Best Bluetooth speakers comparison (2017): sound quality and price

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker in a mid size form factor?
We take a look at the top Bluetooth speaker options in late 2017 and highlight the speakers that shine with great sound, battery life and additional features. Of course, the price of a speaker matters as well.
So which Bluetooth speaker should you buy if you had to shop today? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for each one of them right below.

JBL Charge 3Top battery life, super loud and water-proof make it our top choice

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Skype Lite is causing a Bluetooth bug that hogs audio functions on phones running Oreo

So let’s say that you are using Bluetooth on your Android Oreo powered handset so that you can play music over your car’s audio system. As soon as you connect to the car’s speaker, your phone appears to be connecting to a phantom incoming phone call. There is nothing on the dialer suggesting that a call was received.  Since the car’s audio system thinks that it has to turn over control of the speaker to a phone call, albeit one that doesn’t exist, the music you wanted to listen to is replaced by silence.

Last month, a thread was started on the Google Issue Tracker site and as it turns …

Android devices quickly and securely sync with Bluetooth enabled accessories using 'Fast Pair'

On Tuesday, Google announced a new way to pair a Bluetooth enabled device with an Android powered smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher, and carrying Google Play services 11.7 and up. Called ‘Fast Pair’, the feature is rolling out to Android devices powered by the Marshmallow build of Android and higher. Currently, ‘Fast Pair’ will work with ear buds like  the Google Pixel Buds, or Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear. The feature will soon work with the upcoming Plantronics Voyager 8200 series wireless headsets.

‘Fast Pair’ uses  Bluetooth Low Energy for advertising and discovery, and …

Bose's smallest portable Bluetooth speaker SoundLink Micro goes on sale in the US

Bose introduced its smallest portable Bluetooth speaker earlier this month, the SoundLink Micro. If you haven’t pre-ordered one yet, you will now be able to purchase one for just $109.95.

The main advantages of the SoundLink Micro are its small size, IPX7 rating, and battery life. Also, the device allows users to access the voice input for their phone’s Siri or Google Assistant directly from the speaker.

The IPX7 rating confers the speaker the much needed waterproof trait. According to Bose, the SoundLink Micro is built with materials like silicone rubber …

The iOS 11 Control Center disconnects Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but doesn't turn them off

Apple has approached the connectivity toggles in its shiny new Control Center overlay in iOS 11 a tad differently this time, it turns out. Security researchers are warning that instead of turning the Wi-fi or Bluetooth radios off completely when you tap on the respective switch in Control Center, it simply disconnects whatever gear is hooked up to use the respective wireless standard. 

The radios themselves, however, will keep humming in the background in a low-power state. As per Apple, this is done to ensure that some features can be accessed immediately:
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If Google Play Protect messed up Bluetooth on your Android phone, here is a quick fix

Google Play Protect combines several features that are already available for Android handsets, and puts them together under the Google Play Protect branding. This includes automatic scanning for viruses and the Find My Device feature. The Google Play Protect logo will soon appear on the packaging of every device with the Google Play Store pre-installed. The service has been pushed out to several Android models, and this has led to a problem with Bluetooth on some units.

For some reason, Google Play Protect red flags an app called Bluetooth Share 7.0, mistakenly listing it as being unsafe. …

The Moto X4 can broadcast audio to four Bluetooth devices at once, but there's a catch

The Moto X4 is Lenovo’s latest upper mid-range device under the Moto brand, though it’s fair to say we’ve seen and heard a lot about it in the months preceding its announcement. And given how the X series is no longer Moto’s flagship line, we’ve had little expectations of new and groundbreaking technology being present in the device.

And yet, Moto surprised us with at least one neat new feature of the X4, though it’s one users may not even realize is actually there — superpowered Bluetooth connectivity options. Namely, the Moto X4 has the ability …

New BlackBerry handset (BBD100-1) receives its Bluetooth certification

Back in June, reliable tipster Evan Blass sent out a tweet stating that BlackBerry has as many as two new handsets planned, carrying the code names Juno and Krypton. At the time, that was all of the information that could be found about these handsets. Today, a BlackBerry phone with the model number BBD100-1 received its Bluetooth certification from the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

Based on rumored specs, the BBD100-1 could be another model in the DTEK line up. Designed and manufactured by TCL under a license procured from BlackBerry, the models currently sporting the DTEK name …

Google Home finally gains Bluetooth support for audio playback

Google promised quite a lot of features will come along with its home assistant back at the I/O event, but some of them have yet to be implemented. Earlier this week, the Mountain View company announced a couple of these features should start rolling out immediately to Google Home users in certain countries.

The most important new feature is support for Bluetooth audio playback, which will allow Google Home users to listen to their favorite music without having to cast to the device directly using Wi-Fi. Rolling out this week, Bluetooth Audio support enables …

Despite receipt of Bluetooth 5 certification, HTC U11 won't run new features until Android O is installed

The HTC U11 has received its Bluetooth 5.0 certification from the Bluetooth SIG. But that doesn’t mean that the phone’s new Bluetooth capabilities are now available. The new features won’t be completely offered to users until the next build of Android, Android O, is actually installed on the handset later this year. The new version of Bluetooth will allow data to be transmitted at speeds twice as fast as presently available, and transmission distance will increase by a factor of four. The amount of information and data sent in each broadcast will increase by as much as eight times the current number.

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