Check out mockups of the Apple iPhone 8 running iOS 11, including the "notch" and "ears"

This morning, we learned that the infamous “notch” found on renders of the Apple iPhone 8, will probably not be covered up by Apple as some had thought. According to today’s report, the screen to the left of the notch will show the time, while the right side will show cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity strength and the battery icon. With that information in mind, some mockups of what iOS 11 might look like on the iPhone 8 have been disseminated by tweet.

As you can see on the images inside the slideshow, the notch stands out like a soar thumb although it remains to be seen how noticeable it …

Check out next week's T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways and prizes

Ready to discover the giveaways and prizes for this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday? First, T-Mobile subscribers will get the chance to scan HotelStorm’s list of discounted hotels. On average, you can save 25% on the price of a room using Hotel Storm. In the mood for a movie? How about a free movie? Rent or purchase one starting on Tuesday at no cost (up to $5.50 value) from Vudu. The carrier’s subscribers will also receive a free 1-year subscription to Glamour or Teen Vogue. In addition, starting on Tuesday you can snap a photo, download the Walgreen’s app, and order 10 free prints that are free, …

Check out these sweet Oreo-themed wallpapers, available in resolutions beyond 4K UHD!

Android O is finally official, and we think the licensing deal that Google struck with Oreo for the latest revision of its ubiquitous mobile OS was right on point. We mean… what, oatmeal cookie? Orellette? Come on.

But anyway, upon sinking our teeth in delicious Oreo for the first time, and after thoroughly testing what little there was in the way of new features, we thought we’d check if there were any cool new wallpapers on board. Like, we were expecting some Oreo goodness in blue and white, but we got nothing! Nothing, we tell ya!
Ah …

Stop whatever you're doing and check out OnePlus 5's Lake Blood gory and fun video ad

Pennywise will be terrorizing a new generation of the Losers’ Club come September and we’d be treated to a rather unexpected follow-up to the gory story of the Jigsaw killer, but the list of horror-y flicks just grew as OnePlus joined the fray.

As much as we’d love to throw $10 on tickets for a OnePlus-produced horror movie with Emily Ratajkowski cast as the lead antagonist, hacking her way through a pack of sophomore college students with a rusted hatchet, we will have to settle for the short but rather amusing and self-aware video ad for the OnePlus …

Check out Meizu Pro 7's auxiliary AMOLED rear display in action

Just yesterday, a rather peculiar phone became official – the Meizu Pro 7. It’s a device that’s likely never ever jettisoning outside of mainland China and doesn’t have particularly high aspirations to be Meizu’s proper flagship and battle the Galaxies and iPhones of the world, but still has a somewhat intriguing feature on board that’s unlike anything we’ve seen thus far.
See, the Meizu Pro 7 has a tiny display at the back. It’s a proper display, with none of that e-ink non-sense that certain exotic devices boast. Being a touchscreen AMOLED one, it allows …

Report: All four major U.S. carriers will offer the Moto Z2 Force; check out the latest images

Unlike the original Moto Z Force, which was a Verizon exclusive in the states and given the name Moto Z Force DROID Edition, the sequel will be available from all four major U.S. carriers. That is the word from tipster extraordinaire Evan Blass, who posted the leak on his Twitter page. We’ve already seen an image that is supposedly that of the handset wearing the AT&T logo on the back. The Moto Z2 Force (it’s unknown whether Verizon’s version of the phone will use the DROID name again) is believed to be one of several phones to be unveiled this coming Tuesday, July 25th.

According to …

Check out these premium Android icon packs, now free for a limited time on Google Play!

If you’ve been following our various columns on Android customization, then you should know by now that we have a soft sport for custom icon packs around here. And how couldn’t we? Applying a custom icon set is like giving your home screen a fresh coat of paint and is among the basic rights of every Android user out there!

There’s no such thing as having too many icon packs and don’t you believe anyone who tells you the opposite! Okay, okay, we kid, but we do like custom icon packs and we also like sharing our favorites with you, the readers!

And this …

Check out this storefront poster for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (FE) in China

Appropriately enough, the refurbished version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be launched on July 7th. That works out to 7/7, a perfect date for the phablet to get another shot at life. The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled twice last year after units started exploding. An investigation conducted by Samsung blamed the batteries for the problem, which is why the cells used in the refurbished version of the unit have a reduced capacity of 3200mAh, compared to the 3500mAh batteries that powered the original model.

Today, a photograph showing a storefront poster heralding the upcoming launch …

Check out the wackiest Guinness World Records phone entries

There is no shortage of phone-related listings in the Guinness World Records, but, as these things go, people are often submitting entries in obscure categories, or ones made straight out of thin air, in order to stand a chance in the crowded “records” business. Check out some of the stranger phone-tastic achievements that have wiggled their way into the Guinness World Records – some of those really make you yearn for a cold pint bottoms up.
source: GWR

You can buy a OnePlus 5 from a Pop-up event as soon as today! Check out all the venues and times here

Today, the highly-anticipated OnePlus 5 finally broke cover. Staying true to the “Never Settle” slogan, the new flagship packs the latest Snapdragon chipset, ungodly amounts of RAM, an intriguing dual-camera composition, and a refreshed design.

Many fans of the brand will be eager to receive their very own OnePlus 5 unit, and fortunately, the wait won’t be long. The European and North American release date is set for June 27th, merely a week away from the time of writing. Those of you who do not want to wait until then can order the phone straight away with the …