Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones Review

Your smartphone connects you to the world around you, making it easy to reach out and interact with people, companies, and online services. And for as much as those connections can do to enhance our lives, sometimes you just want a little peace and – well, maybe not necessarily quiet.

Enter: a good pair of headphones. Maybe you like to entertain yourself on the morning commute, keep feeling motivated during a workout, or just enjoy your favorite music without driving your roommates nuts. Whatever’s driving that need, some nice headphones can really add a new dimension to …

Bluetooth speaker and wearables maker Jawbone is officially dead

The writing has been on the wall (and ceiling, and floor) for quite some time, but it’s now official: Jawbone, maker of various wearables and Bluetooth speakers, is dead. Well, mostly.
Sources of both The information and The Verge have independently confirmed that the company has entered liquidation proceedings, and will be shutting down. Meanwhile, its switch to vaguely described health products has shifted to a new company, called Jawbone Health Hub, along with its CEO, Hosain Rahman, and an unknown quantity of existing Jawbone employees. The …

Bluetooth bug that crashes Google Play Music now repaired after quick update

A recent update to Google Play Music (version 7.9.4920) brought along some unwelcome features with it. The update included a Bluetooth related bug, that in many cases, caused the app to crash as soon as it was opened. The update was sent to add support for the notification channels that will be available with Android O, and to change the look of the search history view on the streaming music service.

Now, a new update for Google Play Music has quickly hit the Play Store. Carrying version number 7.9.4921, the new offering’s changelist simply reads “Bug fixes.” Before applying the new update, …

The first Bluetooth fidget spinner is coming soon and we are already addicted

OK, brace yourselves, everyone, because we are entering a whole new era of fidget spinning and procrastinating.

Yes, it’s a fancy-looking, Bluetooth-enabled, sensor-equipped, ‘smart’ fidget spinner that pairs with a mobile device. Yes, it comes with an app that monitors your spins and locates the spinner when you lose it. Please, meet BlueSpin.

BlueSpin kicks up a massive cloud of dust in the face of all those fidget spinner apps we have seen in the last few months, and renders them pretty much useless. BlueSpin sports both a physical spinner and an integrated …

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be set to stay on when Airplane Mode is activated in iOS 11

Apple introduced iOS 11 at WWDC earlier this month. One of the changes coming with the new build of Apple’s mobile operating system has to do with Airplane Mode. This is the switch that requires one tap (or toggle) to shut down the radio on your iPhone, thus eliminating all connectivity options so that it can be used on an airplane in flight. That means no Wi-Fi, no cellular signal and no Bluetooth.

Now, let’s say that you are using Bluetooth to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Using Airplane Mode would traditionally eliminate the Bluetooth connection and your timepiece would no longer …

OnePlus 3 units running HydrogenOS get enhanced Bluetooth audio via aptX support

OnePlus has been delivering lots of update for its OnePlus 3 and 3T smartphones, but we’ve mostly reported about those powered by OxygenOS. However, some units are running the Chinese version of the OxygenOS, which is called HydrogenOS.

HydrogenOS is getting updates as well, even though not as frequent as the OxygenOS. Nevertheless, the important thing is OnePlus is keeping its high-end smartphones up to date with new features and improvements meant to enhance user experience.

The latest HydrogenOS update adds support for aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs. …

Entry-level Moto C receives its Bluetooth certification

Earlier this month, we told you about the Moto C and Moto C Plus. This will apparently be a new budget line for the Moto handsets, designed for the first-time smartphone user. With that in mind, it isn’t terribly surprising that these will be the cheapest smartphones ever offered by Motorola, and that covers a lot of territory. Despite several leaks and word that the phone has been certified in Russia, there apparently is some time left before the handsets are unveiled.

For example, today we can tell you that the the Moto C (XT1750) has been certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest …

Deal: Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth earphones get a huge 65% discount on Amazon

The Level U Pro Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones made their debut in the United States last year in June. Ten months after their release on the market, Samsung’s earphones have been hugely discounted on Amazon.

Although they usually sell for $99.99, Amazon is now offering the Level U Pro wireless earphones for just $34.00. That’s a massive 65% discount off the retail price. However, you’ll have to pay for shipping since Amazon only offers this incentive on orders of over $35.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Samsung’s Level U Pro Bluetooth wireless …

Is Google going to launch a pair of Bluetooth headphones? FCC seems to say so

Google may be at it again, as the search giant is readying an exciting product for its fans, pair of Bluetooth headphones. The audio accessory has been recently spotted at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), along with several pictures, which is a bit unusual for an unannounced device.

More importantly, the technical specifications of the Bluetooth headphones are listed at FCC as well. However, we’ve been able to learn some of the most interesting details from the pictures in the gallery.

For starters, the headphones feature ANC (Active Noise Canceling) …

Need a new rugged Bluetooth speaker? Try the LifeProof Aquaphonics

LifeProof, maker of high-quality protective cases for many mobile devices (including Samsung’s Galaxy S8), today announced its very first family of Bluetooth speakers. Called LifeProof Aquaphonics, the series includes three portable speakers of different sizes: Aquaphonics AQ9, Aquaphonics AQ10, and Aquaphonics AQ11. 

All three speakers are protected against dust, snow, and water, being able to withstand submersion in up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) of water for up to 30 minutes. The speakers are also drop-proof – up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) – and have built-in microphones for speakerphone …