autoplay videos, improved features

Google is expected to introduce new features for Chrome users, as the search giant is already testing a couple of them in the beta channel. Chrome beta version 64 has already been released and those who want to test it will be given the opportunity some of the new features Google plans to bring to all browser users in the coming weeks.

The first thing Google confirmed it will add to Chrome is an improved pop-up blocker, which is meant to prevent sites with abusive experiences from opening new tabs or windows. Apparently, many Chrome users complained some sites include …

Google Chrome for Android will soon let users choose custom downloads folder

We recently learned that Google Chrome for Android will soon get a tool for exporting passwords, and that HDR support is also coming further down the line, but there’s yet another cool feature that will soon hit Google’s popular browser and that’s custom download folders.

You may not see it as a big thing, but people who frequently download files on their smartphones through Chrome know the pain of having to stuff everything in the default download folder, just because there’s no option to change the path to something else. This become especially annoying …