HTC U11 ad banned in the UK for misleading consumers about water resistant capabilities

HTC is once again in the spotlight but not for right reasons. Although many would believe that all publicity is good publicity, trying to mislead your customers is likely to hurt your business rather than boost it.

The Taiwanese company has been promoting the HTC U11 in the UK since last year. Starting mid-2017, HTC’s promotional campaign included an ad that was meant to highlight the new squeeze gestures of the U11.

The advert shows British Olympic diver Tom Daley using the HTC 11 at a swimming pool, jumping from the highest platform and taking selfies of himself by squeezing the …

Apple seeks engineers to increase Siri's capabilities and IQ

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri has fallen behind Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Earlier this month, some former Apple employees said that the company’s vision for Siri died along with Steve Jobs. Ironically, Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011, which was the day after the first iPhone with Siri was unveiled. That, of course, was the Apple iPhone 4s. While Siri has been improved over the years, the virtual helper is not as reliable on Apple’s HomePod smart speaker as Google Assistant and Alexa are anchoring the Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers, respectively.

According to …

Apple HomePod smart speaker to launch without stereo sound and multi-room capabilities

After the holiday shopping season came to an end last month, Apple could only morn the missed opportunity it had to satiate the public’s demand for the hottest device in tech, the smart speaker. Apple originally planned to launch the HomePod in December, just in time to capture some holiday sales. But in November, Apple deemed the device “not ready for prime time,” and pushed back the release until early this year. As a result, both Amazon and Google grabbed the lion’s share of smart speaker sales during the holiday shopping season. Overall, 7% of gift boxes unwrapped this year contained a smart …

Apple iPhone SE 2 rumored to feature glass back for wireless charging capabilities

A new report published today says that the Apple iPhone SE 2, the rumored sequel to the iPhone SE, will come with some new features. The model is said to include a glass back so that it can offer optional wireless charging to users of the device. This would allow the lower priced model to join the three 2017 iPhone units, all of which have glass backs and support wireless charging.

On China’s weibo messaging board, someone posted an image that claims to show several back panels belonging to the iPhone SE 2. Also in that picture, you can see a document that refers to the back panels as being …

LG highlights V30's video capabilities in 6 original short films

Released in the US earlier this month, the LG V30
is one of this year’s top extra-large Android smartphones, up there with the
likes of Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8, or the Google Pixel 2 XL. One of the
main features of the LG V30 is its dual rear camera – thanks to a Cine Video
mode and high-quality components, this camera is quite good at
shooting video.   


To illustrate what can be done with a V30, LG has partnered with
six emerging filmmakers who used the smartphone to create short films. All
the films were shot exclusively on the LG V30, being screened during …

Samsung Galaxy S9 might feature modular capabilities

Russian based tipster Eldar Murtazin has sent out a tweet repeating a rumor that he was made privy to by an unnamed source. According to this rumor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to feature modular accessories. Right now, the Motorola Moto Z line and the Essential Phone both allow users to connect modular attachments to each handset. Motorola’s Moto Mods lead the way with a number of accessories that include a projector, sound booster, battery pack, video game platform, Hasselblad camera optics, a 360 degree camera, and more. Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone currently has a 360 degree camera available, …

New look Apple Watch to feature LTE and "stand alone" capabilities?

Bloomberg issued a report today saying that the next version of the Apple Watch will have the ability to connect to the internet without having to depend on pairing up with a nearby Apple iPhone. By the time that 2017 comes to an end, a new Apple Watch is expected to be available carrying its own LTE chipset; this will allow the new Apple timepiece to send/receive texts or follow GPS directions even if you accidentally leave your iOS powered handset at home. This version of the Apple Watch will contain all of the stand alone features that you were hoping to see from your Apple Watch from the very …

Acer Holo 360 is an Android camera with phone capabilities

Acer had a big event in New York City earlier this week where it introduced a broad range of products including laptops, smartwatches, projectors, notebooks, and monitors.

Among the plethora of new products that Acer unveiled this week, there’s one that the company hasn’t talked too much. The reason might be the fact that this device is still a prototype unit, or many Acer is not yet sure whether or not it will make it available on the market.

The device is called Acer Holo 360, and it’s 360-degree camera that runs Android. On top of that, users can make …

Hi-Fi version of the LG G6 with Quad DAC and Dual SIM capabilities surfaces in Singapore

Just the other day, we told you that the LG G6 variant sporting Quad DAC would soon be available in regions outside of Korea. One country that is greeting the device with open arms starting today is Australia. Another country that will be offering this version of LG’s new flagship is Singapore. A couple of images we received today from a PhoneArena reader show the LG G6 with labeling on the back promoting the Quad 32-bit DAC. The other picture shows the Quick Settings screen on the handset, which contains an on/off switch for the Quad DAC feature.

The Quad Digital-to-Analog converter in …

Report says Alexa to add speakerphone and intercom capabilities

Virtual voice activated personal assistant Alexa has become extremely popular. Motorola is making a Moto Mod speaker with built-in access to Alexa. And future Motorola handsets will include a native Alexa app,. Last month, Huawei said that its next flagship phone offered in the U.S. will feature a native Alexa application. Amazon has apparently cashed in a long shot lottery ticket with Alexa, and according to a new report recently published, it plans to expand the capabilities of its personal AR assistant.

The report says that by the end of this year, Amazon will be offering at least one …