Nicole Kidman's ultra-inspiring SAG Award speech focuses on Hollywood's changing attitude to age


Nicole Kidman used her SAG Award win to celebrate the fact that acting careers for women nowadays “can go beyond 40 years old.”

The Big Little Lies star picked up the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor, winning over co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern and Feud: Bette & Joan stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.

Winning both an and for her role as a survivor of domestic violence on Big Little Lies, Kidman has given powerful acceptance speeches about the role in the past.  Read more…

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LG changing strategy in a bid to turn smartphone fortunes around, will release new models "when it is needed"

Yesterday, we reported on LG’s apparent plans of delaying the announcement of its G7 flagship model to mid-March. Today, the Korean company revealed its intentions of changing its entire smartphone strategy in order to try and bring its mobile division back to profitability. 
Jo Seong-Jin, CEO of LG Electronics, disclosed some interesting information when speaking to Korean media at CES 2018. When asked for a potential ETA of the announcement of the G7, the chairman said that LG will unveil future handsets “when it is needed” and won’t necessarily do announcements …

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Mark Zuckerberg posts Oculus VR film profiling prison inmates changing their lives


Mark Zuckerberg made a big splash last week with Facebook’s dive into social VR in the form of Facebook Spaces. But Zuckerberg knows that social media is just part of the VR picture, and on Sunday he demonstrated that by posting a short VR film called Step to the Line. 

Shot using the new Nokia OZO camera, directed by Ricardo Laganaro, and produced in partnership with Defy Ventures, the film is part of the Oculus VR For Good program. The Oculus initiative was launched last year to support VR film projects that encourage positive social change.  Read more…

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E-commerce – Changing Trend of Marketing and Shopping

Since last few years we have observed very important swings in the way business conducted. The e-commerce is the new growing trend in both developing and developed market and it is promising to hold even more significant changes. So, as a reason business organizations have opened up its arms from the brick and mortar to the online marketing and shopping.

The e-commerce is the way that is helping all the business organizations to serve their customers on instantly basis. You can download free apps for blackberry and for other various platforms to avail the maximum benefits from the this electronic age. It is the latest trend of the market.

Omnidirectional connectivity
The penetration of Internet technology is an undeniable factor in the growth of e-commerce. It has connected the world and with the help of the same everything can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. You can organize and maintain your business routine from any remote location as well and the major field which is much influenced by it is the retail. You can find almost everything available on the screen of your device and your purchase required just a few clicks.

Online stores
They are the modern spaces for shopping where you don’t need to step into the physical store. These virtual stores are making profits in many ways like if you visit any site and don’t buy anything, then also they will get the benefit of visiting the site. It will be easy for them to promote their brands and products with a very little investment.

Implicit mode of payment
The e-commerce swipes of the need of cash payment in the physical stores. Although a large number of stores are connected via the Internet, but the flexibility of making payment is limited. But this online choice of shopping gives multiple options like you can make payment either by credit, debit or some other type of card or by cash at the time of delivery. Today the currency also has been digitized.

Fast delivery of products
Sometimes the products of your choice may not be available at one shop and in that case you have to go shop, by shop to find the same but the virtual stores simplify your hard work on the same. If you don’t get anything at one site or in case you get it and they are not delivering your order at the point of time you need that you can explore another one and place the order from there. In fact, all the classified and commercial sites are in a competition of the fastest delivery of goods.

Targeted customers
All the business organizations are very much conscious about their brand value. They are expanding their limits to the large number of customers. They are following the trend of the market and have made their own customer base. They are targeting customers as per their products and choices of consumer and have made it very personalized as they retain information from them. If any brand will reflect its supreme values in its products and give the priority to the customer demand it will experience immense success in the future.

The popularity of mobile devices has opened a very wide scope for e-commerce and there are best Mac software or you can download free apps for blackberry and other operating systems. It is very helpful to calculate and meet the business objectives of various organizations. It is the most reasonable way of marketing and selling. You can meet with those standards that will keep your customers happy and your business running.

E-commerce – Changing Trend of Marketing and Shopping

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The Move to Mobile – The World is Changing Fast

Do you prefer a PC or Mac (I’ll use PC) or do you prefer and iPad or Nexus (I’ll use tablet) or do you prefer your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy (I’ll use phone)? (N.B. Tablet and phone together I’ll call mobile).

Now what kind of question is that for us to be asking?

Actually it’s quite an important one for all businesses that use the internet or the web for the marketing or delivery of their products or services.

Because what we use and how we use it is changing dramatically and is set to change even more.

Just a few years ago people had a PC and a rather clunky – as they seem now – phone that allowed them to make a call or text. For many users today their main ‘computer’ is not a PC but their smartphones which goes everywhere with them. But, despite getting smarter, phones are too small to replace PCs and the device that bridges the gap between PCs and phones is the tablet.

You’ve seen an iPad but actually it’s Google’s android system that’s making a lot of the running in both tablets and phones and according to a recent report by Asymco “the day when the tablet market (by units) will exceed that of traditional PCs will come sometime in the fall of 2013”.

This market is being driven by a number of factors, some technical, some business and cost related and some social:

* Superfast broadband
* Increasing wifi availability
* 4G phones
* Increased workforce mobility and improved mobile apps
* The cost of print and updates v tablets
* TVs becoming networked
* Music, video, games and reading apps
* Increased cloud computing at low cost

However, tablets must be put in perspective. Forrester has forecast that by 2016, a total of 375m tablets will be sold globally and 760m already in use, but there will be 2bn PCs in use by 2016, despite growing tablet sales. That’s because tablets only partially cannibalise PCs. Eventually tablets will slow laptop sales but increase sales of desktop PCs because many people, especially information workers, will still need conventional PCs for any intensely creative work at a desk that requires a large display or significant processing power.

Then again that must be put in perspective by phones. Between now and 2016 Cisco expects smartphones to go from 586m to 1.74bn units.

However, you look at it change wins and business will have to adapt as increasing tablet and phone use will affect the way people search and shop.

Research has shown that mobile search increases towards the end of the working day and before bed. During the day desktop searches are more popular. For people who are tied to their desk that may continue, but as tablets and phones become more prevalent the number of searches on them is bound to increase and mobile web surfing is predicted to overtake desktop searching by 2015.And research has also shown that phone and tablet search also happens at home and even while other devices are being used, such as watching TV or, quite surprisingly, even when using a computer.

What should you do about this change?

The most important thing to do is to understand from your analytics how many mobile visits you are getting on site and some more details about the operating system etc. If the answer is that you get very little mobile traffic then obviously you have to ask the question as to whether to do anything special for mobile. Some companies will never get much mobile use and just need to make their desktop sites less insufferable on small screens.

But if your site appeals to mobile users, then you have to ask whether you should produce a mobile website or develop special mobile apps. The answer to this question is crucial to costs and success.

At present apps win if you can afford them. Studies have shown that users prefer apps to mobile sites because only limited optimization is possible during website design whereas an app can overcome the specific limitations of each device much better – things such as tiny screens, slower connectivity, worse interaction (typing, inability to double-click or hover) and less precision from the fat-finger problem. But, there is the cost issue. The expense of mobile apps is quite high and you have to support Android, iOS, Windows Phone and maybe more.

Mobile sites have more cross platform compatibility and new ways of doing things such as responsive web design and HTML 5 will definitely improve mobile site capabilities. A mobile site strategy also gives better integration with the rest of the web as it’s much easier for others to link to a site than to integrate with an app. The Internet beats a smaller, closed environment and is better for e-commerce, company websites etc. that don’t require heavy data manipulation.

So, there is simple answer (this is the real world!). Some companies will need to build apps and mobile sites. Some won’t need the apps or will consider them to costly for the benefit.

Richard Hill is a director of E-CRM Solutions – a Bath based web design and internet marketing agency and has spent many years in senior direct and interactive marketing roles. E-CRM helps you to grow by getting you more customers that stay with you longer.

Milky Way A Changing Galaxy

What comes to your mind when you think of the Milky Way? Well, the Milky Way is a galaxy among the billions of galaxies in the universe. A galaxy refers to a cluster of billions of stars and other heavenly bodies, including solar systems like ours.

Galaxies are classified on the basis of the arrangement of stars – they form a shape like a spiral, disk, or sphere. The Milky Way or the spiral galaxy is home to our own solar system, and the planet Earth.

Our galaxy is called the Milky Way because of how it looks in the night sky. As many famous astronomers have said, the Milky Way looks like a stream of milky glowing stars.

The Milky Way is over 13.2 billion years old (about the age of the universe itself) and consists of about 200 to 400 billion stars. It has fascinated humans for many millennia, and will continue to do so in the future because it possesses some intriguing properties.

The Milky Way, as already mentioned, is an elegant spiral-armed galaxy. A spiral galaxy consists of a ball-shaped body with swirling arms surrounding it.

There is very dense celestial matter at the core of the galaxy, and the stars become less crowded going down the arms. Our sun and the solar system are located in one of the arms of our galaxy.

The galaxy itself rotates around its center, completing one rotation in just over 220 million years. Now that, my friends, is a very long period when compared to the earth’s rotation period of 1 day.

New reports are coming out that suggest that the common perception of the Milky Way’s structure may not be correct. However, mapping the Milky Way is very difficult, since we are looking at it from the inside, with many stars blocking views of the core of the galaxy.

New research shows that the galaxy is missing two of the four arms that it was thought to have. This research has forced most of our scientists to reconsider their perception about the galaxy. Two research teams have carried out studies very recently, giving some amazing results.

The first team used the Spitzer Space Telescope, which can see through dust and successfully map the orbital speeds of the stars. Two astonishing results that were brought out were that two of the galaxy’s four arms are in fact just small side branches, and the central core is almost twice in size that was previously believed!

The other team utilized such a powerful telescope that you may even be able to read newspaper on the moon sitting here on earth. There, the research shows that the galaxy is moving in a much different manner than what we thought it to be.

Change in the pattern of the motion leads to a change in the shape gradually, which scientists can use to backtrack and make better guesses about the origins of the Universe. It also helps us in having a better understanding of spiral galaxies like the Milky Way and its nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, and galactic motion in general.

However, it may be a long time before we can say that we have substantial information about galaxies and the universe in general, because there is so much more to learn!

Sara Jones was a fine student but science was a source of frustration she didn’t want her kids to suffer. She met Rick and Amanda Birmingham and realized their grasp of everyday science was the secret to making science fun. To learn more about the solution to science stress visit

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Changing trends and ways of bluetooth device and pairing

Devices that are normally used for bluetooth is variant. They can be really helpful once you get used to it. There are so many patterns of bluetooth devices that you have to look out for the most recent and the most competent technology in the market. With the boosting type and never ending formats of live bluetooth connections getting tempo many have come up with more convenient and brighter ideas of paring and also of judging the way of the devices have been handling bluetooth. Basically as we know the bluetooth is a networking device that works on the basis of network connection from the wireless format of the devices.

In the current market trend if looked upon then the ever rising need for the wireless world is a must. In connection with that of smart phones, tablets or even that of android mobiles, all have to have the latest bluetooth connections that can range the need and complete the forming of the bluetooth paring within the maximum range possible. A fixed range for bluetooth is passé as more and more people are willing to get into the core of the original and perfect way to have the pairings possible. There has to be very keen and worthwhile image of the mobile with the latest bluetooth version as well.

Booming market has now come up with ideas of multiple paring of the bluetooth device which includes all those devices and applications (apps) which can be more or less useful for the paring with bluetooth and others as a multiple task for the device itself.

With more and more sophistication getting gained in the market there are more and more people wanting it have an integrated service in their device. Like to be the latest, the companies are joining hands with rest various countries across the globe to have the much more advanced and standard phase of iPhone bluetooth. There are so many kinds of highly integrated ICs which have enabled the connectivity of the chips that have got the reasons to smile upon people anyhow. Till 2017 it is expected that all the current bluetooth devices are going to get an upliftment in its own ways with various types of technology to shape up.

Thus, when you are out for buying the perfect mobile or smart phone or tablets then see to it that its bluetooth connectivity is just as apt as possible in its own methods. has ultimate vision to take mobile conversation to the next level. There are so many patterns of Bluetooth Devices that you have to look out for the most recent and the most competent technology in the market. the companies are joining hands with rest various countries across the globe to have the much more advanced and standard phase of Iphone Bluetooth.

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