White House considers ban on use of personal cell phones by staff members

According to a report published on Monday by Bloomberg, the White House is so worried about leaks making their way to the media and foreign governments, that White House staffers may be disallowed from using their personal mobile phones to communicate. While President Trump hopes that this ban will put an end to the leaks that have infuriated him, it also will make it harder for White House staff to get in touch with family during the course of the day.

One anonymous official said that there are too many personal devices connected to the White House’s wireless network; unlike the phones …

Verizon and AT&T team up to lease new cell towers being built by a third party

The nation’s top two largest mobile carriers, Verizon and AT&T, are teaming up with Tillman Infrastructure to build hundreds of cell towers. Tillman will be building the towers to the specs requested by the two mobile operators, and both Verizon and AT&T have agreed to lease them. The structures will be built at locations where there are no cell towers at present, allowing the carriers to move some equipment off of existing towers and on to the new ones once they are built.

Construction work on the new structures will begin in Q1 of 2018. Verizon says that once the towers are built, …

Google to use Project Loon balloons to restore some cell service to Puerto Rico

Thanks to Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s cellular infrastructure has been badly damaged. The FCC said yesterday that 83% of cell sites on the island are down, forcing carriers in the U.S. territory to employ backup methods in an effort to get their networks running. Late yesterday, Google parent Alphabet received permission from the FCC to use balloons to provide Puerto Rico with emergency cellular coverage.

Back in June 2013, Google launched Project Loon by sending balloons into the skies above New Zealand. The balloons were equipped with technology that would allow them to provide cellular …

Samsung, Apple, LG or HTC? US cell phone market roaring back with a surprising success story

There were much more movers and shakers in the US mobile landscape last quarter than the fact that Galaxy S8 took the top spot as the best selling Android. Research firm Counterpoint probed the different sales channels, and painted a very interesting picture for Q2. First off, the lull in smartphone sales is over, as many people are looking for an upgrade, and last quarter saw 14% growth year-on-year. surprisingly, out of the top 5 brands that sell in the US – Samsung, Apple, LG, ZTE and TCL-Alcatel – it was ZTE that racked up the largest growth percentage. 
It …

'We didn't want cell phones to come eat our lunch, ok?' Tony Fadell busts the iPhone conception myths

The iPhone’s 10th anniversary edition is fast approaching, and that is inevitably a time for retrospective analysis, and spilling the beans on the OG iPhone concept creation. As you may very well have heard, multiple myths surround the preparation of the first iPhone for launch. Was there one with a clickwheel indeed, iPod-style, and others with a true mobile OS plus touch interface, like what you see on the leaked video above?

Steve was pissed off, and wanted to show them how to do it rightBoth, it turns out, and some more, too. Ex-Apple’s Tony Fadell, …

Bill Gates barred his kids from using cell phones until they were 14

We know, we know, it sounds ridiculous that the world’s richest man, whose fortune was made in computers and software, hasn’t given his kids full access to cell phones until well into their teens, but Bill Gates is no orthodox man.
“We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier,” revealed Microsoft’s founder in a recent interview. Given that his children range in age between 14-20, we’d only wager to guess that the it was the oldest who wasn’t …

FCC Chairman puts the kibosh on the 2013 plan to allow cell calls on planes

Back in November 2013, there was talk that the FCC was going to allow cellphone users to make calls using their handsets while on a commercial airplane. Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai, who was appointed to the post back in January by President Donald Trump, announced his intention to take the proposal “off the table permanently.” This is considered to be a victory for those who were worried about having to hear conversations going on while stuck inside an aircraft.

Besides having to hear conversations at 30,000 feet with no escape (unless you call hiding in an impossibly cramped …

Why Do Teenagers Feel it’s Important To Have a Cell Phone?

These days, cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the globe. Fast access to emails, voice mails, instant text messaging, and strong communication are some important reasons that make cell phones the most preferred gadget in our lives. The latest technology in cell phones makes them capable of not only managing and receiving calls, but also storing personal data, taking high quality pictures, and can be even be used in place of your iPod for listening to songs. Cell phones have become more reliable and highly advanced due to latest advances in wireless technology.

Most consider the cell phone as a basic need in their lives for keeping an active communication channel with their friends, business associates, and anyone else with access to a phone. We now see many teenagers with their own cell phones or smartphones using them to keep themselves in active communication in case of emergency or for social needs. Both cell phones and smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) are equipped to send and receive text messages and offer a growing array of features.

The most important reason for teenagers to have cell phones is safety. They keep teenagers safe in social situations where they might need help from their parents. If your son or daughter asked to go for party or any event, you might feel more comfortable giving your permission if you know that you can contact them at any time to make sure they are safe and will return home at the agreed upon time.

For almost all teens, the coolest cell phones are the most functional smartphones. But, sometimes it’s hard for them to afford these expensive devices along with the monthly bills. Understanding the necessity, the government introduced a free Government cell phone service plan for the people of Louisiana, Arkansas, and the rest of the USA. This free Government cell phone plan is available in almost every state of the country but different states can have varying qualifying criteria. Get up to 250 anytime minutes per month and pay nothing for it.

It’s free of cost in most states except for Oklahoma, which has a $ 1 per month charge for unlimited cellular service. Under this plan, the people who are eligible get free Government cell phone service and the various valuable features free of cost. Under this free cell phone plan, if you are eligible, you can receive free cell phone minutes with some useful features like making long distance call, text messages, voice mail, directory assistance, local calls, and 911 access.

Why Do Teenagers Feel it’s Important To Have a Cell Phone?

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Why You May Need Cell Phone Repair Charlotte NC

Need for cellphone repair service is initiated from the moment one purchases a phone. Things need maintenance for long and efficient usage. This fact is applicable on human beings because they need maintenance too. Difference is that we go to a doctor and things need to be repaired by a professional technician. Now you might be wondering how one can assume in advance that he would be needing a service in future. The answer to this really optimistic question is way you use it. If you eliminate the mishandling from the list of reasons for repair, then device lifespan would be the reason for needing a cell phone repair Charlotte NC.

Are you still wondering that why it is important to repair a phone than buying a new one? Then there are three basic things that you should remind yourself – Extra cost, environment safety and your assets. No doubt, every one want to get new technology in his hand by getting rid of old one. It is a good thing to switch on technologies. What if, you have accidentally smashed the screen of your new HTC phone? In that case, surely you have to look for a HTC screen repair service provider in your city or online. Very few of you would wish to get the new one, as you have recently invested much to get the damaged one.

Cell phone repair Charlotte NC might be unreliable for you if you have an outdated phone. By getting that old phone repaired, you will be helping in reducing the e-waste. Nowadays, electronic waste is one of the major issue our environment is facing with and portable-device-waste is huge part of it. Here you can take the repair service as recycling service. Even if you think that the repaired phone is of no use to you, might be others might need it. So, you have an option to sell it to someone else. Concluding it all, you can get some money by spending a little for repairing it.

Most of the reputed HTC screen repair service providers take care of data saved in the damaged phone. Their working strategy revolves around saving as much as they can. Their first preference is to save the storage unit of device in order to help user retain what they have lost. Professionals know that a phone owner, who are availing repair services for phone want their assets back. Maximum phone owners are concerned about their data and they want to make things work as they were earlier.

Technology is evolving every day and new phones keep on showing in the market. More advancement in the technology shows up, more you will think of buying a new phone. Leading phone vendors like Apple, HTC, Samsung etc. use to add latest technologies and quality components to their products. Authorized and reputed repair centers can only offer you quality service by replacing valid components. Not everyone does that, so make sure that the screen replacement or phone repair service you are planning to avail make use of quality equipment.

Source Code: http://goarticles.com/article/Why-You-May-Need-Cell-Phone-Repair-Charlotte-NC/9548614/

Why You May Need Cell Phone Repair Charlotte NC

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