Google Search update makes it easier to choose what movie to watch

Google Search receives yet another update in a matter of just a few weeks. The latest changes focus on making it easier to plan a movie night, so if you’re a cinephile keep reading to learn more.

First off, the update is available in the Google app for Android, in the United States and India in Hindi and English. According to Google, these changes will be added to the Google app for iOS “soon.”

After updating to the latest version of Search, you will be able to compare movies taking into consideration various aspects like ratings, showtimes, theater location and more. If you find …

iPads 2018 buying guide: choose the best iPad for you

Since Apple’s restructuring, which began back in 1997, the company’s product philosophy has been this — make only one product per category, but do it right. Since then, however, Apple’s portfolio has been growing. Slowly, sure, but steadily. So, while back in iPhone 4s days, we only had the choice between a white iPhone and a black iPhone, nowadays, we have plenty of phones, tablets, and computers to pick from. From super-compact, to gargantuan sizes, from less-powerful to bleeding-edge-of-hardware levels.

So, while back in the day we had a choice between “that new iPad or the one …

Google Chrome for Android will soon let users choose custom downloads folder

We recently learned that Google Chrome for Android will soon get a tool for exporting passwords, and that HDR support is also coming further down the line, but there’s yet another cool feature that will soon hit Google’s popular browser and that’s custom download folders.

You may not see it as a big thing, but people who frequently download files on their smartphones through Chrome know the pain of having to stuff everything in the default download folder, just because there’s no option to change the path to something else. This become especially annoying …

Choose your favorite Instagram Stories from your Archive to create Stories Highlights

Instagram has introduced what it calls two new tools for members that will allow them to share their favorite Stories with others. Stories Highlights is a new addition to your Instagram profile. You can now make a “highlights” package showing your favorite Stories grouped together, and allow others to see it. This allows some of your Stories to remain on Instagram for more than 24 hours. In fact, they will stay on the app permanently until you remove them.

You’ll find Stories Highlights on your profile below the biography. To create a Stories Highlight, tap on the “New” circle on the far …

Which new Samsung wearable should you choose: Gear Sport vs Gear Fit 2 Pro vs Gear Icon X (2018) comparison

Samsung unveiled three new wearables at IFA 2017: the Samsung Gear Sport, the Gear Fit 2 Pro, and the Gear Icon X (2018).
And they are quite different: the Gear Sport is a round smartwatch, the Fit 2 Pro is a fitness band with more sporty look and a tinier display, and the new Gear Icon X are smart wireless earbuds. But they all do some things in a similar way, and all of them are actually able to help you in some way during a work-out. 
So let’s look at the three and how they differ, not just in their obvious …

OnePlus 5 Slate Gray vs Midnight Black: which one to choose

The OnePlus 5 is here in two undeniably badass, yet confusingly similar color variants: Slate Gray and Midnight Black. Isn’t it curious why OnePlus would offer two versions of its phone that are this similar? It turns out there’s a lot that separates Slate Gray from Midnight Black aside from the slight difference in shade. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing which color to go for…

1. Color difference between Slate Gray and Midnight Black
First things first, let’s look at the color difference itself and think about what it means. Make no mistake: both OnePlus 5 color …

What if the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera had six camera lenses to choose from? You'd get the Shiftcam case

Rugged cases? Check – we have plenty of these to choose from. Six camera lenses? Hold up a second – what is this, and do we actually need it? Well, we think the freedom to switch between real telephoto, wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro lens at any moment sounds pretty freaking great! Why ask seemingly random questions? Because there’s a product that offers both these things in a single package!

The Shiftcam Camera Lens Case for the iPhone 7 Plus is seriously rugged and has six built-in switchable lenses. It also has the formidable and intimidating looks …

Why Choose A Galaxy Camera Over Any Other?

Earlier today at IFA 2012, Samsung theoretically unveiled what will be their first point and shoot form factor camera performing Android 4.1. The product is named the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and so works Android 4.1 atop an Exynos 4412 SoC functioning at 1.4 GHz

This turns up soon after Nikon’s public story of a stage and even shoot of their own personal titled the Coolpix S800c which we have been still looking to obtain more details about. Both video cameras are bodily quite same, and may include a 16 MP CMOS sensor that is certainly 1/2.3″ format.

Two years ago I had been advised from a quantity of unique smartphone vendors plus old school digicam SoC marketers to anticipate an increase of small point plus shoot form factor video cameras functioning Android. I’ve been anxiously waiting for that point ever since, and therefore almost gave up expect right up until this latest unexpectedly timed double announcement by Nikon and even Samsung. All the other major competitor in this area is needless to say the Nokia PureView 808 which doesn’t operate Android although furthermore is really a point and shoot in the design aspect of a touch screen phone.

Inside, the Galaxy Camera tends to be much the same to the Samsung Galaxy S 3, for example the same pair of local wifi connection choices (dual band WiFi with 40 MHz channels, BT 4.0, GNSS), plus mobile phone connection that could possibly involve LTE. Samsung ambiguously points out “4G” on the spec page, making me believe that this might be a further CMC221 based solution for instance the Galaxy S 3 for Korea with LTE.

Coming from an visual standpoint the Samsung seems to have a bit of an edge at F/2.8 when at its widest, compared to F/3.2 with Nikon. Regardless, I’d count on the Nikon to have an edge on the Galaxy Camera purely mainly because there may well be more die area on that SoC (which often we’re attempting to achieve further information on) specific to ISP than you are on the Galaxy Camera which merely designed by Samsung and features an Exynos 4412 inside. Oddly enough, the PureView 808 nevertheless consists of a bigger CMOS than either point and shoot, although it after all carries a permanent focal length and absolutely no optical zoom.

Point and shoot cameras operating Android appear to be the next logical evolution for camera manufacturers. As an aside it truly is remarkable how the point and shoot organization is moving progressively towards mobile phone, and the smartphone side is moving significantly in direction of point plus shoot level efficiency. There may be a all new saying that the best digital camera is the one you could have with you continuously, and then both sides are contending over who can manage that slot.

Why Choose A Galaxy Camera Over Any Other?

How to choose the best iPhone Insurance company

Some of the most expensive gadgets which people own are iPhones. Getting iPhone Insurance is therefore just a step towards ensuring that it is well protected. To do this, it is not just about jumping into any office of a company that claims to offer for example iPhone 4 Insurance. You need to be careful. Your iPhone is very precious and definitely deserves the best treatment which it can only get from a reputable company. You do not want to risk paying a lot of money for iPhone 4 Insurance and then be unable to get reasonable compensation when you make a claim in future.

It’s important to look into the background of the iPhone Insurance company you are about to go with before making any commitments. If you can not find any reliable reputation from the company or positive reviews, you need to look elsewhere for a better and more reputable iPhone Insurance company.

There are many companies now offering insurance for iphones which are listed online. These could be genuine companies that you can make good use of to make sure that your iPhone gets the coverage it deserves. You should however read very carefully with such online iPhone Insurance companies so as not to fall into the hands of scammers and con artists. Google advertising have become so cheap that many people have posted fake iPhone Insurance companies which you should be in the look out for. Only buy insurance from a company that you have verified can actually offer you with the iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3g insurance services that it has listed. Unless you are working with a reliable online company like GoTronics, you should be very careful.

Another reliable way for locating a good iPhone Insurance company is from your friends, family and colleagues. Asking around for referrals of reliable companies offering insurance for iPhone services would really help you to be able to work with the best, you can also look up good iPhone Insurance companies from the local telephone or postal directories. This can help you to find accessible iPhone Insurance companies which are close to your location.

Quality is the thing you should be looking for. Settling for anything less would just put the safety of your iPhone 4, 3gs or 3g into jeopardy. For all types of iPhone Insurance, you can opt to work with a reliable company like GoTronics. They will present you with the most cost effective iPhone 4 Insurance offers on the market. This can be confirmed from the references which our customers give every now and then as a result of the satisfaction of iPhone Insurance services we have been able to offer them along the years.

For you to be able to find a reliable iPhone Insurance company, you need to be very careful. You should not risk having just anyone claiming to offer iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3gs insurance services be the company you go with. Go with a reliable and trusted company to give you quality iPhone 4 Insurance services.

Choose Blackberry Repair Services of a Professional Company

Unlike all other phone brands, Blackberry is quite different and expensive as it has a lot of applications. When a cell phone has plenty of features and apps it has plenty t of ways to fail or not work properly and, therefore, you need to know about a reliable and quick blackberry repair service center. You have observed lots of people walking along using their blackberry phone, and sometimes they even fall down due to a huge crowd. Sometimes it is dropped on the ground and sometimes into a bucket filled with water or may be on any food. If any of these situations happen blackberry will definitely require a repair service.

Since the Blackberry cell phone has many apps and features such as GPS, Wi-Fi network, etc there are several ways you can mess up your device and then it will require blackberry repair services that are cost-effective and reliable, as well. If you have ever had your blackberry Smartphone fail for any reason then you of course know that feeling and days that you spend without a cell phone. It just seems if you have something that you always use such as a Smartphone then; it should keep on running until you reach your destination. When the device stops responding in the mid of the road, you may need to find a specialist quickly, who will repair it soon else you won’t able to contact anyone.

It is not time to wander in the market for finding a reliable repair center, instead go online and look for BlackBerry Screen Repair Services center. If you try and find online then you can easily get some viable option for phone repairs. Whether you need blackberry display screen replacement, battery replacement, touch screen replacement, water damage or want to repair any other issue, making an online search to find a reliable website is the best. Consider choosing the one that has a good reputation in an industry.

* Expert blackberry repair technicians will endeavor to fix the issues in the least time possible

* Any kind of delays are informed to clients immediately

* Quick turnaround

* All transactions are made with high security

It will be a wise choice to consider a repair company who will save your time, money and hassles. Inexperienced technicians charge you to detect what is wrong with the phone, for the parts they repair or replace and charges you for the labor. All this time your personal information in a cell phone is in inexperienced hands that are not confidential about their work. Besides, you will be left with huge money to pay. While experienced technicians always has the swift process and excellent customer services. Professional team will provide a quick, affordable and hassle-free blackberry repair service.

Provide a help to yourself by searching for online repair sites that cannot help with getting your Smartphone start functioning again, but will also offer you a reasonable cost. Surely you will get in touch with a reliable one by comparing prices from different service providers.

Blackberry smartphones are very expensive items of this modern age, so get it repair soon and start using its sophisticated functions as you were doing before.


Once your Blackberry Bold Repairs will be repaired by professionals, it will last long.

Max White is the manager of Gadget Surgery, Which is the best BlackBerry Screen Repair Services center in UK. He is expert in Blackberry Curve Repairs, Blackberry Torch Repairs, Blackberry Bold Repairs, Blackberry Storm Repairs, Blackberry Pearl Repairs etc.

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