Global OxygenOS 5.0 OTA update for the OnePlus 5, based on Android 8.0, has been canceled

Late last month (which in turn makes it late last year), the OnePlus 5 received an OTA update that included OxygenOS 5.0. The latter is based on Android 8.0, thus giving owners of the device new capabilities like Picture-in-Picture, which allows you to watch videos while running an app in the background. Autofill completes blank fields based on how you filled out similar forms in the past. And Android Instant Apps lets you run an app from your browser without stopping to install it on your phone.

Other features that come with the update include a revised camera UI for the OnePlus 5, a new …

Have a better look at Microsoft's canceled Lumia 2020 tablet

Microsoft, probably like many other companies, canceled quite a few hardware products over the years. After the Redmond acquired Nokia’s mobile phone division, there was much excitement among Microsoft fans. Such a well-known smartphone brand backed by an equally solid name couldn’t fail, right?

Unfortunately, these days Windows Phone doesn’t mean much in terms of market share. Microsoft got rid of Nokia’s smartphone business and canceled a few products while at it.

One of these projects that never saw the light of day, the Nokia Lumia 2020 was supposed to …

Images of Microsoft's canceled Xbox-branded smartwatch leaked out

In some ways, Microsoft was ahead of its time, but the Redmond-based company did not always take the right decisions when it needed to. There are so many failed or canceled projects that Microsoft poured its resources into that we can’t think of what the world would look like with all those products in it.

Microsoft ditched a few smartphones, tablets and even a smartwatch. We’ve already covered the first two, so let’s talk about the so-called Xbox smartwatch since images of the wearable device have just leaked online.

Back in 2013, rumors emerged that Microsoft …

Pictures and specs of the canceled Microsoft Surface mini appear once more

Of course you remember the Ballad of the Surface mini. It’s a country song performed by The Voice’s Blake Shelton and is full of the typical heart aching sadness that country songs are known for. It is about an event that was taking place in May 2014 to introduce the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface mini. But on the date of the event, the Surface mini never showed up as the product was pulled from the assembly line at the last moment and was never manufactured. Apparently, the assembly line had its heart won over by another product.

Just yesterday, tipster Evan Blass revealed images and specs …

Pictures of Microsoft's canceled Nokia Mercury tablet emerge

Microsoft canceled more than one device while its mobile division was active. We’ve already talked about the Lumia 960 flagship smartphone and the Surface Mini tablet. However, we haven’t yet reported anything about Nokia Mercury, a slate that should have been released in 2014-2015 with Windows RT on board.

Some press pictures of the Nokia Mercury surfaced a long time ago, but now we get to take a look at the real thing. A few live pictures of the canceled tablet has just been published by Italian publication WindowsBlogItalia.

The slate was powered by an …

Canceled Microsoft Lumia 960 flagship smartphone makes appearance

It’s only been a day since news about Microsoft working on a new smartphone running a different branch of Windows Mobile made headlines, and now it looks like another device that should have been powered by the defunct Windows Phone OS appeared online.

We’re talking about the never-revealed Lumia 960, also known as Lumia “Northstar.” Photos of the devices have been leaked online directly from China. Apparently, this is a prototype unit that’s still being used by Microsoft for developing Windows 10 Mobile.

It’s unclear whether or not the smartphone would have …

The first live pictures of the canceled BlackBerry Ontario leaked out

We rarely have the chance to peek behind the curtains and have a look at some of the prototypes that handset makers are testing before unleashing new products on the market. BlackBerry isn’t making phones any longer, but three years ago the Canadian company tried a comeback in the smartphone market.

One of the devices that should’ve heralded BlackBerry’s return was codenamed “Ontario.” The first information about the smartphone leaked about three years ago, around the same time we heard about the BlackBerry Passport.

BlackBerry Ontario was supposed to pack …

Nokia 3310 pre-orders canceled by Clove UK?

Late last month, the refreshed Nokia 3310 feature phone was made available for pre-orders from Clove UK. Reservations were being taken for the phone in a variety of colors including Warm Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, and Grey. Priced at the equivalent of $67 USD pre-tax, all of the units were to be released in the middle of next month. But as you can see from the accompanying screenshot, something has changed at Clove. Instead of being labeled pre-order, you can now only pre-register your intention to reserve the handset when that option becomes available once more.

The original Nokia 3310 has …

Another canceled Microsoft Lumia smartphone gets shown off in hands-on video

Microsoft’s mobile division is a thing of the past, but many Windows Phone fans still own some of the handsets the Redmond-based company launched on the market in 2015 or 2016. However, since it decided to sell its mobile business to HMD Global, Microsoft had to cut some of the phones it planned to release at some point.

Two Lumia smartphones that were leaked previous to their official announcement had been canceled: Lumia 750 and Lumia 850. Both mid-range handsets were very close to being released, but for some reason, Microsoft decided that it’s not worth the …