Samsung Gear S4 could be the 'Galaxy Watch', new Gear Fit in the cards

Samsung recently trademarked the ‘Galaxy Watch’ and ‘Galaxy Fit’ names, presumably for use in its future endeavors in wearables, and this could be a big deal. Samsung’s current wearable lineups are split under the Gear and Gear Fir monikers. It’s a name that the company has been using for various phone accessories and smaller devices, but it seems that as far as fitness trackers and smartwatches are concerned, things may change in 2018.

A recent trademark application published by the USPTO reveals that Samsung now owns the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit …

Microsoft Pix app for iOS is updated with improved AI to read business cards "faster and easier"

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Pix app for iOS to v1.7. The app now features improved AI capabilities that will allow it to detect and read business cards easier and faster than before. The app will add the name and phone number printed on the card to your Apple iPhone’s contacts list. With the update, this can now be done in both landscape and portrait orientation. The update also adds a voice-to-text feature which Microsoft says “improves accessibility.”

Microsoft Pix is available only in the Apple App Store and is not offered to Android users. Microsoft says that using the …

Microsoft Surface Phone: still in the cards?

A year ago Microsoft removed phone-related API’s from Windows 10 builds. This basically solidified that they were shifting focus away from having any software developed for a unified Windows running across devices. The interface would be needed for a Windows device with LTE connection to perform phone-style tasks like making calls, using voicemail and sending messages. Users who were hoping for a Windows PC phone were sadly let down here. 

Microsoft has brought it back, for now..

Well it appears now Microsoft has placed the mobile API’s back into Windows in …

Xiaomi's IPO could happen next month, $70B valuation on the cards

Xiaomi could file an initial public offering as early as next month in Hong Kong. Previously, a number of reports have claimed Xiaomi would be pursuing an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange at an initial valuation of at least $100 billion. According to a new report, however, it appears the company has had a slight change of heart.

Instead of going public over in the USA, it appears Xiaomi is now looking list itself much closer to home, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK). In addition, despite an initial target of either Q3 or Q4 of 2018, Xiaomi appears to have brought forward its …

Samsung apologizes for putting Verizon SIM cards in Sprint's Galaxy S9 packages

If you are a Sprint customer, and have preordered your Galaxy S9 and S9+ directly from Samsung, you might have been in for a funky surprise upon going to the porch, and taking the wraps off the shipment. 

The Sprint Galaxy S9 packages seemingly contained… Verizon SIM cards, as you can see above. Samsung has apologized for the mismatch, and is reportedly now shipping the correct SIMs to their Sprint customer orders as we speak. 
Adding insult to injury, the unlocked Galaxy S9 costs just $719.99 over at the Samsung USA store, while Sprint and …

The end of SIM cards? ARM outs iSIM, integrated directly into the chipset

ARM, the architect of all chips mobile and frugal, is onto the case of the disappearing SIM card. You see, the current nano SIMs are too big for it, and it knows that phone and Internet-of-Things manufacturers could use this space for things like, ahem, larger battery packs, to name one.
That is why ARM, which doesn’t own a chip foundry, but creates the underlying architecture behind all those processor cores that end up in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Apple’s A-line, or Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, now comes with an iSIM solution. What would an iSIM (integrated SIM) be, you …

Apple's iPhone 9 and Xs to only come with Intel modems, dual SIM support in the cards

Amidst reiterating that the rumored 6.1″ LCD iPhone 9 will account for 50% of Apple’s 2018 iPhone crop sales, famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo added a few more notable details about this year’s portfolio in three memos to clients of its research shop KGI Securities.

First off, Apple is apparently done with Qualcomm for good, and all three upcoming new iPhones this year will be equipped with Intel modems. Thus, unless Qualcomm wiggles back in the supply chain due to some patent suit agreement, there won’t be the differences in download speeds and signal strength that we are witnessing …

The Elephone U and U Pro draw near. The phones will accept 1 TB microSD cards.

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Over the past month, Elephone has been teasing us over and over with its new upcoming high-class phones — the Elephone U and Elephone U Pro. Shiny phones built with metal and glass, curved AMOLED displays, dual cameras on the back, and presumably bargain price.

So, here’s the quick rundown on both phones — they will have the same …

Google updates Files Go file manager with support for tablets and SD cards

Google has just announced its new file manager for Android devices, Files Go has been updated with a few new features. First off, the app now features support for tablets, so if you’ve wanted to use Files Go on a larger screen, you’ll be able to do that after updating to the latest version.

Then, SD card support has been added as well, which means you’ll now be able to see files stored on your SD card if you’re using one. Another new feature included in the update is the option to open files in other apps.

With the latest version Files Go, users can customize which apps open their …

13 blunt and sweary Christmas cards for your greatest frenemy


Christmas cards are boring, aren’t they?

Santa. Reindeers. Trees and baubles. It’s always the same, every year. We might as well just do away with all together, right?

Well, maybe all hope is not lost.

With its gloriously blunt and sweary range of Christmas cards, UK-based family design company Love Layla is hoping to throw a tinsel-wrapped spanner in the works.

“As a husband and wife team, we employ our family and friends, so the ‘creative process’ is always an entertaining one,” director Stacey Dennis told Mashable, when asked how they come up with their designs. Read more…

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