Apple offers free Beats earphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro

Apple is jumping in its yearly education discount program by offering free or discounted Beats headphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro and/or MacBook. Purchasing a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro will either net you a free pair of BeatsX earphones, or a $150 discount on the Solo3 or Powerbeats3. The Solo3 run for around $300, and the Powerbeats3 go for $200, so you’re still getting a very good deal on these.

Unfortunately, the iPad Pro student discount is only $20, but a MacBook can have $300 shaven off its price, so that becomes a fair deal. The …

Results: the next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?

In 2017 there are so many smartphone manufacturers out there that if one were to venture out and try all of their products, it could take them a few months or even a year. Well, through cut-throat competition and heavy marketing, a few have built themselves up as the most popular or most recognizable names to go to, but there’s still plenty of choice. And while, sure, the two main operating systems we have are iOS and Android, the latter’s customizability allows for manufacturers to do crazy modifications to the software and differentiate themselves.

So, it’s easy to stick with a brand if …

The next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?

The smartphone world is overpopulated, some might say, with a plethora of brands. And while, sure, the two main operating systems we have are iOS and Android, the latter’s customizability allows for manufacturers to do crazy modifications to the software and differentiate themselves. We’ve got interfaces that can drown you in features, such as Sammy’s TouchW… we mean Samsung Experience, and then we have those that are as “naked” as possible, only providing a couple of manufacturer-unique features, such as Motorola. Then, we have all the in-betweeners like Sony, LG, and many, many more.

So, …

Despite comments from Verizon CEO McAdam, analysts don't see Big Red buying Disney or CBS

Ready to play a new game? It’s called “Who is going to merge with Verizon?” Here’s how you play. Take the following sentence, “Verizon is going to merge with _____________. Fill in the blank with the name of a well known company. Use your common sense and stick to wireless content providers and distributors, large media firms and communications companies. Be smart. Verizon isn’t going to buy Dairy Queen. Some of the names that Wall Street has bandied about recently include Disney, Comcast, Charter and CBS.

Last week, Verizon announced that it lost 289,000 postpaid phone subscribers …

Why is Walmart buying up brands?


Walmart is buying up a lot of brands that don’t really feel like Walmart. 

The big box store is reportedly about to close a deal to buy Bonobos, the men’s e-commerce brandRecode reported news of the impending acquisition on Friday. Exactly how much Bonobos will go for hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

The deal would come one month after Walmart bought ModCloth, the quirky women’s online retailer. That acquisition came with a host of controversy, since ModCloth was once seen in stark opposition to Walmart — as a small, size-inclusive brand that supported independent designers. Walmart didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from MashableRead more…

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Apple, Google, Amazon and others are interested in buying Toshiba's memory chip business

A group of top tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are interested in purchasing Toshiba’s memory chip business. The company that succeeds in buying the division will be obtaining the second largest provider of memory chips for smartphones and computers behind Samsung. The business accounted for 25% of Toshiba’s $50.9 billion USD in revenue during its last fiscal year. The company is still bleeding red ink, and could report a $9 billion loss this year thanks to issues that have nothing to do with the memory chip business. But selling it to the highest bidder could bring in some much needed …

Repair your iPhone Instead Of Buying A New One – iPhone Repair Denver Colorado

iPhone repair Denver service is here to help you to repair your phone when it malfunctions or breaks. With a good repair service this is the benefit that you do not need to take out your cash to buy a new phone and it helps you in keeping your existing phone in pristine condition. If you compare the price of repairing your iPhone with buying a new phone, you will see that you can easily save many dollars. If there is a problem with the screen of your iPhone, you can easily contact iPhone screen repair Denver service, and the experts will surely make it as good as new. In Denver Colorado, you can easily find good services of iPhone repair Denver Colorado. These services offer you good deals, which are affordable too.

We know that iPhone is an expensive equipment but if it is abused continually, it cannot stand up for a long time just like all other electronic items and in this case iPhone repair Denver service is here for you. When you find something is going wrong with your iPhone, then you must consider the option of repairing. There are many online repair shops available you provide services like iPhone screen repair Denver and others and they can help you in getting back your equipment in 100% working condition. iPhone repair Denver Colorado can save you a great deal of cash and with proper service you can get back your iPhone in its original condition.

Many of the iPhone repair Denver services also offer their warranty and this can help you to get freedom from emotional burden of thinking if you are doing right or wrong. If the same parts create any problem again within the warranty period, you have an option to ship back the item without worrying about any charges you need to pay. iPhone screen repair Denver service is best when you find any problem with your screen, its sensor or any other thing. Taking your phone to iPhone repair Denver Colorado makes you sure that you precious phone is in right hands. After the repair, the phone will ship back to you and you can use it just like you are using a new phone.

So, whenever you phone breaks or it malfunctions, do not think to buy a new one because iPhone repair is here to provide you complete support in this matter. iPhone screen repair Denver can deal with any problem related with the screen and promises that you will never face that problem again, if you face it again, then they can repair it free of cost too. So, contact iPhone repair Denver Colorado if you are having any problem with your phone.
Just by searching a little in the online world, you can find iPhone repair Denver service easily which will also provide you iPhone screen repair Denver service. Getting an iPhone is the best thing that you can do with your money, but when it malfunctions, you should never think to buy a new phone but you should contact iPhone repair Denver Colorado.

Repair your iPhone Instead Of Buying A New One – iPhone Repair Denver Colorado

Buying a New Car? Know Your Connectivity Options SmartPhones

When shopping for a new car, most buyers typically focus on horsepower, fuel economy, interior comfort, and other obviously important features. But many vehicles have reached a certain level of parity among these categories, leaving in-dash technology and connectivity as key differentiators. That’s why it’s important to know your connectivity choices.


Apple CarPlay and Android Audio
Most car manufacturers are still zealously developing their own individual infotainment platforms and connectivity systems, but Apple and Google have rolled out much more universal options that are worth considering. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto don’t completely replace infotainment systems, but they offer unified, consistent app ecosystems and feature sets regardless of the make or model of car you’re driving.

Both CarPlay and Android Auto rely on your smartphone (iPhone or Android phone, respectively) to provide connected features. These systems usually work through an in-dash touch screen and include navigation, phone calls, and messaging. (Displays aren’t always necessary, though; Apple’s Siri Eyes Free lets you use many CarPlay features through voice commands without a touch screen on your dash.) They also incorporate some form of broad voice control system, either through Apple’s Siri or Google Now.

Many new connected cars include support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and older cars can be upgraded to use them with aftermarket double-DIN entertainment consoles like the Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. Regardless, you’ll be counting on your smartphone’s connectivity for all information services, so poor reception and slow network speeds will affect how well any of it works.

Bring Your Own Device (Without Carplay or Android Auto)
Apple and Google options aside, connecting your smartphone to your car is hardly new. Ford’s Sync system pioneered this approach, and many others have followed. Navigation, location searches, messaging, and entertainment apps available through a car’s infotainment system in these situations all rely on your smartphone’s data connection (and 4G LTE will be your best bet for quick response and smooth streaming).

Keep in mind, the service is only as good as your cellular signal. And if you forget your phone at home or run out of battery, you also run out of luck.

Embedded Connectivity
Embedded connectivity lets you enjoy connected features and apps without relying on your smartphone. General Motors’ OnStar system introduced the concept almost two decades ago, using an onboard cellular radio to deliver telematics services such as automatic crash notification, and conveniences like remote door unlocking. OnStar has since started to offer 4G LTE data as an additional service over its telematics, projecting a Wi-Fi network around your vehicle so tablets and smartphones can get online through the car’s systems instead of the other way around.

Outside of OnStar, many automakers now offer cellular data service as options in their new vehicles. These faster connections let navigation systems download detailed information, including (for certain Audi and BMW models) Google Earth and Google Street View maps, or put other information at your fingertips. The advantage here is that you’re always connected instantly, whether your smartphone is available or not. But this kind of connectivity costs vehicle owners in the form of a subscription or a separate data plan. If you don’t keep paying, you don’t get the connected services. The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, comes with four years of free built-in 3G connectivity.

Hybid Connectivity
A hybrid system can offer the best of both of both worlds. You get the robust, always-on connectivity of an embedded radio for critical functions like automatic crash notification, while relying on a connected smartphone for other data, like infotainment. But you’ll still experience the downside of a separate data or subscription charge for certain services.

You can find examples of hybrid connectivity in the Uconnect system that’s available in Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. An embedded cellular radio is used for telematics features, Yelp local search, and a Wi-Fi hotspot, as part of the subscription-based Advantage package. Your smartphone, meanwhile, provides streaming music via apps like Aha Radio and Pandora.

Don’t Forget About Infotainment
It’s important to familiarize yourself with the type of connectivity a car has before you buy, but it’s just as important to consider the infotainment system. After all, that’s probably the main reason you want connectivity in the first place. Pay close attention to the apps and features offered with each system, and look for the one that most closely suits your needs. A good infotainment system and the right type of connectivity can mean the difference between a car you keep for the next 10 years, or one that you’re itching to trade in as soon as possible.

Car Auctions – Buying a Cheap Car

Every month thousands of cars are seized by the government, banks and police. These cars are seized by means of laws and order broken by individuals, firms or companies, people that are caught driving without license, incomplete particulars and unregistered cars Those seized by the banks are from unpaid loans so the bank has to sell what they collected as collateral so that you can make back their money and some interest. Generally these cars are sold at a cheap rate. A method called car auctions is used to sell these cars. It takes place in major cities in U.S.A, U.K, Australia and the rest of Europe. Bidding starts as little as $ 100 for each car whether new or old.

In addition, many of these seized cars are got from the wharf due to their owners don’t wish to pay meet the requirement to clear them or they are among contrabands goods which are not allowed into the country. All cars models are available ranging from Cadillac, Benz, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, even bikes, boats, aircraft, trucks and buses are all available for auction both old and new. This is an alternative way to buy a cheap automotive if one feels the retail outlets is more expensive.

Secrets of Bidding and Winning at Car Auctions

You should have enough money in your bank account to replace with your check. Some auctions require a bank draft so be prepared before hand.

Make sure the contract states whether the title indication light was red, yellow or green. If the car you purchased turned into a red light title problem later on when they indicated it was green then you have them by the neck. Beside the auctioneer there’s a traffic light with red, yellow and green lights. These lights define the status of the car’s title. Red light means there are problems with the title and its rebuilt. Yellow light means that the title is in transit or there is some frame damage. When you buy at a car auction you would want to have the title right there since you should pay in full. Green light means that everything is ok with the title.

Go the auction early to get your choice. The earlier the better, overcome the crowds, avoid distractions and check out for any type of cars you want. Take along with you a NADA guide, Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds book if you intend to attend a public car auction. If you intend in store a wholesale car auction, bring a Black Book along.

When you see the cars you like, check all doors, trunk, hood and look for the VIN# stickers and make sure they all match. If they don’t match, it is either the car was stolen or it was in a wreck and fixed with part from another car. They are two styles to use to check the VIN#. Use your phone to call someone using a computer and tell him to run the Auto Check Vehicle History Report or use your wireless pocket PC to browse it yourself. For people with got a blackberry, tell someone at home to the Auto Check Reports for you and email it to your blackberry. After that you will know the history of the car at the auction, never relay on any title checks supplied by the auction, always verify your own.

You need to ensure the contract states how long it takes to get the title. If it takes much time you will get a refund due to now it is breach of contract. I personally wouldn’t bid on a car if the title is not there. If they want you to pay in full the title should be there.

Car Auction is an online directory to search and bid for cars that are open for auction in all the cities in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

Looking to find the best deal on black book car prices , then visit my article to find the best advice on finance for you.

Is The Blackberry Torch Worth Buying?

A quick look at the recently released Blackberry Torch set our hearts burning with desire. Especially for business executives, the design of the smartphone is sufficient to dazzle your eyes and trigger your curiosity.

The Blackberry Torch carries the distinctive trademark of Blackberry mobile phones through its dashing black color. However, a combination of the elegant curved edges and the white and dark orange colors results in a modern look that will easily capture the attention of the younger professionals and teenagers. The Torch is a similar size to the Blackberry Bold 9700. Although there is a thickness difference of 2.5mm, you’ll benefit from a full-sized touchscreen in addition to a slide out keyboard.

The Blackberry Torch features a full-sized 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. Although the resolution of 360 x 480 pixels is not as appealing as the other high-end smartphones, it works fine with the mainstream users who are non-movie fanatics. To be fair, the full-sized touchscreen and physical keyboard combination carries a huge advantage over majority of Blackberry smartphones. The full screen web browsing experience and “Pinch and zoom” capability will drive most Blackberry fans crazy.

Blackberry has made a great effort to retain the advantages of their cell phones in the Blackberry Torch. These advantages include the optical trackpad and the physical keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard in the Blackberry Torch is well hidden beneath the screen. A slight push of the display combined with assisted resistance snaps the keyboard open from the back of the Torch. As anticipated, the physical keyboard retains the high standards of Blackberry cell phones, hence making email and text messaging a breeze.

Since its release on the markets, much has been said about the Blackberry Torch’s multimedia capability. The Torch has a 5 megapixel camera along with 11 camera modes for image capturing. Video recording, LED flash and autofocus are some of the other features. Should you wish to enjoy music on your Torch, the strong battery life caters for up to 30 hours (5hr 40min talktime). It was pretty disappointing for the Blackberry Bold 9700 fans as the smartphone came with only 256MB of internal memory. This time around, Blackberry makes a huge increase on the internal memory for multimedia storage. With the Torch, you’ll get 4GB of internal memory that can be further expanded with microSD cards (32GB).

Although the qualities of the new Torch sends Blackberry fans screaming for joy, RIM is definitely unsatisfied. Why else would they introduce the Blackberry 6 OS to the smartphone? The new OS6 features comprehensive changes that will place immense pressure on Blackberry’s competitors. Some of the changes come from feedback that “the Blackberry doesn’t render websites accurately” and “the menus look outdated”. As a result, there is new web browser that features tabbed browsing and an intuitive graphical menu that comes along with modern icons. There is also a social feed application that constantly displays new tweets and Facebook status updates in a timeline.

Of all the new features in the Blackberry 6 OS, the universal search function is remarkably clever. This function increases productivity greatly by reducing time wasted on manual searching. All you have to do is to key in your text in the search box and the smartphone will automatically locate a related file, application, contact, message or email.

Due to new features and improvements in the Blackberry Torch, many fans have hailed it as the best Blackberry smartphone to date. The improved visual experience coupled with retention of the physical keyboard proves to be a huge winning strategy. Should you be on the lookout for a high-end smartphone, keep the Blackberry Torch on your watch list!

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