Pixel 2 XL screen blue tint likely caused by poorly applied polarizer

Here is why the Google Pixel 2 XL has that very noticeable blue tint whenever you tilt the phone just slightly: it uses a polarizer that seems to be applied so poorly that it causes this weird screen coloration.
Screen polarizers are generally a great thing: they allow you to see your phone display when you look at it with sunglasses on.
Google even bragged about this as an important feature of the Google Pixel 2 XL display during the official launch event:
“We’ve integrated a circular polarizer, …

Kinda Blue Google Pixel 2 is kinda really out of stock

Google started taking pre-orders for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2
XL on October 5, almost immediately after announcing the two new phones. On the
same day, the Black & White (panda-like) version of the Pixel 2 XL went out
of stock on Google Store. Now, we’re noticing that the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 can
no longer be ordered, either.  


As a reminder, Black & White is a Pixel 2 XL exclusive
color, while Kinda Blue is a Pixel 2 exclusive color. With both now out of
stock, at the moment you can only order the Pixel 2 in Just Black and Clearly
White, while the Pixel 2 XL is available …

This is the Note 8 in the new Deep Sea Blue color

Well, well, well, look what we have here – after revealing the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet in Midnight Black, perennial leakster Evan Blass is now declassifying an eventual Deep Sea Blue version. 

It looks fine at the front, but we bet it looks even svelter from the rear, and has a blue S Pen to match. Hopefully we will get a look at the blue Deep Sea glass back as well, since with that screen-to-body ratio, there’s barely a blueish frame to judge the intensity of the color from. 
One thing is certain, though – Deep Sea is not Coral …

Report: Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ coming to the US on July 13

An image of the Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ leaked online back in June, and we knew right away the smartphones would eventually make their debut in the United States.

Even though we still don’t have any official information regarding their release, Droid-life has it from trusted sources that the Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be available for purchase in the US on July 13.

Both flagships will hit the shelves at Best Buy, as the US retailer managed to score another exclusivity over a Samsung handset. According to the same source, Best Buy will …

If the Google Pixel XL 2017 will have silver and blue versions, here's what they could look like

Yesterday, thanks to a render revealed by Android Police, we saw what’s supposedly a near-final design of a new Google Pixel XL smartphone – a 6-inch handset reportedly manufactured by LG.

Expected to be announced sometime this fall, the Pixel XL 2017 (or Pixel XL 2) could have at least one of the three color variants that the Pixel XL of 2016: black, silver, and blue. 

The render revealed yesterday showed a black Pixel XL 2017, so maybe you also want to see what the smartphone would look like in silver and blue. Thanks to Twitter user Benjamin Geskin, we can …

OnePlus 5 may get UI themes and a blue light filter, new teasers suggest

Another day, another teaser for the OnePlus 5 has come out ahead of the phone’s official announcement. In fact, two new posts have appeared on the OnePlus Twitter page in the last 24 hours, both giving us hints about changes we can expect.

Te first clue comes in the form of the picture above, captioned “Software designed with style and refinement”, and is obviously pointing to updates in the OxygenOS interface. To be more precise, the various motifs in the background may be a hint at support for UI themes. Currently, OnePlus’s UI only lets you change the color …

Image of Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ for U.S. market surfaces

In the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are available in Midnight Black. Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver. Today, reliable source Evan Blass (@evleaks) sent out a tweet that included an image of both phones dressed in Coral Blue. Blass says that this color is heading to U.S. versions of the two handsets, although no time frame for its stateside release was mentioned. Also, while you most likely will find this new color for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ offered on Samsung’s website, it isn’t known yet which carriers and retailers in the U.S. will stock it.

You might recall that …

Chinese Twitter has more monthly users than the ‘real’ blue bird social network

China is a whole other Earth on its own. The amount of people living within its territory is something that you just cannot cognitively process in your mind, but can only read as a number. As we know, the Chinese government has established very stringent rules on Internet access and usage for its some 1.3 billion citizens. Just like Russia, the country has its own versions of social networks and search engines, as Facebook and Google, for example, are banned on its territory. Imagine how big a customers pool those two miss on, thanks to the country’s Internet policies.

Weibo, which is …

Sapphire Blue Moto G5 leaks out, Internet still obsessed with Product Red iPhone

Ever thought the Moto G5 lacked a bit of Blue at launch? You are not the only one. That’s why Lenovo is prepping to launch the affordable phone in a “Blue Sapphire” color variant sometime soon.

Promotional images of the handset showed up online, presenting a very blue Moto G5. It’s so blue, it’d sing about baby leaving it while wailing away on a rusty harmonica. 
Still, it could turn out to be a breath of fresh air among the onslaught of crimson red phones that will inevitably follow Apple’s latest announcement in a few months.

No changes beyond …

Nostalgic about the Blue Coral Note 7? Xiaomi has just the Mi Note 2 fix

Call it what you will, but Chinese darling Xiaomi will be releasing a blue Mi Note 2, among other color versions, and the hue somewhat resembles that of the infamous Note 7 Blue Coral version. That one proved so popular that Samsung decided to bring it down to the next best thing in its flagship Galaxy line – the S7 edge – and it has been selling like hot cakes ever since, often on back order from US carriers.

Even if you decide that the blue Mi Note 2, as showcased in the photos below by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, is not at all like the Blue Coral Note 7, bear in mind that it’s still …