Watch out Google Duplex: Microsoft just demoed its own AI having a full-on phone call


Google Duplex isn’t the only big dog in AI Town. 

The artificial intelligence-powered assistant that can, in certain circumstances, have a real back and forth conversation with a human, has found a bit of competition in Microsoft’s XiaoIce (that’s a capital I not a lowercase L, and it’s pronounced shao-ice). 

Microsoft announced back in April that its chatbot — popular in China — could speak and listen simultaneously (known as full duplexing), but didn’t provide a demo at the time. That has changed.  

The Verge’s Tom Warren published a video to YouTube on Tuesday showing a demo of the AI in action at a London eventAccording to The Verge, the video shows XiaoIce talking with what is reportedly a real person over the phone.   Read more…

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Would you use the Google Assistant to call businesses?

At Google I/O, we got a demo of a new feature of Google Assistant, called Duplex. Basically, Google wants to take its AI one step up to being an actual assistant and have it call businesses to check for open hours, schedule appointments and whatnot.

The demo, however, became a polarizing topic — some were amazed at the opportunity of having the AI do real-life calls without the user having to lift a finger or talk to a stranger; others found the fact that the AI is fooling real people into thinking they are conversing with a human, instead of a Google Assistant, …

Samsung fixes Galaxy S9 and S9+ call stability issues in latest update

Apparently, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been plagued by some call issues, which somewhat forced Samsung to release a new update to address these problems. Moreover, these issues seem to have been pretty widespread since owners from Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East reported their smartphones have been having call stability problems.

It took Samsung a few weeks to acknowledge the problem and find a fix, but two updates are now available for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, which feature the following firmware numbers: G960FXXU1ARD4 and G965FXXU1ARD4.

Each of these updates weighs …

Motorola readies "amazing deals" to celebrate 45 years since the first cell phone call

On April 3 (this Tuesday), Motorola will celebrate 45 years since the very first cellular phone call made on our tiny, blue planet. The call was made on April 3, 1973, in New York City, on the world’s first handheld phone – a prototype built by Motorola and called DynaTAC (pictured below). 
Motorola wants to celebrate this anniversary with “amazing deals” for US customers, and, starting April 3, the company will sell select smartphones at up to $150 off. For now, it’s not clear what handsets will be included here. 
Since Motorola …

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ update fixes call stability issue

Samsung has just updated it’s newest flagships – the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The update brings fixes to some call stability issues users have been having since the launch of the device, as well as improve wallpaper quality. The update should be available worldwide in a couple of days, so don’t panic if you don’t get it today or tomorrow.

The new Galaxy smartphones have been regularly updated ever since day one of their launch. The devices already got the Samsung Security Patch for March, 2018, while an update two weeks ago targeted some stability issues regarding the facial …

Nokia 5233 explodes killing a teenage girl in the middle of a call

An 18-year old girl in India named Uma Oram was talking to a relative on her old Nokia 5233 phone. In the middle of the conversation, Oram plugged the device into an outlet to charge the battery, and that is when tragedy struck. The phone exploded, killing the teen. According to a news report, “Uma, who was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries to her hand, leg and chest, was taken to a local hospital, where she died.”

The Nokia 5233, launched in January 2010, is a touchscreen smartphone that uses pressure-sensitive resistive technology. The phone is still being sold on Amazon India …

Verizon, Nokia and Qualcomm complete first 5G call using 3GPP-compliant NR technology

The other day, we told you how Verizon Chairman Lowell McAdam and KT chairman and CEO Chang-Gyu Hwang connected on the first “pre-commercial” 5G video chat during the Super Bowl. As carriers continue the testing process for 5G, today Big Red announced that along with Nokia and Qualcomm, it completed a 5G voice call. With this action, Verizon becomes the first carrier to make such a call using 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) technology over licensed spectrum

The call was made over Verizon’s millimeter wave spectrum using Nokia’s 5G network technology. The device used was a 5G NR prototype …

Privacy matters: Android P might alert you if a phone call is being recorded

Android 9.0 P is likely just around the corner as an early developer beta and possible features of the upcoming build are slowly trickling out. Just yesterday, we informed you about a slew of plausible features that involved display notch support, visual improvements to make the OS more appealing to iOS users, as well as making Android future-proof and capable of correctly working on unorthodox devices like the dual-screen ZTE Axon M and the oft-rumored foldable Galaxy X. Battery improvements are also mentioned.

Today, a somewhat minor but undoubtedly noteworthy feature …

You can now start a Duo video chat right in the middle of a regular phone call

Google has started rolling out a new feature on its Phone app that allows a Duo video call to be started up in the middle of a regular voice call. If you are using the Google Phone app and you call someone who has Duo installed on their device, you will see a new button added to the Phone app’s in-call list of options. Labeled “Video call” and paired with the Duo icon, pressing this button will disconnect the original phone call and launch the Duo app on both ends of the conversation.

If the recipient of the call isn’t decent, or doesn’t want to be on camera for one reason or another, the …

Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL software update fixes voice call clicking, adds saturated display mode

A new software update for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is out now, and aside from bringing a fix for the Wi-Fi-related Krack vulnerability, it’s also aiming to mend the devices’ audio and display problems.

As a refresher, numerous reports about clicking and cracking in the earpiece during voice calls and OLED display burn-in have marred the launch of Google’s latest flagships. Oh, and let’s not forget that some devices are shipping sans an operating system out of the box.

In particular, a new toggle in the display settings menu allows users to choose …