Calls and texts to the UK are free on AT&T, Sprint, Boost, and Virgin for a limited time following terror attack

After the horrific terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena in London, US carriers AT&T, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile are making calls to the area completely free of charge.

Until the end of May 24, British time, AT&T and Sprint will either waive or credit charges for calls placed and texts sent from America to Britain. Virgin and Boost, Sprint’s pre-paid virtual operators, also offer free calls and texts between the US and the UK.

T-Mobile and Verizon are yet to make any moves or statements, though it’s highly likely that they eventually …

Amazon will provide Alexa voice calls to all Echo speaker owners

The newly unveiled Amazon Echo Show smart speaker has another interesting feature beside the very obvious touch screen. Namely, the device is capable of making voice calls to other Show owners. Luckily, this option isn’t exclusive to it. Amazon confirmed that calling and messaging will be added to the Echo and Echo Dot speakers, in addition to the Alexa apps for Android and iOS, with an upcoming update. However, only US users will get this opportunity.

After the update, you will be able to initiate voice calls with other Echo device owners or Alexa app users, provided …

Amazon introduces new Echo Show with a touchscreen and ability to make calls

This morning, Amazon introduced its next-generation Amazon Echo device, the Echo Show. As expected, the new smart speaker includes a touchscreen, and will allow users to make phone calls over the internet. With the screen, Echo users will have a new way to interact with Amazon’s AI personal assistant Alexa. The new model takes on the form factor of an office intercom instead of the tall cylinder design seen with the current version of the Echo.

As we told you yesterday, Amazon has a huge 70.6% share of the U.S. market for smart speakers. Google Home is second, and many other tech …

Microsoft Teams for iOS updated with video calls support, ability to create new channels

A significant update has just hit Microsoft’s Teams app for iOS devices. As the title says, the update brings video calls support into the mix, as well as other new features.

If you’re using Teams on your iOS device, upgrading to the latest version will allow you to connect face to face using the newly added video calls feature. Also, you can easily add or remove team members.

Another notable change included in the update is the ability to create new channels. Moreover, Teams users can now rename group chats and add new members to existing conversations.

The image viewer has …

FCC Chairman puts the kibosh on the 2013 plan to allow cell calls on planes

Back in November 2013, there was talk that the FCC was going to allow cellphone users to make calls using their handsets while on a commercial airplane. Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai, who was appointed to the post back in January by President Donald Trump, announced his intention to take the proposal “off the table permanently.” This is considered to be a victory for those who were worried about having to hear conversations going on while stuck inside an aircraft.

Besides having to hear conversations at 30,000 feet with no escape (unless you call hiding in an impossibly cramped …

Google Duo updated with audio-only calls option, Allo gets the ability to share files

Google Duo, the application that many though it would replace Hangouts, has just received a small but meaningful update today. Alongside Duo, another Google app, Allo received the same treatment on the Android platform.

At a dedicated event in Brazil, Google made several announcements about how it plans to make the internet easier to reach and its products to work better in markets where coverage is scarce.

Google launched Duo last year in an attempt to bring high-quality video calling to users on Android and iOS. Today, the search giant announced it added …

Apple stock hits record as new iPads expected, analyst calls iPhone 8 'paradigm shift' in AR

Apple’s stock blasted through its $140 ceiling on market close, scoring a record high, and leaving us wondering what does Wall Street know that is coming down the pipeline. In sync with that event, the Apple Store is conveniently down with the usual “we’ve got something special in store for you” message that Apple uses when it is launching new products on its website. The store’s maintenance is scheduled to last until 8:30 Eastern, when Apple typically outs its press releases, too.

A couple of new iPads are widely expected to be posted by Apple today, an updated …

Skype begins testing an all-in-one app on Android offering native phone calls, SMS support & more

skype-mingo-android A new Skype application dubbed “Skype Mingo” has been spotted in the wild, offering Android users the ability to use Skype as the native calling app and contacts manager for their smartphone, while still being able to take advantage of Skype features like chat, file and photo sharing, video calls, and its new bots. The app, still in alpha testing according to Google Play, was… Read More

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