Instagram voice and video calls might get released soon

Social media Instagram might release video and voice call features soon to increase the functionality of the app to an even greater extent.
News has surfaced after an APK teardown in which a couple of icons and files were spotted, presumably hinting at the upcoming features. The files and icons have the names “voice call” and “video call” respectively, which is more than enough to tell what’s coming. Voice and video calls are already available on Instagram’s biggest rival – Snapchat, so it makes sense for the social media to include that …

This Apple repair center sends 20 false emergency calls to 911 per day

Emergency 911 dispatchers in Elk Grove and Sacramento County in California have an odd case on their hands. Ever since October rolled in, they’ve been seeing on average of 20 false 911 calls every day, for a grand total of 1600 so far. As per one police dispatcher, Jamie Hudson:

We’ve been seeing these calls for the last four months from Apple. We’re able to see quickly where the call is coming from, so when we get one from Apple, the address will come up with their location.

The times when it’s greatly impacting us is when we have other emergencies happening and …

Facebook Messenger update makes group calls easier

Facebook has released an update for its Messenger app that makes initiating a group call a bit easier. 

Previously, making a group call was not as easy as it might sound. First, you had to video or voice call one of your friends, relatives, pets, or whatever. Then you had to hang up the call, find the other person you’d like to add by writing him/her a message and after that you could turn it all into a group convo. Imagine having to manage a 10 person video call – sounds kind of annoying and time-consuming.
This tedious this process is gone …

T-Mobile calls were getting nasty static, so the FCC told a Brooklyn bitcoin miner to shut it

You can’t make some stuff up, and the FCC putting a Brooklyn bitcoin miner on notice to prevent static noise from interfering into T-Mobile subscribers’ calls there, is one of those. Yes, T-Mo customers in southern Brooklyn have been ranting about weird static (read: hissing noises) emanating from their earpieces with each phone call, to the extent that the Federal Communications Commission had to be involved to figure it out.

The FCC agents rolled up their sleeves, and fired up their digital sniffers to narrow down where all that interference might be coming from. Hopping from …

Hundreds of iPhone X owners can't answer incoming calls (sometimes), Apple is looking into the issue

A seemingly growing number of Apple iPhone X owners are complaining about the fact that they can’t properly use the device as a phone. More exactly, some users are reporting that, at times, they can not answer incoming calls. 
The issue arises because the screen of the iPhone X sometimes wakes up 6 to 10 seconds after a call comes in – thus, the user is unable to access the virtual Accept and Decline buttons, while the caller is probably wondering why he/she is being ignored. As of today, February 4, almost 800 iPhone X users have signaled this problem (or variations …

John Legere calls Verizon and AT&T 'dumb and dumber' in a clean energy challenge

Leave it to the ever-flamboyant T-Mobile CEO John Legere to both insult and ridicule its opponents in the US carrier battle during a simple we-are-going-green presentation. T-Mobile announced an initiative to get a 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2021, and challenged “dumb and dumber” (aka Verizon and AT&T) to follow in its footsteps.

Mr Legere will set aside half a million for a non-profit that will concoct said clean energy initiatives for it, and if Verizon or AT&T join in, it will add another $100,000 …

Duo video calls can now be sent to Android users who haven't installed the app

Ever ask a friend or family member to install Google’s video chat app Duo so that you can stream live video to him/her? No longer is that necessary, thanks to an update pushed out by Google. Duo will now send video chats to those with Android phones who have yet to download the app on to their handset. Like a regular Duo call, the recipient of the video chat sees live video from the caller even before deciding to accept the call. Scrolling up from the phone icon will start the conversation.

Other Duo features are available such as the ability to switch from the front-facing selfie camera …

FBI expert calls Apple "jerks" when it comes to unlocking phones

Remember last year when Apple refused to turn over a special version of iOS to the FBI (dubbed Govt. OS)? This special software would have allowed the G-Men to open the Apple iPhone 5c that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. Apple refused to hand over Govt. OS because it was worried that if it somehow was stolen from the FBI, the software would make every iPhone owner vulnerable to having the personal information inside their iPhone stolen by a hacker. Speaking yesterday in Manhattan at the International Conference on Cyber Security, FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley called Apple …

Google Duo might get web app, group calls, other big features, app is coming to smart displays

Popular video chat app Google Duo could be receiving some major new features in the coming months. The news comes from Google Duo creator/lead engineer Justin Uberti who recently took to Twitter to reveal the 2018 roadmap for the service.

First day back at work, time to kick off our 2018 #GoogleDuo roadmap!
Coming soon, smart displays with Duo video calls via #GoogleAssistant:— Justin Uberti (@juberti) January 9, 2018
Uberti first confirmed that smart displays (smart speakers with a screen) powered by Google Assistant …

Some Apple iPhone users on AT&T can't make or take calls (UPDATE)

If you are an AT&T subscriber with an Apple iPhone, you might have found it difficult to make or answer a phone call today on your device. The nation’s second largest carrier is experiencing some sort of network issue that instantly disconnects calls once they are connected. Calls made to some iPhone models that support the AT&T pipeline are sent right to voicemail, without giving the device user a chance to answer.

UPDATE: The outage now appears to be affecting all AT&T customers regardless of the device they use.

AT&T’s @ATT Twitter account tweeted an easy solution …