Pay with a $100 bill for the Alcatel 1X Android Go phone and get change back; device is U.S. bound

Alcatel’s first Android Go phone, the Alcatel 1X, is not exactly a powerhouse. With a 5.3-inch display carrying a 480 x 960 resolution, the phone is powered by the MediaTek MT6739 chipset. The latter is equipped with a quad-core CPU running at a clock speed of 1.3GHz, and features the PowerVR GE8100 GPU. 1GB of RAM is inside along with 16GB of native storage. A 32GB capacity microSD slot is available for those who need to expand their storage capabilities. An 8MP snapper adorns the back of the unit, and there is a 5MP selfie snapper in front. Keeping the lights on is a 2460mAh battery, and Android …

The next Galaxy smartphone might undergo a name change, Samsung Mobile chief said

Next year’s addition to the Samsung Galaxy S series actually might have a different name. This was rumored for a while, but was officially confirmed by Samsung Mobile’s CEO DJ Koh in front of journalists at MWC ’18.

The news come mere two days after the announcement of Samsung’s latest flagships – the Galaxy S9 and S9+, at which DJ Koh took a significant part. When asked by reporters about the name of the next Galaxy smartphone, Mr. Koh answered that it might get a name change, but it will for sure keep the “Galaxy” branding.
Despite being …

Sony decides to change its flagship's design at the last minute

Sony is expected to unveil a new flagship later this month at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, but that’s not the most important news about the Japanese company. It appears that the handset maker had a change of heart concerning the design of its upcoming top-tier smartphone and decided to make some changes.

In a letter to FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Sony Mobile requested that one of its grants be dismissed. According to the Japanese company, the reason for dismissal is “design change.” So, since the device that was granted FCC approval hasn’t been sold or marketed anywhere, …

Australia's most popular natural tourist spots are under threat from climate change


Want to visit a pristine Australian beach, or discover the delights of the Great Barrier Reef? You’d better be quick.

Like many of the world’s natural wonders, Australia’s five most popular natural tourist pulls are under serious threat thanks to climate change, with specific risks detailed in a new report.

Nature tourism dominates the Australian market for both local and international travellers. But according to Icons at Risk: Climate Change Threatening Australian Tourism, released by independent climate organisation Climate Council on Thursday, Australia’s beaches, wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef, and national parks could soon be hit by extreme heatwaves and increased temperatures, coastal flooding, rising sea levels, and severe coral bleaching. Read more…

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Apple has a change of heart and approves an app that finds net neutrality violations

Senate Democrats are frantically searching for the one more vote from the other side of the aisle they need, which would guarantee the passage of a resolution to restore net neutrality. The Trump FCC has repealed net neutrality and the Senate has 30 days left to overrule the FCC’s decision. For those unfamiliar with the concept, net neutrality prevents carriers/ISPs from charging more for subscribers to visit certain websites or to favor certain content.

Speaking of net neutrality, Apple originally rejected an app that would have allowed users to determine if net neutrality is being violated. …

Here's what it's like to have climate change affect your island home


Of all the places where climate change affects, it’s the small island nations of the Pacific Ocean that are being hit the hardest.

It’s a story that’s being presented by Fijians in a VR documentary called Our Home, Our People, which has been put together by the World Bank.

The film reflects on rebuilding efforts following the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Winston last year, and the ongoing threat of rising sea levels.

It ties in with Fiji presiding over COP23, the United Nations’ climate change conference, which takes place in Bonn, Germany over the next two weeks. It’s the first small island nation to preside over the talks, and an appropriate choice given how crucial climate change action is to its survival. Read more…

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How to change the ringtone on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X with a custom one: 5 visual guides

So, you’ve got an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Good for you, but how are you liking the default ringtone, which is by now so ingrained into our society that we are frantically checking our phones once we hear the well-known rhythm of Opening. 
To be honest, changing the ringtone on your iPhone is a task that looks deceptively simple, but has its own quirky moments, especially if you are a fan of little-known anti-consumerist music bands from the 70s and would love your iPhone to ring with the sounds of first-gen punk music, like The Mekons’ “Empire of the …

How to change the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 ringtone and set a custom one

Okay, we already explored 5 different ways to change the ringtone on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or pretty much any iOS 11-running device, and boy, that was a somewhat-challenging ordeal.

 During the creation of that guide, a sneaky thought emerged – how much easier is to set a custom ringtone on the iPhones’ most serious competitors, the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the Note 8?

As you might imagine, Android is not a walled-garden and changing the ringtone of your Galaxy flagship is literally a child’s play.
Here’s how to do it:

Apple executive Jeff Williams: "AI will change the world"

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Williams said today that Artificial Intelligence will change the world. The comments was made at an event in Taiwan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of chip manufacturer TSMC. The latter is responsible for all of the A11 Bionic chipsets used in this year’s new crop of iPhone models, including the Apple iPhone X. Although Samsung is looking to return as a supplier of chipsets for the iPhone and iPad by next year, TSMC chairman Morris Chang described his company’s relationship with Apple as “intense.”

Williams said that “I think we’re at an inflection …

LG V30 navbar customization: how to change the color, rearrange the buttons, or hide it altogether

Navbar customization once used to be a feature reserved for the realm of Android rooting and custom ROMs, but this is not strictly the case anymore! With the number of OEMs allowing users to customize the navigational bars on their phones, to some degree at least, this feature is slowly, but surely, creeping its way into the mainstream. And that’s just awesome, we think!

The brand new LG V30, like the G6 before it, makes no exception to this trend and grants users this simple, yet oft overlooked, freedom. Planning to get your hands on the V30 soon? Well then, here’s …