Words with Friends 2 is breaking the Pixel 2's song recognition feature

You have to feel for those poor Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users. It almost sounds as though the world is stacked against them. Between various issues with the screens and multiple problems reported about the speakers, even the two-year warranty that Google gave phone owners isn’t going to make them feel better about the whole affair. And nearly every day, it feels as though there is a new problem to report.

The latest issue has to do with the Pixel 2’s “Now Playing” music recognition feature. Like Shazam, the app that Apple spent a reported $400 million to acquire, “Now Playing” will give …

Breaking the Apple-Samsung duopoly in the US will be 'prohibitively difficult' for Huawei

If you look at the latest US mobile market share data, two brands pop up – Apple and Samsung – which together account for the vast majority of phones sold on US carriers. The rest, like LG, Motorola, HTC, ZTE or Google’s Pixels, are left fighting over bread crumbs. Intent to break that duopoly, the world’s third-largest cell phone maker Huawei announced its grand plans to enter the US market recently, starting with the flagship Mate 10 line.

Analysts, however, are rather skeptical about its chances to lure people away from either Samsung or Apple, and are in fact …

Qualcomm gets record breaking $130 billion offer from Broadcom

This morning, Semiconductor producer Broadcom offered a record breaking $130 billion for mobile chip maker Qualcomm. The deal would be the largest of all-time in the tech sector, and works out to $70 in cash and stock. That is a 28% premium for Qualcomm’s shares computed from Thursday’s close. That was the last day that Qualcomm traded without talk of an impending bid from Broadcom. Broadcom will assume $25 billion in Qualcomm debt, which is included in the total amount of the transaction.

If the deal is agreed to by stock holders and regulators, the combined company will be the world’s …

Huawei breaking records in 2017, over 100 million smartphones shipped so far

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has managed to ship over 100 million smartphones for the first three quarters of 2017. This translates to a year-over-year increase of 19%, which means that the company has a very high chance of surpassing the 140 million units it shipped in 2016.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, said that this exponential growth has managed to increase the firm’s operating revenues by more than 30% from January to September. The executive also mentioned that Huawei will seek further expansion by introducing …

Taylor Swift's new single is already breaking records


Just three days into her comeback, Taylor Swift is breaking records.

Spotify announced Saturday that Swift’s newest single “Look What You Made Me Do” broke the streaming service’s record for same-day streams with 8 million plays, reports the Associated Press

The musician also broke a YouTube record for the 19 million same-day views on the single’s lyric video.

Swift’s Spotify record comes just a few weeks after the decision to reinstate her catalog on the streaming service, after famously pulling it in 2014. 

In a move that was widely seen as a slight against rival Katy Perry, Swift put her music back on Spotify on June 9, the same day Perry’s album Witness hit shelves. Read more…

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Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Samsung expects a record breaking Q2

A report sent to clients by IBK Securities says that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will help the manufacturer set a new record for second quarter operating profits. After taking a big hit last year when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was pulled off the market after a pair of recalls, this could be a very profitable rebound for Samsung and its investors. The previous record was set during the third quarter of 2013. Back then, Samsung reported operating profits of $9.2 billion USD thanks to the launch of the red hot Samsung Galaxy S4.

This year, IBK sees Samsung producing a 49% gain …

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