How to improve battery life on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: 10 tips and tricks (+1 bonus)

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are already out and you may already have one in your hands. Congratulations on the new device! The new iPhones are not only incredibly powerful, thanks to the new Bionic chips, but are also the longest-lasting iPhones we’ve put through our battery life test.

10 and a half hours of screen on time for the large Plus variant and 8 and a half hours for the regular-sized iPhone 8 are absolutely nothing to snark at. In fact, these numbers will probably last the average user well enough and will keep power users grinning for most of the day.

But, …

Deal: Pre-order an unlocked LG G6 and get a bonus LG Watch Style for $650

The LG G6 has been out for some time in the US, but as of writing, the unlocked version can be bought from only one retailer – Best Buy. This is changing soon, however, as the phone is now up for pre-order from B&H, and with a pretty nice gift included for free: an LG Watch Style.

The bundle costs $650, which is $70 less than the G6’s regular $720 retail price. If we include the LG Watch Style’s price as well, the savings jump up to a pretty sweet $330, making this one of the better deals we’ve seen for LG’s latest flagship so far. The included …

LG Announces Pre-Order Bonus for US LG G4 Purchases

LG has announced pre-order bonuses for those in the US that pre-order or purchase the LG G4 ahead of its official retail launch next month on all four carriers. From today until June 21st, LG will gift US buyers of the phone an accessory pack featuring an additional battery, charging cradle, and 32GB memory card with the purchase of the phone to thank early buyers.


However, the offer requires a short application with a copy of it and a copy of the proof of sale receipt to be sent to LG’s offices in California by mail. The form being provided online includes several customer questions concerned with what led to the purchase of the G4 and which competitor devices were under consideration before buying the phone.

Purchases from all four US carriers will be valid for the promotion, with Sprint being the first one to announce participation earlier .