LCD-bearing iPhone (2018) could be offered in blue, pink, and yellow says one analyst

Apple may be planning a number of vibrant colors for the upcoming LCD-equipped iPhone. It has been rumored for some time now that Apple has plans for at least three new iPhones in September. Two premium smartphones equipped with OLED displays and a lower-cost LCD model. Now, analyst Jun Zhang speculates the company may cater to its younger audiences through various color options.

In a return to Apple’s 2013 ways, Zhang expects the Silicon Valley-based giant to introduce various vibrant color choices for the LCD device, expected to simply be called iPhone (2018). Among the options could …

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin starts its year off right with beautiful rocket launch


Up, up, and away. 

Blue Origin — the previously secretive rocket company started by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos — just launched another successful flight and landing of its New Shepard rocket and capsule from its facility in Texas. 

The test flight, which took place on Sunday at around 1:07 p.m. ET, will pave the way for people to actually fly to suborbital space aboard the Blue Origin rocket sometime in the coming years. 

The rocket reached a maximum altitude of 350,000 feet during the test flight, which took roughly 10 minutes from liftoff to the rocket and capsule touchdowns.  Read more…

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Watch Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on art like it's nothing


When you’re the six year-old daughter of two moguls, sometimes your weekly allowance gives you the opportunity to bid a couple bucks on artwork from time to time.

Or $19,000, to be exact. 

Blue Ivy Carter made an appearance with her parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé on Saturday night at the  2018 WACO Wearable Art gala, a fundraiser to support Tina and Richard Lawson’s Where Art Can Occur (WACO) Theater Center. 

It was a star-studded event, but Blue is the one who stole the show when she made it clear she was ready to take something home, no matter the price tag. 

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Here is the Huawei P20 Lite in blue

With less than a month left until the official unveiling of Huawei’s new flagship smartphones, we’ve got more information about what’s to come. It’s true that we already know what the P20 may look like, but if you don’t like the black color, we now have more pictures showing the smartphone in blue.

We reported last week about the upcoming Huawei P20 Lite, the cheapest P20 smartphone the Chinese handset maker plans to announce later this month. A picture showing the black variant was leaked by Evan Blass, alongside information about the P20 Lite’s specs.

The blue version of the P20 …

High-res Galaxy S9 and S9+ pictures explore every nook and cranny of the black and blue models

In case the leaked official press renders of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ the other day weren’t enough for your viewing pleasure, the full high-res images of Samsung’s upcoming spring flagships have now also leaked out.
They reveal in very granular detail the rough metal frame coating, the intricacies of the dual-aperture lens on both phones, and the secondary camera exclusive to the S9+, as well as the busy top bezel where Samsung’s new “3D Emoji” option will be nourished from. Be patient, though, as these are larger files, and may take a while to load, depending on …

Pixel 2 XL screen blue tint likely caused by poorly applied polarizer

Here is why the Google Pixel 2 XL has that very noticeable blue tint whenever you tilt the phone just slightly: it uses a polarizer that seems to be applied so poorly that it causes this weird screen coloration.
Screen polarizers are generally a great thing: they allow you to see your phone display when you look at it with sunglasses on.
Google even bragged about this as an important feature of the Google Pixel 2 XL display during the official launch event:
“We’ve integrated a circular polarizer, …

Kinda Blue Google Pixel 2 is kinda really out of stock

Google started taking pre-orders for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2
XL on October 5, almost immediately after announcing the two new phones. On the
same day, the Black & White (panda-like) version of the Pixel 2 XL went out
of stock on Google Store. Now, we’re noticing that the Kinda Blue Pixel 2 can
no longer be ordered, either.  


As a reminder, Black & White is a Pixel 2 XL exclusive
color, while Kinda Blue is a Pixel 2 exclusive color. With both now out of
stock, at the moment you can only order the Pixel 2 in Just Black and Clearly
White, while the Pixel 2 XL is available …

This is the Note 8 in the new Deep Sea Blue color

Well, well, well, look what we have here – after revealing the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet in Midnight Black, perennial leakster Evan Blass is now declassifying an eventual Deep Sea Blue version. 

It looks fine at the front, but we bet it looks even svelter from the rear, and has a blue S Pen to match. Hopefully we will get a look at the blue Deep Sea glass back as well, since with that screen-to-body ratio, there’s barely a blueish frame to judge the intensity of the color from. 
One thing is certain, though – Deep Sea is not Coral …

Report: Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ coming to the US on July 13

An image of the Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ leaked online back in June, and we knew right away the smartphones would eventually make their debut in the United States.

Even though we still don’t have any official information regarding their release, Droid-life has it from trusted sources that the Coral Blue Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be available for purchase in the US on July 13.

Both flagships will hit the shelves at Best Buy, as the US retailer managed to score another exclusivity over a Samsung handset. According to the same source, Best Buy will …

If the Google Pixel XL 2017 will have silver and blue versions, here's what they could look like

Yesterday, thanks to a render revealed by Android Police, we saw what’s supposedly a near-final design of a new Google Pixel XL smartphone – a 6-inch handset reportedly manufactured by LG.

Expected to be announced sometime this fall, the Pixel XL 2017 (or Pixel XL 2) could have at least one of the three color variants that the Pixel XL of 2016: black, silver, and blue. 

The render revealed yesterday showed a black Pixel XL 2017, so maybe you also want to see what the smartphone would look like in silver and blue. Thanks to Twitter user Benjamin Geskin, we can …