Which new Samsung wearable should you choose: Gear Sport vs Gear Fit 2 Pro vs Gear Icon X (2018) comparison

Samsung unveiled three new wearables at IFA 2017: the Samsung Gear Sport, the Gear Fit 2 Pro, and the Gear Icon X (2018).
And they are quite different: the Gear Sport is a round smartwatch, the Fit 2 Pro is a fitness band with more sporty look and a tinier display, and the new Gear Icon X are smart wireless earbuds. But they all do some things in a similar way, and all of them are actually able to help you in some way during a work-out. 
So let’s look at the three and how they differ, not just in their obvious …

OnePlus 5 Slate Gray vs Midnight Black: which one to choose

The OnePlus 5 is here in two undeniably badass, yet confusingly similar color variants: Slate Gray and Midnight Black. Isn’t it curious why OnePlus would offer two versions of its phone that are this similar? It turns out there’s a lot that separates Slate Gray from Midnight Black aside from the slight difference in shade. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing which color to go for…

1. Color difference between Slate Gray and Midnight Black
First things first, let’s look at the color difference itself and think about what it means. Make no mistake: both OnePlus 5 color …

What if the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera had six camera lenses to choose from? You'd get the Shiftcam case

Rugged cases? Check – we have plenty of these to choose from. Six camera lenses? Hold up a second – what is this, and do we actually need it? Well, we think the freedom to switch between real telephoto, wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro lens at any moment sounds pretty freaking great! Why ask seemingly random questions? Because there’s a product that offers both these things in a single package!

The Shiftcam Camera Lens Case for the iPhone 7 Plus is seriously rugged and has six built-in switchable lenses. It also has the formidable and intimidating looks …

Why Choose A Galaxy Camera Over Any Other?

Earlier today at IFA 2012, Samsung theoretically unveiled what will be their first point and shoot form factor camera performing Android 4.1. The product is named the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and so works Android 4.1 atop an Exynos 4412 SoC functioning at 1.4 GHz

This turns up soon after Nikon’s public story of a stage and even shoot of their own personal titled the Coolpix S800c which we have been still looking to obtain more details about. Both video cameras are bodily quite same, and may include a 16 MP CMOS sensor that is certainly 1/2.3″ format.

Two years ago I had been advised from a quantity of unique smartphone vendors plus old school digicam SoC marketers to anticipate an increase of small point plus shoot form factor video cameras functioning Android. I’ve been anxiously waiting for that point ever since, and therefore almost gave up expect right up until this latest unexpectedly timed double announcement by Nikon and even Samsung. All the other major competitor in this area is needless to say the Nokia PureView 808 which doesn’t operate Android although furthermore is really a point and shoot in the design aspect of a touch screen phone.

Inside, the Galaxy Camera tends to be much the same to the Samsung Galaxy S 3, for example the same pair of local wifi connection choices (dual band WiFi with 40 MHz channels, BT 4.0, GNSS), plus mobile phone connection that could possibly involve LTE. Samsung ambiguously points out “4G” on the spec page, making me believe that this might be a further CMC221 based solution for instance the Galaxy S 3 for Korea with LTE.

Coming from an visual standpoint the Samsung seems to have a bit of an edge at F/2.8 when at its widest, compared to F/3.2 with Nikon. Regardless, I’d count on the Nikon to have an edge on the Galaxy Camera purely mainly because there may well be more die area on that SoC (which often we’re attempting to achieve further information on) specific to ISP than you are on the Galaxy Camera which merely designed by Samsung and features an Exynos 4412 inside. Oddly enough, the PureView 808 nevertheless consists of a bigger CMOS than either point and shoot, although it after all carries a permanent focal length and absolutely no optical zoom.

Point and shoot cameras operating Android appear to be the next logical evolution for camera manufacturers. As an aside it truly is remarkable how the point and shoot organization is moving progressively towards mobile phone, and the smartphone side is moving significantly in direction of point plus shoot level efficiency. There may be a all new saying that the best digital camera is the one you could have with you continuously, and then both sides are contending over who can manage that slot.

Why Choose A Galaxy Camera Over Any Other?

How to choose the best iPhone Insurance company

Some of the most expensive gadgets which people own are iPhones. Getting iPhone Insurance is therefore just a step towards ensuring that it is well protected. To do this, it is not just about jumping into any office of a company that claims to offer for example iPhone 4 Insurance. You need to be careful. Your iPhone is very precious and definitely deserves the best treatment which it can only get from a reputable company. You do not want to risk paying a lot of money for iPhone 4 Insurance and then be unable to get reasonable compensation when you make a claim in future.

It’s important to look into the background of the iPhone Insurance company you are about to go with before making any commitments. If you can not find any reliable reputation from the company or positive reviews, you need to look elsewhere for a better and more reputable iPhone Insurance company.

There are many companies now offering insurance for iphones which are listed online. These could be genuine companies that you can make good use of to make sure that your iPhone gets the coverage it deserves. You should however read very carefully with such online iPhone Insurance companies so as not to fall into the hands of scammers and con artists. Google advertising have become so cheap that many people have posted fake iPhone Insurance companies which you should be in the look out for. Only buy insurance from a company that you have verified can actually offer you with the iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3g insurance services that it has listed. Unless you are working with a reliable online company like GoTronics, you should be very careful.

Another reliable way for locating a good iPhone Insurance company is from your friends, family and colleagues. Asking around for referrals of reliable companies offering insurance for iPhone services would really help you to be able to work with the best, you can also look up good iPhone Insurance companies from the local telephone or postal directories. This can help you to find accessible iPhone Insurance companies which are close to your location.

Quality is the thing you should be looking for. Settling for anything less would just put the safety of your iPhone 4, 3gs or 3g into jeopardy. For all types of iPhone Insurance, you can opt to work with a reliable company like GoTronics. They will present you with the most cost effective iPhone 4 Insurance offers on the market. This can be confirmed from the references which our customers give every now and then as a result of the satisfaction of iPhone Insurance services we have been able to offer them along the years.

For you to be able to find a reliable iPhone Insurance company, you need to be very careful. You should not risk having just anyone claiming to offer iPhone 4 Insurance or iPhone 3gs insurance services be the company you go with. Go with a reliable and trusted company to give you quality iPhone 4 Insurance services.

Choose Blackberry Repair Services of a Professional Company

Unlike all other phone brands, Blackberry is quite different and expensive as it has a lot of applications. When a cell phone has plenty of features and apps it has plenty t of ways to fail or not work properly and, therefore, you need to know about a reliable and quick blackberry repair service center. You have observed lots of people walking along using their blackberry phone, and sometimes they even fall down due to a huge crowd. Sometimes it is dropped on the ground and sometimes into a bucket filled with water or may be on any food. If any of these situations happen blackberry will definitely require a repair service.

Since the Blackberry cell phone has many apps and features such as GPS, Wi-Fi network, etc there are several ways you can mess up your device and then it will require blackberry repair services that are cost-effective and reliable, as well. If you have ever had your blackberry Smartphone fail for any reason then you of course know that feeling and days that you spend without a cell phone. It just seems if you have something that you always use such as a Smartphone then; it should keep on running until you reach your destination. When the device stops responding in the mid of the road, you may need to find a specialist quickly, who will repair it soon else you won’t able to contact anyone.

It is not time to wander in the market for finding a reliable repair center, instead go online and look for BlackBerry Screen Repair Services center. If you try and find online then you can easily get some viable option for phone repairs. Whether you need blackberry display screen replacement, battery replacement, touch screen replacement, water damage or want to repair any other issue, making an online search to find a reliable website is the best. Consider choosing the one that has a good reputation in an industry.

* Expert blackberry repair technicians will endeavor to fix the issues in the least time possible

* Any kind of delays are informed to clients immediately

* Quick turnaround

* All transactions are made with high security

It will be a wise choice to consider a repair company who will save your time, money and hassles. Inexperienced technicians charge you to detect what is wrong with the phone, for the parts they repair or replace and charges you for the labor. All this time your personal information in a cell phone is in inexperienced hands that are not confidential about their work. Besides, you will be left with huge money to pay. While experienced technicians always has the swift process and excellent customer services. Professional team will provide a quick, affordable and hassle-free blackberry repair service.

Provide a help to yourself by searching for online repair sites that cannot help with getting your Smartphone start functioning again, but will also offer you a reasonable cost. Surely you will get in touch with a reliable one by comparing prices from different service providers.

Blackberry smartphones are very expensive items of this modern age, so get it repair soon and start using its sophisticated functions as you were doing before.


Once your Blackberry Bold Repairs will be repaired by professionals, it will last long.

Max White is the manager of Gadget Surgery, Which is the best BlackBerry Screen Repair Services center in UK. He is expert in Blackberry Curve Repairs, Blackberry Torch Repairs, Blackberry Bold Repairs, Blackberry Storm Repairs, Blackberry Pearl Repairs etc.

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How to choose a mobile batteries pack fitting your need

Now the phone are more and more popular in our daily life: we use it to call, send messages, listen to music, read e-books, play game and watch video etc, but we have to face a puzzle that how to do when the power shortage.

At this time, mobile power bank comes to run a big help, but there are really tons of mobile power bank flooding on the market,we must make sure that which one is quality on the earth, then Onu-mall would like to share some a few tips we must pay attention to: First, security is a prerequisite for a mobile power supply The merits and the type of electronic coin for mobile power bank supply is to determine whether the mobile power supply is safe or not: poor electronic coin, secondary electronic coin are the bombings to a lot of power explosion accident. Currently lithium polymer electronic coin, high-quality imported lithium-ion (18650) electronic coin are good quality available in the market. Second, how to pick up the mobile power bank capacity? 10000mA power pack

If your cell phone battery capacity is not infrequently and do not often go outside for a business trip or truism, it is recommended to select 5000 mA which can fully charge the common batteries on the market for send times , the smart phone is about 2 times, and the mobile batteries pack itself charging time in about six hours to complete . If you travel frequently and you have many electronic equipment to be charged, recommended to chooseabout 10,000 mA fully charging the ordinary smartphone for more than three times,moreover, the charging time of the power supply itself is not too long,you can use the mobile phone during the day and charge it at night. For those higher than 15,000 mA or less than 3000 mA mobile power, usability would be generally greatly reduced, it is not recommended to buy. Third, mobile power supplycompatibility issues

For different smart phones, tablet PCs, the charging port are different, besides different mobile power charging voltage may differ, so make sure which cell phone the mobile batteries pack under phones support, is there a corresponding interface. In terms of inputs and outputs,the larger the current in the the safety range of power supply and mobile phones input(output),the faster the charging. It suggested the use the mobile power supply with dual USB output interface, the 1A output can be used to charge the phone , 2A or more output ports charge your tablet. Fourth, which brand is better?

Suggest that you buy a too cheap mobile batteries pack, those like Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Yu Bo, TOPS are brand manufacturers guaranteed.In addition, if a mobile power supply with EU RoHS, the European Union CE, the US FCC other related electronic products certification, then that phone mobile power products meet the relevant standards and is generally quality. In short,do not be fooled by the gorgeous commodity description by the products and sales in the purchase of mobile power,if you follow and master the above four descriptions, you will be able to choose a mobile power bank fitting your need.

For more information about mobile batteries pack,please visit http://www.onu-mall.com/catalog/backup-battery-case/power-bank/

Article from http://blog.onu-mall.com/index.php/2015/10/08/how-to-choose-the-right-mobile-power-bank-fitting-your-need/

I’m a manager engaged in a company named ONU MALL CO.,LIMITED which is a leader in selling high quality cell phone accessories and repair parts for Apple and Samsung and other electronical product since 2008 for many years,I have a wealth of experience and skills on how to choose the cell phone accessories and other consumer electronics,i like sharing with you

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Choose Wimar technology for all kind of iPhone accessories

Keep in mind for several minutes when iPhone accessories pop out from your mind. What kind of iPhone accessories show up in your mind? Frankly speaking, when it comes to iPhone accessories, it won’t stop discussing until we list all arresting and interesting iPhone accessories. We speak highly of most iPhone accessories showing in market which is full of digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3…. However, nowadays, the most welcome and popular digital device is the iPhone family, iPhone, iPad, iPod series as well as iPhone accessories and iPad accessories. Compared to other mobile phones accessories, iPhone accessories can be described as many as stars which have already mess up our eyes. Of course, there are good and bad iPhone accessories in market. And for this point, we have to keep in mind to know about how to sort out better iPhone accessories.

There are various kinds of iPhone accessories in market, such iPhone cases, iPhone screen protector, iPhone batteries, iPhone loudspeakers, iPhone sounder, iPhone earphones….. Generally speaking, it is the iPhone emergency batteries and iPhone cases which get highly evaluation as iPhone batteries and iPhone cases have a bigger practical function. Speaking of iPhone batteries, just image of several situations which we offer come across before the time we own iPhone emergency batteries. Image that you get stuck into a muddy road when it is heavily raining, you want to make a help call, however, your iPhone shows low battery and you can’t find any place to charge it. How panic we would be then? You may say that situation couldn’t happen often.

Let’s say in this way. Have you ever met that you wait for an important call already for several hours but you still miss it because of battery turns off? Have you ever been annoyed when you have a long journey on train or car but your mobile phones can’t work any application just because of power-off? Have you ever been interrupted by mobile phones-power off when you are making call with friends, family members or leader to report your work? Above all situation we could meet whenever and wherever. What could we do to prevent it happen? Of course, it is simple and easy to solve this problem. Just one step, getting iPhone emergency batteries with you, providing emergency power to mobile phones. Of course, there are hundreds of iPhone emergency batteries in market catching our eyes and we have to be clear about which is worth to keep.

Hereby, we introduce you an iPhone emergency battery designed and produced by Wimar Technology Ltd, headquarter located at HK with manufacturer located at mainland. Wimar iPhone emergency battery has already get the MFI (Made for iPhone), authoritative acknowledge of Wimar iPhone emergency battery quality and design. With 1800mAh, Wimar iPhone emergency battery could fully charge iPhone one time, extending working and enjoying time for 5-6hours. Of course, it should be compact and portable. Wimar iPhone emergency battery designs in an easy operating way just plug and play, just plug this Wimar emergency battery into iPhone, then it works. What’s more, Wimar emergency battery adopts IML treatment, same process as iPhone/iPad treatment, piano black/white, smoother and brighter, anti-scratch.

Wimar iPhone emergency battery gets high reputation around the market with its charging and overcharging protection and powerful functions. Compared to other iPhone emergency battery, Wimar iPhone emergency batteries are better than others according to marketing quite positive respond. Wimar iPhone emergency batteries welcome all those who want to be Wimar distributors, Wimar technology will be your biggest support, providing better iPhone emergency batteries and iPad accessories.

This Article is written by Sino Electron which is a professional manufacturer & supplier of iPhone accessories, iphone external battery pack, iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 case and iphone docking station which can be a good choice for festival gift or Christmas gifts for your dearer. For more details, visit http://www.iphone-accessories-1.com

Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone

Most cell phones that were produced and made available in the market also known as SIM card. It is an important component that can store important data for the mobile phone to function well. In case your phone locked up, you can look for the service of Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone. Locked phones can only be used with that particular card and unlocked mobile phones can accommodate SIMs coming from any provider. These kinds of phones are prevalent in the market.

A consumer may ask why they need to buy Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone. A lot of people today are very much interested in buying a new phone it’s because the features of newly introduced mobile phones were enhanced and they were made to conform to the lifestyle of everyone these days. You can choose from various phone brands but Samsung is still on the lead because of the variety of the models that they have. They have galaxy models for low end users and they have those for high end and can afford to buy expensive phones.

The most convenient way for a consumer to buy an unlocked cell phone is through a retail store. This is through a third party vendor. If you will purchase in a retailer, then you can buy a phone in its clean state or without propriety setting from a particular carrier. The drawback of buying Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone in a retailer is that it is more expensive. If you will buy through a carrier, then you can get the mobile phone with a discount because you have agreed with the long term contract with them.

If you are thinking about the essence of buying Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone, the biggest advantage that you can get is long term ownership of your mobile phone. Carriers want you to stay with them so you will just upgrade the mobile phone with “discount” but you need to stay with them for at least two years. All of these add up over time and you will surely realize that you are paying more than the price of the mobile phone. If you want to invest for very long time, then why not spend an extra cash to buy unlocked cell phones and gain remarkable savings in the future.

How can you save money from Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone? There are lots of ways of how you can save money from buying this type of mobile phone. You must break the cycle of thinking that you need to buy the latest gadget in town. You can buy a not so expensive mobile phone and still acquire the features and run applications that you want. The good thing about buying unlocked cell phones is that you can always sell them and buy new one. You will gain flexibility once you choose to buy Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone. You can compare prices from different retailers and opt for the one that offer the best prices unlike when you opt for a particular carrier.

Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone – smggsm is your online source for the latest GSM mobile devices. For more details visit http://www.smggsm.com

Why you should choose casenation

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Casenation

A Smartphone is that one possession with which we interact the most at all times of the day. Why not add some personality to your favorite piece of technology? Be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, Casenation has something for all. An exciting, young, and competent brand of mobile cases and accessories, Casenation offers immense quality with extraordinary designs. That’s not just it! We give you 10 solid reasons why casenation is your destination for phone, Mobile clear cases & MacBook accessories.

Forever New – Casenation’s mobile cases are printed on top quality polycarbonate with the latest MP3D printing technology where the print doesn’t chip off or fade away. You can always flaunt your cases as they are sure to look new as ever.

2 Year Guarantee – The brand offers 2 years replacement guarantee on their designer and customized smartphone cases. If the colour fades away or wears out, then just don’t worry! Casenation promises to replace it at no additional cost.

Incredible Variety – Casenation has got an exclusive and fantastic range of soft, hard and clear cases for more than 35 models of smartphones right from iPhone 6S Plus to Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. A few more to mention are HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Huawei. If you’re looking for something simple and sober then the clear cases are a perfect choice! They come in colourful gradient shades, light in weight and made with superior quality & Wooden phone case.

Fancy Designs – The brand offers nearly 25+ collections of gorgeous mobile cases. With about 10 years of experience in designing, every collection by the brand showcases the art of craftsmanship. The designs are as innovative as the brand. There is comic collection for all comic lovers; fashion collection for the fashionistas; illustration, typography and abstract collection for all the designers out there. You just have to name it and they’ve got it!

Tailor-made – You can get phone cases tailored and personalized as per your wants at Casenation! The brand values its customers and hence aims to provide them with truly customized mobile cases. The brand reaches out to its customers, understands their wants and personality and customizes cases accordingly.

Premium Collection – Casenation has got an exclusive variety of designer cases for high-end smartphones like the iPhone 6, 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge. The ‘QuickSand’ collection offers superior quality sand finish soft cases which are available in vibrant colours. The ‘Wooden’ cases come in four different assortments which are different from the ones available and provide effective protection from damages. The latest collection of ‘Metal + Leather’ phone cases is fusion of metal and leather cases which can make your smartphone look super classy. Also, the ‘Metal Bumper’ range is stunning and is sure to make your gadget stand apart.

Payments – Casenation offers various modes of payment to its customers. You can pay through your credit cards, debit cards or opt for Netbanking too. Cash on Delivery is also available without any hidden charges. Also Casenation doesn’t charge you extra for shipping, making shopping easy on the pockets.

Wooden iphone cases & Mobile wooden cases, innovative accessories for your smartphone, tablet & laptop. For iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, OnePlus One, Moto, LG, Xiaomi and other brands.

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