Is the iPhone X worth buying?

The iPhone X is the long-awaited “all-screen” iPhone. It has been imagined numerous times over the years by various concept artists. And when rumors and leaks confirmed it to be a thing in 2017, the tech world braced for the coveted announcement. That announcement has now come and past and every iPhone user out there is probably wondering “Should I upgrade to the iPhone X or stick to one of the cheaper models?”. Well, here’s what the iPhone X has over any other handset in Apple’s lineup:

Hands down, it’s the most futuristic-looking iPhone ever. …

Apple threatens to stop buying Western Digital parts if it continues with Toshiba deal

Back on the last day of August, we told you that Apple was part of a group seeking to buy Toshiba’s memory chip business. But it appears that a rival consortium, led by Western Digital, could be signing a deal with Toshiba as soon as Wednesday. That group is offering $17-18 billion USD. Apple, though, is concerned that a Western Digital purchase of Toshiba’s chip business would eliminate a rival flash memory chip producer that it could use as a stalking horse in order to get better pricing for the component that Apple uses on the iPhone.

As a result, Apple is threatening to stop buying Western …

Do you think the Fitbit Ionic is a smartwatch worth buying?

Fitbit, famous America maker of smart fitness bands, today announced its very first smartwatch: Fitbit Ionic. The new wearable device looks exactly as expected – it’s got a sporty wrist band, and a rectangular, 1.42-inch touchscreen display with 348 x 250 pixels and an impressive brightness of up to 1,000 nits (for high readability in sunlight). The screen seems to have a bit too much bezel around it, but maybe that’s just us.

The Fitbit Ionic combines features that most smartwatches currently offer with Fitbit-specific stuff like a personal trainer (dubbed Fitbit …

Apple offers free Beats earphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro

Apple is jumping in its yearly education discount program by offering free or discounted Beats headphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro and/or MacBook. Purchasing a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro will either net you a free pair of BeatsX earphones, or a $150 discount on the Solo3 or Powerbeats3. The Solo3 run for around $300, and the Powerbeats3 go for $200, so you’re still getting a very good deal on these.

Unfortunately, the iPad Pro student discount is only $20, but a MacBook can have $300 shaven off its price, so that becomes a fair deal. The …

Results: the next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?

In 2017 there are so many smartphone manufacturers out there that if one were to venture out and try all of their products, it could take them a few months or even a year. Well, through cut-throat competition and heavy marketing, a few have built themselves up as the most popular or most recognizable names to go to, but there’s still plenty of choice. And while, sure, the two main operating systems we have are iOS and Android, the latter’s customizability allows for manufacturers to do crazy modifications to the software and differentiate themselves.

So, it’s easy to stick with a brand if …

The next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?

The smartphone world is overpopulated, some might say, with a plethora of brands. And while, sure, the two main operating systems we have are iOS and Android, the latter’s customizability allows for manufacturers to do crazy modifications to the software and differentiate themselves. We’ve got interfaces that can drown you in features, such as Sammy’s TouchW… we mean Samsung Experience, and then we have those that are as “naked” as possible, only providing a couple of manufacturer-unique features, such as Motorola. Then, we have all the in-betweeners like Sony, LG, and many, many more.

So, …

Despite comments from Verizon CEO McAdam, analysts don't see Big Red buying Disney or CBS

Ready to play a new game? It’s called “Who is going to merge with Verizon?” Here’s how you play. Take the following sentence, “Verizon is going to merge with _____________. Fill in the blank with the name of a well known company. Use your common sense and stick to wireless content providers and distributors, large media firms and communications companies. Be smart. Verizon isn’t going to buy Dairy Queen. Some of the names that Wall Street has bandied about recently include Disney, Comcast, Charter and CBS.

Last week, Verizon announced that it lost 289,000 postpaid phone subscribers …

Why is Walmart buying up brands?


Walmart is buying up a lot of brands that don’t really feel like Walmart. 

The big box store is reportedly about to close a deal to buy Bonobos, the men’s e-commerce brandRecode reported news of the impending acquisition on Friday. Exactly how much Bonobos will go for hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

The deal would come one month after Walmart bought ModCloth, the quirky women’s online retailer. That acquisition came with a host of controversy, since ModCloth was once seen in stark opposition to Walmart — as a small, size-inclusive brand that supported independent designers. Walmart didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from MashableRead more…

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Apple, Google, Amazon and others are interested in buying Toshiba's memory chip business

A group of top tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are interested in purchasing Toshiba’s memory chip business. The company that succeeds in buying the division will be obtaining the second largest provider of memory chips for smartphones and computers behind Samsung. The business accounted for 25% of Toshiba’s $50.9 billion USD in revenue during its last fiscal year. The company is still bleeding red ink, and could report a $9 billion loss this year thanks to issues that have nothing to do with the memory chip business. But selling it to the highest bidder could bring in some much needed …

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