HMD requests FCC change model number for the Nokia 9, cancelling version with 4GB RAM

FCC documents reveal that the Nokia 9, which already was certified by the regulatory agency with the model number of TA-1004, will now be known as the TA-1012. In a letter to the Feds, manufacturer HMD requested the change noting that the previous FCC results for the TA-1004 are representative of the TA-1012. HMD holds the license to use the Nokia name on its handsets.

Geekbench benchmark tests for the Nokia 9 have revealed versions of the phone with both 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Both of those models tested were powered by the high-end Snapdragon 835 chipset. Another Geekbench test of the now …

World’s thinnest hologram may forever change how we look at screens

Okay, guys, we are in ‘Cloud Atlas’. Or James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ realm. A team of scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne has just unveiled a hologram so thin that it brings us closer to the worlds in those movies than we’ve ever imagined.
The hologram was developed by a team of Chinese and Australian researchers and is dubbed to be ”the world’s thinnest” one so far, measuring at just 25 nanometers. …

Alcatel Idol 5 appears on GFXBench one again, this time with a slight change

The unannounced Alcatel Idol 5 (Alcatel 6060) has appeared on GFXBench two times this year. The first time was last month, and the second time is today. Both appearances show that the phone will feature a 5.2-inch display carrying a 1080 x 1920 resolution (FHD), 32GB of native storage, a 12MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP selfie shooter. The earlier GFXBench post showed the Snapdragon 625 chipset running the show with an octa-core 2.0GHz CPU and the Adreno 506 GPU.

But today’s GFXBench listing has the MediaTek 6757CH SoC under the hood with an octa-core 2.3GHz CPU, and the Mali-T880 GPU. …

How to change the color of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ navbar

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ now come with virtual on-screen navigation buttons, which have been a staple for many other Android phone makers for a good while, but are actually a first for Samsung and its flagship S line of handsets. Well, virtual is not entirely accurate, as Samsung does provide a pressure-sensitive lower midsection on the phones’ screen where the home button kicks and screams when pressed harder, but we digress.

Ditching the signature elliptical home key has allowed Samsung to go berserk on the top and bottom bezels of the S8, ending up with a phone that is nearly …

Stephen Hawking has a message for Trump: Don't ignore climate change


The UK’s most renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist is still using his exceptional mind to map a theory of how the universe works. But when it comes to matters here on Earth, Stephen Hawking is just as concerned about President Trump’s science policies as anyone. 

During a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, set to air Monday, Hawking bluntly laid out his views on U.S. administration’s science policies. 

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent,” said Hawking, according to the Guardian. “It affects America badly, so tackling it should win votes for his [Trump’s] second term. God forbid.” Read more…

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Trump really doesn't want to face these 21 kids on climate change


A showdown is brewing in the U.S. courts, one that pits young Americans against President Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry. 

Central to the fight is a lawsuit that accuses the federal government and energy companies of failing to adequately address human-caused global warming. A group of 21 citizens, ages 9 to 20, claim that failure violates their “constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.” 

Now Trump and fossil fuel defendants want the case to go away. 

Both groups filed separate motions last week to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to scrap an earlier ruling that upheld Juliana v. United States. It’s unusual for the government to try to appeal a case to a higher court before a lower court has ruled on it — especially since this case is moving toward a trial later this year. Read more…

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Huawei P10 vs Huawei P9: Never change a winning team

The Huawei P9 was one of last year’s pleasant surprises – with its sleek design, snappy performance, and close to no gimmicks, it was a  device that just does/ And the silver lining of all was that sweet dual camera setup at the rear that was co-engineered with Leica, the legendary camera company that is well-known for its high-quality optics. An excellent phone that we liked very much.
How do you improve on that? Well, simple, by keeping the neat features that made the P9 a compelling smartphone, and then add some! That’s exactly what the P10 is – a …

Do You Really Need To Change Your Mobile Cellphone?

Your mobile cellphone might have been with you for months or years, and then you reach a decision to change your mobile phone. Just before you do so – think carefully – and read about the most common reasons behind why most people change their cellphones on a different time frame.

Your mobile cellphone might have been lost or stolen. This reason is usually the most understandable situation why you might want to change your cellphone. Some mobile service phone network providers have enabled tracing and locking services of SIM usage when one mobile phone unit is reported stolen, missing, or lost. This is to prevent any unauthorized invasion of privacy of the mobile phone registered user.

A mobile cellphone who needs repair or a batch recall is recommended to be replaced. Repairing any digital and electronic device can be more expensive than purchasing a new unit. The tiny PC boards inside the phone unit is very sensitive that any minimal repairs done can have a big impact in the other functions of the phone unit. Meanwhile, refund is often preferred for batch recall because of the long period of waiting in getting the phone unit back.

Another plausible reason for switching to another new cellphone is that the unit has reached its end life or is being phased out by the manufacturers. Phased out simply means production of a specific mobile phone unit is already halted due to outdated features or phone model. Some mobile phone owners have specific period of time in replacing their mobile units but are forced to switch to another mobile phone unit because their phone model has no more support or accessories in the market.

Phone manufacturers also tends to appeal to a niche target market. So if a college student has graduated ad entered the working field in a corporation – the entertainment features of his current mobile cellphone may not fit into the executive image that he has to uphold in his line of work that needs more of a mobile office features. And so, a mobile user switches to another new phone due to functions and features.

Most of the people who can afford to switch from one mobile phone model to another is simply just following the trend due to their financial capability. Most mobile cellphone endorsers do get a free unit from their sponsors and also some of the rich and famous are capable of getting different mobile phones or having more than two phones at a time. High profiled celebrities also need to be up to date with the most trendiest phone models from manufacturers to be fashionable. On the other hand, if you are not earning as much as these people are, then do not attempt to switch your phone unit as often as they can to save you from unnecessary splurges and debts.

Many people change their mobile cellphones are having different reasons for doing so. If you have been contemplating, then be sure to be able to accommodate the big investment in your budget. Want not and waste not is the main goal here. Never live your life beyond your means to prevent any further complications and bad debts in the future. Be practical and stick to your capability of keeping a mobile cellphone according to your needs.

Do You Really Need To Change Your Mobile Cellphone?

Apple New Technology to Change the World Forever – iPhone and IBeacon Powered Future

As we know apple announced new technology iBeacon last year and built it into the apple iOS7 operating system and devices. Hands-on with the iPhone and iBeacon powered future of shopping. The new definition of shopping that sends notification to your iPhone when you are in the close proximity of the small wireless sensor in a store. iBeacon can invoke location based marketing messages and push out general notification because of its proximity based location awareness and context aware technology for the next generation of shopping experience.

According to Apple’s “made for iPhone” program, Apple has recently started iBeacon product certification. iBeacon specification is now available for the members of MFi program. MFi is a licensing program that allows developers and accessory maker to access hardware components. But the thing is that, developers and manufacturers will have to sign NDA to read the specification. Few companies are going to provide innovative solutions for retailers. The Apple iBeacon trying to achieve all shops would be powered by iBeacon Technology and mobile retails app platform as well as some new interesting product that could soon completely revolutionize the way, by which we do shopping by mobile device.

Shoppers and retailers are now also interested to make their own customized App that works with iBeacon. Now in market Third Shelf and some other mobile platforms are also available that does not need any technical aspect because Third Shelf type of services lets small and medium size businesses quickly build an app that interact with iBeacon and easily create and manage promotions and loyalty program.

iBeacon, the heart of Bluetooth low energy system, allows about 150 meters of range to send notification and personalized messages of item and offers during the shopping for instant purchasing and payment by barcode scanning. The reason behind using Bluetooth Technology instead of GPS Technology is to determine your accurate position when you are indoor. Using iBeacon, your advertisement is sent only to those customers who are present 150 m in proximity to the beacon. It opens doors to a modern more efficient micro-location targeting.

If you want to use iBeacon in apple grand central store, you still have to download and install app in your iPhone5. Through the app you can access whole central control dashboard. It includes Barcode based “Easy Pay System” for instant shopping and make payment whenever push message comes and you select to purchase and item.

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