'I blacked out': Apple Watch pulls mother and baby out of a nasty car accident

The Apple Watch, the world’s most popular wearable, is at it again, after fighting potential shark attacks or not-so-potential heart attacks. This time around, it’s the SOS function that kicked in, when Kacie Anderson and her 9-year-old son were hit by a drunk driver. The mother’s car was hit so hard, that she suffered a concussion, brain swelling, torn neck muscles, and herniated discs, so the accident left her rather battered:

The moment he hit us everything inside the car went airborne. My face took a horrible blow to the steering wheel, headrest, back …

This $9 device can clean up car odors


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Quick, stick your head in your car. What do you smell? If your answer includes sweat, smoke, feet, your dog’s farts, or that cheeseburger and fries you had back in 2013, it’s time to do something about it. And that means a solution that’s a little — or a lot — more sophisticated than that pine tree air freshener that’s been there for years.

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Remotely start, unlock or track your car? There are apps for that (Ford vs Honda vs Chevrolet)

While most of us are still searching for pricey aftermarket systems to remotely start/stop the engine of their vehicles, or track their whereabouts, manufacturers are increasingly getting it, and outfitting the cars with smart OEM systems that offer all these features by default, and we don’t mean available as buttons on the remote only. 

Most car makers now have an app to go with their newest models, which offer a bevy of options – from trip logging to keyless entry, and everything in-between. We look at a few options that are available to you …

Popular Ridge Racer car racing game is the free iOS App of the Week

As an iOS user, you’ve probably got used with the free app of the week section in the App Store. Each week, iOS users can download an app for free, which might or might not have been offered in a promotional deal before.

This week, those who like car racing games will be pleased to know that Ridge Racer Slipstream is the newest free iOS app of the week. The game usually costs $3, but for a limited time, iOS users will be able to download it for free.

The game features 12 sports cars that you’ll be able to choose from, but there are hundreds of customization …

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is Gameloft's newest car racing mobile game

Gameloft is back with yet another car racing game in the Asphalt franchise, which strongly resembles the CSR series that contains some of the best-selling drag racing games.

As the title says, the game is called Asphalt Street Storm Racing and brings players into the world of drag racing. Choose your favorite supercar and drag race across the world’s top cities. Players can collect, customize and race power autos ranging from classic cars to new turbo supercars.

Aside from single player races, Gameloft’s game offers the option to take on other people …

Best HTC U11 accessories – case, car charger, headphones, adapters, and other essentials

If you are looking for third-party HTC U11 accessories, you’ve come to the right place. We have lined up 10 essential items for any owner of HTC’s prime smartphone for 2017 – useful stuff like cases, screen protectors, different types of chargers and cables, a power bank, and plenty more.

All you have to do is head to the slideshow below, where you’ll get pictures, descriptions, and Amazon links. We aren’t promoting any products, by the way, these are all cherry-picked by us based on price research and reflections from Amazon customer reviews.
You are …

Best Motorola accessories – car charger, headphones, dock, and other essentials! (2017)

Motorola isn’t the phone maker powerhouse it used be, but it is still a highly relevant brand under Lenovo’s competent administration. Fans of Moto or everyone who appreciates well-built, brand-name mobile accessories ought to be interested in this selection.

It features some of the best stuff Motorola has come up with in the accessories space within the past few years – things like the VerveLoop+ wireless earbuds or the TurboPower 30 Universal USB-C Fast Charger.
Check out these nice gizmos and head to their linked Amazon if you feel like pulling …

Student uses Apple Watch to call 911, while hanging from seatbelt after a car crash

At the end of March, Apple’s iOS 10.3 update fixed a bug that an Arizona teen abused to overwhelm the 911 hotline with fake calls for 5 whole months. Recently, Apple and the emergency number have come together in a headline again, but this time it’s actually for the good.

Casey Bennet, a college student from in Maryland, was driving home on the 6th of April, when another vehicle struck his Jeep and flipped it on its side. Thankfully, Casey did not lose consciousness and reacted coolly. However, he was stuck to his seat, tied with his seatbelt, and could only wait …

Google Maps now helps you remember where you parked your car

As the title says, the newest update for Google Maps makes it easier for drivers to remember where they have parked their cars. The new feature has been added to the Android and iOS versions of Google Maps, but it can be accessed in different ways.

For example, on Android, users must tap the blue dot and then tap “Save your parking” so that they can add their parking location on the map. Once saving is successful, a label will appear on the map, which will show the drivers where their cars are parked.

But there’s more, as Google Maps users will also be able …

Smartphone use reverses 40 years of car accidents decline

Did you know that 2 seconds on your phone while driving could increase the risk of an accident by more than 20 times? And at 55mph, 2 seconds equal about two basketball courts of travel distance. Yeah, let that sink in.

The National Safety Council recently published statistics on road accidents, showing an increase in road deaths of roughly 2,500 year-on-year since 2015, and a staggering 40,200 count of accident-related deaths in 2016. NSC does not explicitly state that the huge increase is due to phone usage while driving, but there are some additional stats and …