Road warriors, Mophie's mobile wireless charger will save you from becoming a cable pleb

Imagine the horror – you are at the airport, or in your hotel room, and there are no Qi wireless charging surfaces around. What is a fine person to do now, plug a cable in? To spare you that demoralizing experience, Mophie has outed a complete travel kit for… you guessed it… wirelessly charging your phone.
The new Charge stream travel kit and Charge stream pad mini are meant for those who won’t convenience on the go, as today’s wireless chargers aren’t really conducive to lugging around, so Mophie is trying to turn their concept on its head. The mini pad is indeed …

The most well-equipped powerbank? OUTXE Savage Rugged Charger hands-on

Durability is important. While the sacrifices made in the name of form versus function often leave us more vulnerable than we’d like when it comes to our mobile devices, we thankfully don’t have to make such trade-offs with our portable chargers, that is, if we don’t want to. Portable chargers, especially those packing upwards of 10,000 mAh’s of charge, are already pretty bulky devices, so why not toughen them up properly? That’s the approach that OUTXE takes with its 20,000-mAh Savage Solar Charger. This portable charging powerbank offers QuickCharge for your devices, charges itself …

Case-Mate Power Pad Wireless Charger hands-on

Case-Mate Power Pad Wireless Charger is a versatile Qi enabled wireless charging pad that’s meant to work with a broad range of smartphones, while also offering quick charging technology to ensure that you’re not waiting forever just to get your devices back to 100% capacity.

Constructed entirely out of plastic, the Case-Mate Power Pad will allow uses to charge their devices in two specific ways. On one hand, the rectangular shaped pad can be laid flat down, but it also comes included with this pedestal stand that props up devices upright while they’re charging. Since there’s a …

Uniquely-designed BlackBerry wireless charger appears in sketch

A new BlackBerry-branded wireless charger could be in the works. Currently, there are no smartphones that feature the Canadian brand’s name with support for wireless charging but, nevertheless, a new sketch courtesy of Evan Blass appears to reveal an official accessory is in the works.

Looking at the sketch itself, the charger takes on the shape of a large shield with BlackBerry branding at its center. In fact, the overall device bears a striking resemblance to the BlackBerry Protect logo. This could suggest that BlackBerry is hoping to continue marketing both its smartphones and accessories …

Mophie's new wireless charger adds fast-charge option, but is still too expensive

Mophie has released its new wireless charger that fixes some of the biggest issues of the original, and most importantly now has support for fast charging.

The new Mophie Wireless Charge Stream Pad Plus, however, still costs a hefty $60, nearly double the price of other wireless chargers by companies like Anker, RavPower, Tylt and even Samsung.
Both the original Mophie wireless charger and the new Pad Plus work based on the Qi charging standard. The big difference over the original Mophie Wireless Charging Base, however, is support for 10-watt fast charging, …

Apple's AirPower wireless charger release imminent, mum's the word on pricing

Apple is taking its sweet time to release the AirPower wireless charger that was unveiled alongside the iPhone X back in September, but the wait may finally be over. A third report is now suggesting that a March launch is imminent, so we should be hearing a press release from Cupertino very soon. While Apple already announced and started selling its HomePod smart speaker, and the WWDC 2018 conference announcement is done and dusted, the only thing remaining is to finally set a price and release date for its darned AirPower.

What’s unique about the charging mat is that it can …

Deal: This Samsung 10,200mAh portable charger with fast charging is 76% off, grab one for $20!


The modern smartphone is a truly wonderful and practical device, but its magnificent splendor disappears as soon as its power cell gives in. If you need some extra juice on the go and battery cases freak you out, then you must have entertained the thought of getting a portable charger. 

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know …

Samsung may have a new wireless charger released alongside the Galaxy S9

Samsung’s hokey puck of a fast convertible wireless charger is one of the most convenient such devices you can grab for your Qi-enabled smartphone (yes, that includes the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X). As these things go, it is even somewhat stylish, and doubles as a stand via the rotating base. Needless to say, there is an LED indicator, too, that shows when the device is properly centered and charging.

At first blush, there isn’t much more to improve, as it is also a powerful 10W charger under the hood, but Samsung may beg to differ, and, rumor has it, it is prepping a new version to be released …

Deal: Get a 10,400 mAh mophie portable battery charger for just $24.99

Need a new portable battery charger (aka power bank) for your smartphone or
tablet? If you do, you can now buy the highly-rated mophie powerstation Boost XL (with
a 10,400 mAh capacity) for just $24.99 – that’s $55 off its original price.


The 10,400 mAh mophie powerstation Boost XL is available for $24.99
only at Best Buy, which offers the mobile charger in four color variants (blue,
white, purple, and pink). If you hurry and place an order online today, Best
Buy can ship the accessory by December 26. Of
course, you can also save the charger for a store pickup.  


The …

Frayed Apple iPhone 6 charger cable electrocutes Vietnamese teen

You might recall back in July 2013 when we told you about a 23-year old stewardess who was electrocuted when she answered a call on her Apple iPhone 5 while it was charging. That seemed to kick off a series of other incidents where iPhone or iPad users would report receiving a shock. In many cases, the problem was the use of a third party charger. Later that year, Apple announced that it would allow consumers to swap third party chargers for the official Apple version. This was to take place in certain countries including the U.S., China, and the U.K.

It has been some time since we passed …