Sprint Galaxy Note 8 receives OTA patch with updates to Gallery, Calendar, Wi-Fi Calling, and more

A new OTA update has started rolling out for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners that purchased their device from Sprint. With a build number of N950USQU2BQJB and a size of 383MB, the new update brings quite a few changes. 

First of all, Wi-Fi Calling has been renamed to Calling Plus and packs some new and improved features. In a nutshell, Calling Plus includes all the capabilities of Wi-Fi Calling and adds the ability to make and receive calls over Sprint’s LTE network. 
There are also improvements to the Calendar, Gallery, …

Microsoft's Outlook gains full screen view on iPad, many Calendar improvements

Microsoft has just released a new version of Outlook for iOS devices. Among the few important improvements included there’s one aimed at iPad users. The rest of the changes apply to all iOS devices running Outlook app.

With the latest version of Outlook, iPad users will have an easier time reading emails since the app now offers a full-screen view. The rest of the changes include performance improvements and bug fixes meant to make Outlook better than ever.

Finally, the Office team added a small change to the calendar icon, which is now moving as users are scrolling through their days …

Phone release calendar: fall 2017

ModelAnnouncement dateRelease dateSamsung Galaxy Note 8August 23rdSeptember 15thSamsung Gear S4 (Gear Sport)August 30thunknownLG V30August 31stunknownSony Xperia XZ1August 31stunknownApple iPhone 7s, 7s+
iPhone 8*September 6th*September 15thApple Watch Series 3*September 6thunknownMoto X4unknownunknownGoogle Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XLOctober 5thOctober 5thHuawei Mate 10October 16thunknown
*Date based on expectations, leaks and rumors.
As the last days of summer slowly, but surely fly away, we are approaching a busy season for phones: the fall of 2017. 
Fall …

Google Calendar update finally adds Today Widget on iOS devices

If you’re not too emotionally attached to using Apple’s Calendar app for iOS, then you’ll probably be happy to know that Google’s similar app has been updated with a new feature that brings it on par with the competition.

The new Google Calendar v2.4.0 is now available for download in the App Store. It brings a new Today Widget that wasn’t available in the app until the latest update. Right after you update the app, you will be able to add the widget by just swiping to the right form the Home screen and choosing the Edit option.

However, unlike Apple’s Calendar …

Google's new Family Group enables sharing on Photos, YouTube TV, Calendar and Keep

New family-oriented features have just been announced by Google, aimed at users who like to share music, photos, and other entertainment. Family Group allows users to share stuff on various Google services like YouTube TV, Photos, Calendar and Keep. Let’s have a look at how families can share to-do-lists, photos or practice schedules and more on these services.

Google announced that up to six household members will be able to get their own cloud DVR for $35 a month. They will be able to stream live TV from many popular cable networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Keep in mind though that …

WSJ: Apple's valuation soared by $144.8 billion during the calendar first quarter

Apple investors are now celebrating the company’s best quarter in five years. The three month period expired on Friday, March 31st, and during the quarter Apple’s valuation rose by $144.8 billion or 24%. Kicking off the strong buying interest among hedge funds, mutual funds and individual investors was Apple’s surprisingly buff fiscal first quarter earnings report which was released on January 31st. The report showed that Apple had sold a record 78.3 million units of the iPhone during the three months, thus ending a short streak of year-over-year declines in iPhone sales.

On January 31st, …

Google Calendar makes a debut on iPad: tablet format, goal setting and more

Google Calendar has now arrived to the iPad.
One of the most powerful productivity apps out there, Google Calendar’s version for the iPad features a well-tailored interface with proper visualization for the larger screen format.
Google Calendar allows you to easily find and book a room for your meetings, as well as set a goal and have the calendar find free spots in your schedule to help you achieve that goal.
Google’s Calendar also features intelligent text recognition features, so that you …

You can actually hang this Google-synced Magic Calendar on your wall… some day in the future

Calendars are a thing of the past, a thing of the present and a thing of the future. Those paper things we hand on our walls? Past. The cool, colored and event-packed calendars in our phones. Present. A mix of the two? The future.
At least this is what this conceptual product coming from a Japanese Android Experiments campaign is all about.

A calendar that looks like paper, but automatically syncs with your Google CalendarA simple idea, it brings what looks like a perfectly usual, traditional wall-hanging calendar, but …

The iOS free app of the week is a vertical calendar that can increase your productivity

This week’s free iOS app is not a game, and is in fact a visual calendar app called Vantage Calendar. Normally $3.99, you can pick it up for free from the App Store until Thursday. With its vertical UI, you can see future or past dates by scrolling up and down on the screen. The use of different colors, stickers and fonts will make your more important appointments stand out from others. A horizontal bar at the top of the screen moves with the timeline, so you can always have an eye on what date you are looking at. Events can also be turned into tasks that can be checked off when completed.

According …

3 ways to recover deleted calendar from iPhone/iPad/iPod.

[i]How do I recover deleted calendars?
I had one of my kids delete the calender linked to all our iPhones. How can I recover all the calendar enties? – Adamst[/i]

[i]I accidently deleted my calendar on my iphone 3g and all the info ive saved into it. How can i get back this icon and all the information in it? – Spritz[/i]

Calendar, it’s easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place. such as meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. If you lost or deleted the Calendar and need it, how to recover the calendar.
In fact, if you lost calendar on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, just get an [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]iPhone Calendar Recovery[/url], you can get them back. The [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/iphone-data-recovery.html][b]FoneLab[/b][/url] or [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/mac-iphone-data-recovery.html][b]Mac FoneLab[/b][/url] is recommended, which can help you to [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url]/iPad/iPod in 3 ways.

[b]Way 1: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url][/b]

[b]Step 1:[/b] Choose “Recover from iOS device”
When you download, install the FoneLab, then connect your iPhone to computer and run the Fonelab, the iPhone Calendar Recovery will detect your iPhone automatically, on the interface provides three recovery mode, choose the “Recover from iOS Device”
Tips: For iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 4, you need to follow the instructions to enter iPhone’s scan mode before scanning calendar.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Start to [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]recover iPhone deleted calendars[/url]
Once the scan is finished, all contents of your iPhone will be listed on the interface. Select “Calendar” on the left panel and you can preview the calendar on the right side.
You can select your preferred calendar items and click “Recover” button. Then the deleted calendar will be saved on your computer.

[b]Way 2: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover calendar from iTunes Backup[/url][/b]
If you used to sync your device with iTunes before deleting calendar, you could also try this method. Please make sure you have not synced device with iTunes after you deleted that data.

[b]Step 1.[/b] Choose the iTunes backup version
This FoneLab will list all iTunes backups on your computer. You need to select the correct one and click the “Start Scan” button. Then the software will start scanning your iTunes backup.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Recover the deleted/lost calendars
When the scan finishes, all contents will be extracted. You can preview all scanned contents. You need to select the calendar items and click “Recover” button.

[b]Way 3: [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/ios-data-recovery/recover-iphone-deleted-calendar.html]Recover deleted calendar[/url] from iCloud backup[/b]
If you have made backup files with iCloud, you can recover the lost calendar from iCloud backup.

[b]Step 1.[/b] Select Recover from iCloud Backup File
Launch the program and select Recover from iCloud Backup File.

[b]Step 2.[/b] Sign in to your iCloud account
Sign in to your iCloud account and choose the file you need to download. Click the Download button and wait for minutes until it’s downloaded.

[b]Step 3.[/b] Recover calendar
Scan the downloaded file and all the contents will be scanned out. Click Calendar on the left, choose the ones you need and click Recover. The selected calendars will be recovered in seconds.

[b]Tags:[/b] [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]iPhone Calendar Recovery[/url], [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]recover deleted calendar from iPhone[/url], [url=http://www.transfer-iphone-to-mac.com/images/guide/fonelab/recover-icloud-calendar.jpg]recover iPhone deleted calendar[/url]

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