Google Chrome for Android will soon let users choose custom downloads folder

We recently learned that Google Chrome for Android will soon get a tool for exporting passwords, and that HDR support is also coming further down the line, but there’s yet another cool feature that will soon hit Google’s popular browser and that’s custom download folders.

You may not see it as a big thing, but people who frequently download files on their smartphones through Chrome know the pain of having to stuff everything in the default download folder, just because there’s no option to change the path to something else. This become especially annoying …

Google rolls out Chrome 63 for Android, here is what's new

Google usually releases major versions of Chrome at the same time on all major platforms, but this time the Android app kind of jumped the gun. Even if Google confirmed that Chrome 63 has already been released, the new version of the browser is not yet available for download in the Google Play Store.

However, you’ll be able to update to Chrome 63 in the next few weeks, Google announced. The new browser will probably be rolled out in waves, so it might be available for a small percentage of users at first.

As far as changes go, Chrome 63 is supposed to enhance …

Google Chrome browser for Android to get HDR video support

Google is planning to add HDR video support to the Chrome browser for Android. The information comes from a couple of commits (commits record source code changes to the repository) that were recently spotted on Chromium Gerrit (the web-based team code collaboration tool for Chrome). 
According to these commits, the Android version of Google’s ubiquitous web browser will be able to extract VP9 HDR metadata from the video container and pass it to the MediaCodec. In layman’s terms, this means that Chrome will be able to playback …

Google Chrome for Android may soon get a password export tool

A new feature for Google Chrome on Android is in the works, and although it isn’t anything groundbreaking, some folks out there may indeed appreciate it. We are talking about password exporting.

When the feature is added to Chrome, it will allow users to export their saved passwords as a file that could presumably be imported into Chrome on other platforms, although nothing has been confirmed at this point. The Google Git commit that outlines the implementation of password exports makes no mention of the export file type or encryption, but it may not …

Google releases Chrome 62 on Android to fix major vulnerabilities, add some new features

After a short beta testing phase, Google released Chrome version 62 for Android devices. The new update for the mobile browser patches some security vulnerabilities discovered recently and brings some visual changes that are meant to better fit the Android design language.

So, for the most important part, this update includes fixes for the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. This severe exploit made all platforms vulnerable, but devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer were the easiest to attack.

Apparently, WPA2, the encryption standard that secures WiFi …

Finally! Google will kill video and ads sound autoplay in next Chrome update

There’s nothing more annoying on the web than autoplaying vids with sound to your unsuspecting ears and colleagues while you simply browse for a pair of sneakers instead of actually working. Hey, the latest studies show you are more productive because of those breaks! Some sites are worse than others in that respect (looking at you, CNN, blasting videos at full volume with each refresh!), but Google has a solution to this first-world problem.

Starting with the next big Chrome update, likely version 64 that is arriving in January, Google’s experimental …

Chrome 61 for Android released, here is what's new

The Android version of Chrome has just been updated with a couple of new features. After making its debut on Windows, Mac, and Linux earlier this week, Chrome 61 will be rolled out to Android devices in the coming weeks.

According to the official changelog published by Google, Chrome 61 for Android is supposed to translate pages with a more compact and intuitive toolbar. Basically, websites that are not in the same language as the device’s will bring up a tool that allows you to translate that page faster and easier.

Furthermore, users will now be able to …

Chrome 60 beta for Android brings new search widget, lots of API improvements

The newest stable version of Chrome for Android dropped in the Google Play last week, so it makes sense for Google to start working on the next iteration.

Chrome 60 is now available for download in the beta channel and brings lots of new features and improvements into the mix. The most important seems to be the addition of a new search widget that includes a shortcut allowing users to search Chrome using their voice.

Google has also improved the way the browser loads fonts on different websites. Usually, Chrome delays rendering text until the used font is available, which means that …

Chrome 59 for Android promises to load pages faster and use less memory

The newest version of Google’s main browser, Chrome had been recently released for Mac, Windows, and Linux, but Android users have been skipped from the initial roll-out.

Today, Google announced it has kicked off the deployment of Chrome 59 for Android. Despite the fact that the changelog is very short, the new browser includes some well-worth under the hood improvements.

Back in April, Google detailed an upcoming Chrome update, which was supposed to further improve the loading speed of webpages by 10 or 20%. Apparently, Chrome 59 brings exactly these enhancements, …

Google Chrome for Android now has enhanced features for offline use

Back in December, Google updated Chrome for Android with one cool feature: the ability to download full web pages for offline viewing. According to Google, over 45 million web pages are being downloaded with Chrome each week, so the feature is certainly popular. That’s why the company worked to improve it by adding a few new, useful options.

As of now, when you long press any link in Chrome for Android, you have the option to download it for offline viewing directly, without actually opening it. Furthermore, Google added a “Download page later” button that shows …