Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Xperia XZ1 interface comparison: Has anything changed at all?

Sony’s new flagship phone, the Xperia XZ2, has a new design that differs quite a lot from the slightly older XZ1. The new phone has a curved glass back which is quite different from everything Sony has done in the past. You will find no more rough and square edges on board, which would probably be viewed positively by all those Sony naysayers. However, the lack of a headphone jack is dumbfounding. 

But has anything changed on the interface side? It’s true that we are no longer in the ages when every new phone generation drastically changed the interface of the device. Nowadays, …

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ receiving fifth Android 8.0 Oreo beta, here's is what's changed

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are one step closer to getting the final version of Android 8.0 Oreo, as Samsung has just released another beta build that addresses lots of issues present in the previous builds.

There don’t seem to be any features added or removed in the fifth Android 8.0 Oreo beta for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, you’ll find below a long list of bugs that should be addressed in this update:

Profile sharing won’t enable and keeps saying check network;Home screen does not fit screen properly;Phone restarting while using the camera;Smart view …

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 gets new update at Verizon, here's what's changed

The Galaxy Tab S3, one of the most advanced Android tablets available on the market, made its debut at Verizon back in March. Since then, not many updates hit the slate, although there’s a high chance Samsung will offer an Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade next year.

Until then, customers who purchased the Verizon Galaxy Tab S3 will be pleased to know that the carrier has teamed up with Samsung for the release of a small, but important update.

Among the changes mentioned by the carrier, there’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) video streaming support for Netflix services, …

The iPhone X may turn into a privacy disaster, so Apple changed the Face ID apps policy

Your facial mapping, achieved with the TrueDepth camera kit of the iPhone X, is stored securely on the phone, and not being sent to any servers, just like your Touch ID fingerprint readings. The issue is, however, that third-party developers would have access to worrying amounts of your face data, complete with mood expressions, and other potentially lethal from a privacy standpoint bits that could be used for marketing purposes, or something more nefarious.

A researcher has already created an app that shows you exactly how much facial data is Apple making available to developers, …

Nokia 6 receives new OTA update, here's what's changed

A new update has started rolling out for the Nokia 6. With a size of 149.3MB, the software upgrade should bump the version of HMD’s mid-ranger to 00WW_3_72A. 

Sadly, HMD’s changelog for this update is rather laconic. It mentions that there are enhancements to the user interface and improvements to stability, but there are no precise details of what actually has been changed. Although not mentioned in the log, the update also brings the latest Android Security patch (November 6th, 2017). 
The …

Apple rolls out iOS 11.2 Public Beta 5, here's what's changed

Apple is rolling out the fifth beta version of the upcoming iOS 11.2 update. The patch was first seeded to developers, but shortly after, it was made available for public testing as well. 
With a size of about 47MB, the update doesn’t seem to add much in terms of new features. However, it appears that performance has seen some improvements. According to iDownloadBlog, an iPhone X with the latest beta scores 4,157 points in single-core performance and 10,088 points in multi-core performance on benchmarking service Geekbench 4. …

AT&T pushes new update to LG V20, see what's changed

A new software upgrade is hitting AT&T LG V20 units across the States. Weighing in at the hefty 1.01GB, the update should bump the software version of the 2016 phablet to H91010P.

Usually, an update of this size suggests that there are a lot of new changes on board. However, AT&T only mentions three things in the changelog. 
After installing the new version, users will receive the Android security improvements for August 2017. That’s a bit regrettable, as both the September and October patches have been …

The 'Star Trek: Discovery' episode that changed the universe


Previously, on the drama surrounding Star Trek: Discovery … 

CBS decided to air a single episode of a two-part premiere on its network, then insisted anyone who wanted to watch the second half had to sign up for $6-a-month streaming service CBS All Access. 

The US audience, including hardcore Trekkies, tore itself apart in angst over whether to pay yet another subscription fee for yet more online content. The international audience, which had the show delivered via Netflix, pointed and laughed like Nelson Muntz. 

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AT&T pushes big new update to Galaxy S8 and S8+, here is what's changed

A new update has started rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners that purchased their device from AT&T. Coming in at about 490MB, the software upgrade should bump the version of the Galaxy S8 to G950USQU1AQEF, or G955USQU1AQEF for the S8+.

There are some new features aboard the latest patch – AT&T has added support for Google’s Daydream VR platform and the corresponding hardware, as well as the ability to hide the navigation bar from the screen through a dot icon in order to maximize the screen view. This functionality was initially released …

Gilly's nighttime reading on 'Game of Thrones' may have just changed everything


Sometimes, Game of Thrones characters spend years chasing mysteries, risking life and limb to dig up secrets that have the potential to shake up the entire playing board as we know it.

And then other times, they casually stumble across them while enjoying a bit of light bedtime reading.

In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Gilly unearths a bombshell with potentially life-changing consequences for Dany, Jon … and the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, really. 

While paging through the records of the former High Septon Maynard, Gilly asks Sam about a word she doesn’t understand. “What’s annulment?” Read more…

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