Microsoft Pix app for iOS is updated with improved AI to read business cards "faster and easier"

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Pix app for iOS to v1.7. The app now features improved AI capabilities that will allow it to detect and read business cards easier and faster than before. The app will add the name and phone number printed on the card to your Apple iPhone’s contacts list. With the update, this can now be done in both landscape and portrait orientation. The update also adds a voice-to-text feature which Microsoft says “improves accessibility.”

Microsoft Pix is available only in the Apple App Store and is not offered to Android users. Microsoft says that using the …

ZTE shuts down business operations thanks to U.S. export ban

The U.S. Commerce Department export ban that prevents ZTE from procuring U.S. software, hardware and components has hit ZTE hard, according to a new report published today. The Chinese smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturer wrote today in a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that “As a result of the Denial Order, the major operating activities of the company have ceased. As of now, the company maintains sufficient cash and strictly adheres to its commercial obligations subject to compliance with laws and regulations.” The company is the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the states …

Nokia to sell its Digital Health business to the original owner

After the French press reported last week that Nokia is in talks with Google, Samsung and some local companies to sell its Digital Health business, the Finnish company confirmed the information today and offered a few extra details about the deal.

Besides the fact that it will sell the Digital Health business, Nokia announced it has entered into exclusive negotiations for the sale with its former owner, Éric Carreel, co-founder and ex-chairman Withings.

Nokia announced a review of strategic options for the Digital Health business in February 2018. The planned sale is part of Nokia’s …

Sony's Xperia business unit will be downsized in an effort to increase profitability

Sony has confirmed that it will be downsizing its mobile division in pursuit of profits. Over the course of the last five years, Sony’s Xperia line of smartphones has seen a pretty steady decline in sales which has often been accompanied by losses. In a bid to put a stop to this, however, the Japanese giant has confirmed that it will be reducing the focus on its mobile business going forward.

A few years back, Sony Mobile announced plans to downsize the overall scale of the Xperia brand with a focus on profitable devices. This entailed scrapping most of the company’s lower-end offerings …

How this AI platform is taking over the business world


Despite the pop culture fiction that artificial intelligence is a far-away puzzle just waiting to be unlocked, the truth is that AI is already a tool that most use often, some of us even every day. 

Just think about it: every time you stop to ask Siri or Google Home or any of our friendly neighborhood pocket assistants for directions or help finding the nearest coffee spot, you’re interfacing with an elegant example of easy-to-use AI. 

For businesses, using chatbots as the first line of defence against customer complaints is now common, providing a handy way to triage queries and customer needs. Again, AI is already an efficient solution to an everyday problem. And while it’s easy to imagine moments where the lives of everyday people intersect with artificial intelligence, and even find examples of our interactions with AI within smaller businesses, for global enterprises the reality of large-scale AI has yet to unfold.  Read more…

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Samsung, Google reportedly bidding for Nokia's digital health business

When Nokia bought Withings, the French company renown for its health-related connected devices such as smart sleep systems, activity trackers, and blood pressure monitors, promised “the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Nokia Technologies.”

Fast forward two years and the Finnish company is looking for buyers for its now rebranded Nokia Health division. French newspaper LeMonde reports many companies are now competing for the health business, including Google, Samsung, as well as French and European companies.

Nokia Technologies bought Withings back in 2016 for …

Every store, business, and retailer that has been recently hacked


If you’re a person in the world in 2018, there are probably two words you remain in constant fear of: data breach.

In recent history, several businesses used regularly by modern consumers have been targets of hacks, resulting in compromised data for millions of people.

Perhaps one of the most notable cases was the 2017’s Equifax hack, infamous for a multitude of reasons including: the scale of the hack (143 million customers with compromised data); the sensitive nature of the information lost (social security numbers, license numbers, and more); and the way the company bungled the recovery (in the aftermath of the hack, they accidentally directed concerned customers to a phishing scam posing as security site). Read more…

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WhatsApp Business app is in the works for Windows 10 Mobile

WhatsApp could be working on a new Windows 10 Mobile business app. Earlier in the year, WhatsApp introduced the new WhatsApp Business app for Android, allowing both small and large companies to take advantage of the app’s huge user base, while also simplifying the process of communicating with customers. Since the launch, however, the messaging service has failed to introduce the app on any other platforms, but according to a new screenshot, this could be about to change.

As can be seen in the image, WhatsApp appears to be deep into the process of developing a Windows 10 Mobile …

Google splits AI into its own business

John Giannandrea, senior vice president of engineering at Google, and the executive who’s been leading Google’s search and artificial intelligence units, is now stepping down. His role will be split between two other executives – Jeff Dean, the co-founder of Google Brain, who will be leading the company’s AI efforts, and Ben Gomes, who was running search engineering, and will now take over the search endeavour.

The move is likely an effort on Google’s part to further push AI into more of the company’s products. John Giannandrea was previously the sole executive running …

Scheduled posts arrive to Instagram for Business, but there's a catch

Are you large business that’s striving to become even bigger on Instagram? If yes, then some of your prayers have just been answered!

A new update to the Instagram API now allows corporations which make use of third-party software to manage their Instagram posts and stories will be able to schedule posts that will automatically go live at a scheduled time. This is a pretty important new feature that will easily improve said businesses reach a wider audience since Instagram’s mysterious algorithms tend to favor regular posting practices.

The “gotcha” with this new …