With iOS 11, you can shut down your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad without using the power button

So let’s say that for some reason you cannot use any buttons to turn off your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad. For the purposes of this story, assume that the power button (sleep/wake) is not working. As a result, pressing the power button and the home button is also not resetting your device. Since the Apple iPhone 7 doesn’t have a mechanical home button, a change was made. To reset the phone, users have to press the power button for 3 seconds, and press volume down while still pressing the power button. But again, we are assuming that this method is not working.

Is there a way to turn off …

Four ways to wake up the iPhone X screen. No home button? No problem!

So, the iPhone X is coming out in just under a month, and you may be one of the many waiting at the edge of their seats. And for good reason — the X is a long-awaited design evolution and a technological marble by Apple. But, being so drastically different, it also comes with slight differences on how you are going to physically the device.

For example:
There is no home button? How can I conveniently wake my iPhone now?
The little circular pad, which has been a signature feature of the iPhones ever since the original launched is now gone. Users have long been …

After the Bixby button, Samsung disables the Bixby chief

The latest Samsung software update gives you the ability to completely disable the physical button that launches its Bixby virtual assistant on the latest high-end Galaxy phones. That’s right – you can either launch Bixby with that nice clicky button on the left, or nothing at all. 

Samsung apparently has a small team working on Bixby, and they’ve kept themselves pretty occupied with how to make the thing run in English for months, so, unsure about the pace of development, Samsung spared us yet another smart speaker with a digital butler built in.
The …

Alleged cases for Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018) show off Bixby button, hint at Infinity Display

Samsung’s Galaxy A series is one of its… less exciting ones. Up until this year’s introduction of the Infinity Display and the design decisions needed to accommodate for it, the A series was where the company sold mid-rangers dressed up as flagships.

But recent rumors have suggested 2017 may turn out to be just an exception after all. That is, the A series may get its own take on the Infinity Display starting next year, which will again bring it closer to the design of the company’s flagship S series.
And as it turns out, …

Tapping the “Check for Update” button on Nexus/Pixel will actually be useful now

Although the Nexus and Pixel phones are among the first to receive new Android updates every time Google releases them, it takes time until all devices are updated. If you’re not among the 1% people selected for the initial batch of devices, the only solution would be to flash the OTA file or factory image if you want the update as fast as possible.

More importantly, pressing the “Check for Update” button will not help you at all unless you’ve been previously selected for the rollout group. Google explained a while ago that the first time an Android user taps …

Latest update allows Samsung users to disable the Bixby button, customization – still a mirage

With Bixby being one of the highlight features of Samsung’s latest devices, many users have had a love-hate relationship with it. While it’s a rather good and capable virtual assistant, Samsung’s unwillingness to make the dedicated Bixby button user-customizable and the constant play of cat and mouse with app developers has proved that Sammy doesn’t want that hardware key to be used for anything else than launching Bixby. 

Yes, Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 users will either use it to open Bixby… or not use it at all!
That’s …

Apple iPhone X to use Sleep/Wake/Power button to "turn on" Siri

With the Apple iPhone X (or iPhone Edition) set to take center stage at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s campus in just nine days, information about the tenth anniversary iPhone is slowly leaking out. According to a tweet disseminated by Guilherme Rambo, an iOS developer out of Brazil, Apple iPhone X owners will activate Siri by holding the Sleep/Wake/Power button. Without a home button to press on the tenth anniversary model, this gesture and the “Hey Siri” phrase can be used to activate the virtual assistant.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, many of the home button’s functions …

Step aside, BeatsX: Samsung introduces U Flex wireless headphones, Bixby button included

Samsung has just announced a new pair of Bluetooth headphones — the Samsung U Flex. They are the tethered earbuds, which have a comfy neck-holder and tons of controls on deck, including a button that activates Bixby.

By all the features listed, it seems the U Flex strive to strike the ultimate balance between portability and sound quality. The neck-hanging cord that connects both earphones is actually flexible (bendable up to 100 degrees), so it can easily fold and get tucked in a pocket or bag. The earphones have magnets that keep them stuck to each other when …

Android Messages' latest update adds a 'Mark as read' button in notifications

Surely you know the pain: you get a text message, read it right from the notification, and then dismiss it. And that should be it, right? Well, no — next time you open your messaging app, the text is still marked as unread. And while this isn’t such a huge deal if you don’t get many texts, it’s still mildly annoying — and if you do, it can make finding your actually unread texts a nightmare.

And while many manufacturers have already implemented a solution using Android’s actionable notifications, Google’s own messaging app, Android Messages (formerly known as Messenger), …