Hi-Fi version of the LG G6 with Quad DAC and Dual SIM capabilities surfaces in Singapore

Just the other day, we told you that the LG G6 variant sporting Quad DAC would soon be available in regions outside of Korea. One country that is greeting the device with open arms starting today is Australia. Another country that will be offering this version of LG’s new flagship is Singapore. A couple of images we received today from a PhoneArena reader show the LG G6 with labeling on the back promoting the Quad 32-bit DAC. The other picture shows the Quick Settings screen on the handset, which contains an on/off switch for the Quad DAC feature.

The Quad Digital-to-Analog converter in …

Report says Alexa to add speakerphone and intercom capabilities

Virtual voice activated personal assistant Alexa has become extremely popular. Motorola is making a Moto Mod speaker with built-in access to Alexa. And future Motorola handsets will include a native Alexa app,. Last month, Huawei said that its next flagship phone offered in the U.S. will feature a native Alexa application. Amazon has apparently cashed in a long shot lottery ticket with Alexa, and according to a new report recently published, it plans to expand the capabilities of its personal AR assistant.

The report says that by the end of this year, Amazon will be offering at least one …

The HTC Velocity Gets New 4G Capabilities

HTC is a world renowned supplier of phones and they are usually able to make a dent in the market share of their main competition. The corporation is one of the few that can match the Samsung versions.

Hardly any versions can beat a Samsung phone, but the modern HTC Velocity could make a difference in the market. This new model was designed to introduce the 4G technology to other parts of the world that are developing their current networks. So far solely US citizens were able to utilize the benefits of the new technology, but now increasingly more new versions are released all over the world.

The 4G technological know-how offered by the new HTC Velocity will make you able to use web data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps. This is incredible, but do not get overly excited. Up to now, no network is able to offer such great internet speeds. However, you not have to be sad, through the use of the new technology you will still get an increase of net speed up to 4 times by using the existing networks.

This Android phone is made to suit the needs of young and contemporary people. It arrives with a large display screen of 4.5 inches. This screen delivers a clear view of any app that you will run. Furthermore, the monitor is great to watch movies on the cell phone. So, if you go for a long journey you can be amused by using your own mobile phone. The electric battery is more than enough to watch a movie by using the mobile phone.

People that love taking pictures will be really happy about the 8 megapixels camera that this mobile phone carries. The phone also carries a dual LED flash which will enable customers to take pictures during evening. You can also use the camera to shoot full HD footage but the compression process used by HTC is not the finest. You will need a lot of storage space in order to make a good video.

HTC Velocity is also appealing because of its price. This is not a very expensive mobile phone unlike other versions that come from Samsung or Apple. You will get a modern device that can use the greatest technologies for a few hundred usd. The Velocity will surely impress people across the world and it has the opportunity of being one of the most wanted phones of the season.

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