BlackBerry Platform: The First Choice of Business Class

BlackBerry, a line of wireless Smartphone mobile gadget is designed particularly for the business splinter of consumers. Features like QWERTY keyboard, quick access and editing of documents file and email storage, is exactly what every businessperson desires. BlackBerry is one of the leaders among all the Smartphones due to stability, development API support and platform consistency. BlackBerry supports millions of customers worldwide and the number is increasing constantly at fast pace. It is widely accepted and popular amongst it’s user base.

BlackBerry Apps Make the platform more User-Friendly

The applications available for BlackBerry also help make it user friendly. BlackBerry’s platform allows creation of applications such as downloading and editing files using Java. Users can send and receive faxes, download Word documents and edit them on the BlackBerry Programmer, edit Excel files, and view a variety of documents.

You can use our Custom Blackberry Application Development Services for the development of any custom app that’s important to you. Owing to the prerequisite of right balance between the best possible user experience and a prolonged battery life, BlackBerry Application Development needs a bit of more consideration. A BlackBerry user uses the applications on his device in a completely different manner than on any computer.

Thus BlackBerry Applications Development requires highly skilled BlackBerry Applications Developer to design a BlackBerry device app in a way that permits the users with ease to perform their tasks easily and access their information rapidly. BlackBerry Developer continue to create innovation with respect to this mobile’s unique platform and application. In fact, developing BlackBerry’s platform and application can be a great experience in itself. However To be able, to come up with unique application and platform, one needs to be an expert in this field.

Our talented BlackBerry Experts at Daffodil, use their skills to use the industry standard tools and a number of advanced development approaches including Java and web. With expert and skilled team of BlackBerry Application Programmers, we are ready to serve businesses with an effective and proper decision making solutions which can help in increasing profitability and efficiency.

Our team of BlackBerry Application Developers specializes in BlackBerry API Classes, BlackBerry MDS, BlackBerry J2ME and RIM BlackBerry JDE. We not only develop BlackBerry Applications Developer from scratch, but also upgrade and modify the existing BlackBerry Apps as per the client’s requirement. Our BlackBerry Development Services encompass the following major head:

* Custom application development services
* Software support and maintenance
* Software testing services

Daffodil has established itself as one of the pioneer BlackBerry Application Development company in India, catering to a diverse client base around the globe. With Blackberry Business solutions, one can connect and collaborate from anywhere. Developing a BlackBerry platform and application can be quite complicated as it requires deep knowledge and expertise in this field.

But here at Daffodil we guarantee to provide you with all your needs with respect to developing BlackBerry’s applications. Daffodil has a rich resource pool specializing in cutting edge technologies and our team of BlackBerry Developers is highly experienced in xecuting various kinds of complex projects in BlackBerry.

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The Blackberry Curve – Redefining The Business Cell Phone

The blackberry curve avaliable on TMobile Cell Phones was officially released on 11th February, 2009 in USA. T-Mobile Blackberry Cell Phones were previously thought to be a part of the 9000 series of the brand but, however at release it featured in the 8900 series mainly due to the fact of the lack of 3G. The cell phone officially identified as the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a Quad band EDGE/SM mobile phone. According to the experts the cellular phone is a successor of BlackBerry Curve 8300 with improvements in almost each aspect. The cellular phone isn’t only smaller when compared with its counterpart but is also loaded with a better camera. Higher resolution display, smaller keyboard, different USB ports, much better atomic trackball, larger internal memory are a few of the capabilities providing an edge to the mobile phone.

Features: This latest offering surely presents the customers with an edge when it comes to emails. The desktop redirect software can be used for setting up equally work and personal accounts. The device can be easily hooked with a BlackBerry server or can be basically used for creating as quite a few as ten accounts through the online services. Let’s move forward to a few of the other features other than the email dedicated heart. The music player can handle file formats like AAC and MP3 while the video player is compatible with both Xvid and DivX files. Both the music and video player are competent enough to set playlists or shuffle tracks. The little yet useful screen presents a lively and brighter picture as far as video quality is concerned.

Camera: The 3.2 Megapixel camera of the cell phone has been a case of worry for most of its users. The camera as reported showcases extremely low resolution thus, making it only suitable for MMS messages and little prints. The camera can be used for capturing both still and video shots although the users have a choice of employing the LED flashlight in dull atmosphere.

Design: Bringing together the designing characteristics of both BlackBerry 9000 and BlackBerry Curve 8310, 8900 is a much compactor and attractive mobile phone. Sliding down comfortably in the pocket, the dimension of the cellular phone is neither too large nor too small. The unique style has quickly created the cellular phone favorite amongst both the businessmen and teenagers. The screen is small, yet effective and will definitely surprise with its bright and lively colors. On the other hand the QWERTY keyboard of the device provides a extremely easy and reliable typing experience. 8900 also features a trackball really useful for scrolling through websites, emails and other functional areas.

Performance: The phone comes along a effective battery which can last for 2 days even following regular usage. Most of the customers reported the call quality to be a little fuzzy, with lower level of volume during calls. Although the loudspeaker is big and loud but, absolutely sounds tinny when tuned too high. On the other hand the interface of the mobile was incredibly fast without having any lag while running application or switching between various sections of the menu. Although, 8900 is well developed and equipped with outstanding capabilities, for most of the lack of 3G support was a point of disappointment.

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BlackBerry Solutions – The Smart Choice For Your Business

In the new binary world, business never sleeps. And in such a fast paced environment, mobile executives and key decision makers have to make rapid, informed decisions. But if you’re away from your desk and haven’t got the time to fire up a laptop, you could find yourself disconnected from vital information that could decide your next business move. So what’s the alternative?

Smart phones, smart technology, smart business

The alternative is the smart phone. More specifically, the BlackBerry® smartphone. This tried and trusted brand was one of the first truly ‘smart’ phones and set the benchmark by which all newcomers have been judged. The BlackBerry paved the way for the mobile revolution and is still at the cutting edge of the very latest in user-friendly design and functionality.

A BlackBerry handset is more than just a fashion icon. It’s a practical, rugged and multi-functional device that is the original ‘hand held computer’. This makes it ideal for business users, thanks to a wealth of applications and integrated software that turn BlackBerry smartphones into a true ‘pocket office’. WiFi activated connections put you in touch with your office as if you were there, allowing business decision makers to access and prioritise critical data on the move.

BlackBerry support

The BlackBerry has international support, so that accessibility isn’t limited to UK shores. Even on the other side of the world, a BlackBerry lets the business user link up with their office, transfer files, move and receive data as if they were just in the coffee shop around the corner. The BlackBerry has done more to ‘shrink’ the world we live and work in than almost any other hand held device. It is this connectivity that is so crucial to modern business and the business user, and is why BlackBerry mobiles continue to be the smart phones of choice for business users.

Mobile sales strategy

Having the facts and figures at your fingertips can often be crucial to sealing a deal. Any delay in getting those figures could cost you a contract or new business partnership. While borrowing someone’s laptop to check your emails may be easy enough, it doesn’t look very professional. In business, image is everything, and if you want to present your business as vibrant, affirmative and as professional as possible, then having access to your figures from a BlackBerry gives you an authority and immediacy that impresses. It gives your partners confidence that you’re serious about business and are able to adapt and control your organisation even when you’re on a different continent.

Social networking

The biggest growth area in business online campaigning is through the use of social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Once the preserve of teenagers and desk-bound browsers, social media is now a hugely important business arena that you have to be part of to raise your online profile. A BlackBerry lets you stay in touch with your network and tell the world what your business is doing. All of this raises your online profile and pushes you up those all-important Google rankings. And it’s all accessible from a BlackBerry.

Smartphones are the future of business. If you want your organisation to be up there with the big players and you have a mobile workforce, a BlackBerry is the most cost effective and efficient way to keep your operatives in touch 24/7 and your business online seven days a week.

Chris Bourne Online Manager About the Author Chris Bourne – Intercity is a leading independent service provider in the business communications market. Intercity offer BlackBerry Mobile Solutions, Blackberry Handsets, Installations and Consultancy provided by our own in-house BlackBerry certified consultant.

Engross a professional BlackBerry Application Developers

BlackBerry Applications is booming in the world of mobile and other related devices and so, called the leader in the smart phone industry by providing the customized BlackBerry Applications for development of business by BlackBerry Applications Developers. As BlackBerry is not just a communicating device, but also a medium for social networking for business people for accelerating their work, entertaining them and promoting their online Business.

In order to achieve this the BlackBerry App Developers often make the best use of their potential technologically to create and update applications, Because while creating it the BlackBerry App Developers should keep in view the nature of BlackBerry, that it should be easy, cheap and handy. As a result of which it has beaten the other major applications and stand among the top three major apps namely Apple and android.

Also the BlackBerry Applications have a lot many amazing app such as notes, addresses book, calendars, methods for secure messaging and content presentation along with the BlackBerry Application Developers creating a new ravishing Application named playbook: a high performing device.
Since then BlackBerry applications is leading ahead amongst the technological devices all over the globe. BlackBerry developers offer applications with many Quintessential features and these features of BlackBerry Applications make it active and excellent smart device to fit all needs among the user. The following is the list of features offered by BlackBerry:

1. The BlackBerry Developers contributes various messenger applications, games, themes, advanced e-mailing software, etc. so making the most optimized use of exclusive Technology.
2. The BlackBerry Application possesses the high end mobile solutions so that users can get full utility of available BlackBerry.
3. The BlackBerry App Developers comfort the users with downloading, uploading and browsing third party BlackBerry Applications.
4. BlackBerry Application Developers always emerge with the various development tools used to deliver the reliable services and so providing the best platform to both users and the developers .
5. With BlackBerry apps development the developer can easily use an array of blackberry features like rich graphics, multitasking, and advance processing.
6. A good BlackBerry application developers confers the following services:
Compatible Internet/Intranet access, Internet faxing and web browsing, active organizer BlackBerry Applications, faster performance and apps archive, effective CRM with BlackBerry, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Order entry, field services, Point of Sales/M-commerce applications, Management productivity tools, etc.
7. BlackBerry Developers guarantee easy connectivity with business users as a result of which there is an increase in productivity and profitability.

Since then BlackBerry Application Developers haven’t left any such point of complaint and stick to their commitment of providing the best app with right tools, Hence BlackBerry Developers serve the promise of providing best mobile platform to the customers that is flexible supporting java, J2ME and many more. Although thousands of BlackBerry App Developers have come-forth, but in order to gain success and be a winner it is essential to make a right decision that that provides with the result driven rich quality services and also be updated with the latest techniques. BlackBerry Application Developers therefore mingles the BlackBerry Applications with the several such development techniques to provide with the best suited platform for both users and BlackBerry Developers.

Hire offshore dedicated BlackBerry Applications Developers from DevelopMobileApp at extremely affluent cost. For the live and innovative BlackBerry Applications with unique and flawless services always go for trusted and experienced developers from India.

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PGP Blackberry Service: Get Security While Sharing Messages

Today security is very important in communication as we share so many things with our family, friends by messaging them all time. At the same time, there are so many people with wrong intentions who try to harm people by taking their personal information by cracking their messages which contain lots of details of that person. To resolve this issue, Blackberry provides security PGP services in Blackberry phones which help to keep safe and secure your information. With this, you can stay connected to your family and friends.

PGP Blackberry Services
PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy”. It helps you to send your messages without any issue of security. This is a service which ensures your security and privacy.

How it works for You?
PGP works as you send any message to anyone, it encodes your messages in specific sign language and only decodes for your recipient. Nobody will be able to understand your message and it will be safely delivered. This service is provided by Blackberry, so it is only applicable to Blackberry users. Decrypting of emails, directories, texts as well as files takes place only for those who own this software encryption Blackberry. PGP also protects your email and disk data. It securely sends your messages to any blackberry phone. All PGP phones use the standard encryption RSA 4096 bits coupled with AES 256 which make this coding so strong that nobody is able to get access of your message except the one to whom it has been delivered.

Blackberry to Blackberry Working
It is known as Blackberry to Blackberry messaging or PIN to PIN. Every Blackberry is assigned a PIN and sending message to the other device is possible only when you are connected with other device through this PIN.

How you can select this PGP?
Now on your few clicks, you can install PGP on BlackBerry by buying it from any online portal. This service comes with some selected modes four units, the BlackBerry 9320 PGP, BlackBerry 9360 PGP, BlackBerry 9790 PGP and BlackBerry 9900 PGP. These are applicable to all PGP encrypted phone models across USA, Canada, Thailand, Spain, UK, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Australia.

Packages for PGP Phones
Blackberry provides this service to you as per your requirements and you can select your package by paying a little amount. Blackberry is providing this service in the following packages.

* 3 month rental
* 6month rental
* 12 month rental

In these packages you can select any one of these as per your requirement.

* 3 Month Rental Plan :- In this package PGP services are activated for 3 months and you can enjoy this service only in $ 750 by paying this one time and stay tension free till 3 months

* 6 Month Rental Plan :- In this package PGP services are activated for 6 months and you can enjoy this service only in $ 995 by paying this one time and stay tension free till 6 months

* 12 Month Rental Plan :- In this package PGP services are activated for 12 months and you can enjoy this service only in $ 1950 by paying this one time and stay tension free till 6 months

Now on your few clicks, you can install PGP on BlackBerry by buying it from any online portal. This service comes with some selected modes four units, the BlackBerry 9320 PGP, BlackBerry 9360 PGP, BlackBerry 9790 PGP and BlackBerry 9900 PGP.

Who Should Get the Blackberry Torch 9860

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is a one of a kind mobile phone that is both extremely stylish and at the same time practical. The torch is a great buy not only for people who are in their teenage years but also for the people who are looking forward to making a big impression.

There are a lot of great mobile phones from the Blackberry themselves as well as from the competition but it still seems like the Blackberry Torch 9860 provides everything that a person would need; from great screens to a dozen different functions the Blackberry Torch 9860 is definitely the mobile phone for the modern person.

Here are some of the features that make the Blackberry Torch 9860 a standout choice when it comes to mobile phones:

The Torch has a faster interface with the BlackBerry 7 OS

The BlackBerry Torch 9860 is equipped with WikiTude World Browser with direct connection to online website Wikipedia.

The mobile phone can record lifelike videos with its 5 megapixel 720p HD video camera

The Blackberry phone sports Liquid Graphics to help improve multimedia uses and gaming

Equipped with the largest screen within the brand, a 3.7 inch touch screen

Voice activated universal search lets users search for files with a unique voice recognition system

Faster browsing speed with the 1.2GHz processor

Reach out with other Blackberry users through BlackBerry Messenger

Connect with the Internet through wifi capabilities and much more

With all this in mind, people might actually wonder if they are looking at a standard BlackBerry phone because all the elements that makes the BlackBerry such a unique looking phone in the past has been thrown away to be replaced with a sleeker and far more power smartphone. One quick glance at the phone itself might lead people to think that they are looking at a smartphone that has just been released. But the truth of the matter is that this is actually a BlackBerry phone and this might also be the future of the phone brand.

So which type of phone users will the BlackBerry Torch 9860 work for? Here are some of the potential candidates and how they can use the features of the phone to their advantage.

Urban Professionals – Young urban professionals will definitely have a field day with the BlackBerry Torch 9860 because of the features that it sports. Aside from the fully functional touchscreen and the powerful and faster processor, these professionals will most definitely enjoy the voice recognition feature to help them find messages and emails faster than ever before.

Teenagers – Teenagers always go crazy when it comes to technology and the BlackBerry Torch is definitely a technology that they’ll want to have in their pockets. The feature that will most definitely appeal to the younger generation will include the video camera and the multimedia tool together with the browser which will help them connect to their friends either on Facebook or through BlackBerry Messenger.

I have recently given birth to my beautiful daughter just in time for summer.

There are some great Blackberry 9860 deals and Blackberry 9810 contract offers available right now.

Mobile Technologies for your Business (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone) Development

Mobile Technologies for your Business (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone) Development
Owing to consumer demands, mobile devices today are capable of delivering content in any format. The age of eCommerce has now moved on to mCommerce, pushing enterprises to restructure their business models in sync with current market trends. Having a website or online store isn’t sufficient any longer – mobile apps are the next big thing. This is the influence of mobile technology.

There are many mobile operating systems that businesses can work with such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple iOS X, Symbian, JavaFX Mobile, LiMo Foundation, Android, Ubuntu Mobile and BREW.

Growing Impact of Mobile Application and Significance in Business

The question most businesses are asking today is how can mobility enrich their enterprise and manage internal operations better? There are many benefits that mobilization has to offer to enterprises, the most obvious one being, greater flexibility – between employees and their seniors. Other key aspects include better response time, easy access to resources from any location, better decision making, freer interaction with partners, etc. These aspects will contribute greatly to the growth of any business, be it a small company or a large corporation.

Another area where mobile applications have had a huge impact is retail. The IT boom saw many changes in the retail industry with outsourcing and internet applications to achieve competitive differentiation, operational excellence and flexibility. The next step for these businesses is adapting to mobile technology and creating a competitive edge that will, in turn, improve profitability and productivity. It has already been seen that technology is power and has the capacity to innovate, if integrated well with business processes and values. Mobile technology helps build a wireless workforce that enables better business transition between clients and customers. Mobile communication provides services that help accelerate better business outcomes, beat competition, bring new potential clients and enrich people with the experience of being connected from anywhere and anytime.

Retailer Apps

To influence the tech savvy shoppers of today, retailers need to seriously consider developing better, improved mobile apps that provide key tools and information. Customization is key and mobile app capabilities need to adapt to consumer requirements accordingly. Smartphone owners are demanding, and it is not enough to provide just a mobile-optimized version of your website with basic product information and transaction capabilities. A more relevant and tailored in-store shopping experience using a retailer’s dedicated app/site will attract consumer loyalty. By enabling mobile capabilities at each stage of the store-shopping journey, retailers can influence sales revenue and potentially improve conversion rates.

If you are not sure what should be the best mobile application strategy for you business then please contact BSL Information Technology (BSLi) for free consultation service

Impact of recession in Europe/USA on Outsourcing Industry
The world economy saw the most gruelling time this year since World War II and Europe and USA bore the brunt of it. The first quarter saw a 0.2% dip in UK while USA never fully recovered from the recession in 2009. Consequently, this has had a positive impact on our Indian economy since US and Europe are the largest customers of the Indian outsourcing industry and account for 60 percent and 31 percent, respectively, of IT and BPO exports.

India has been the preferred outsourcing destination for most IT companies in UK and USA, mostly because of its affordable labour, English speaking workforce and stable infrastructure. European countries such as Austria, Denmark and Finland have derived benefits from India’s workforce in fields such as mobile computing, digital media and offshore software development. In fact, latest figures on the Information Services Group’s (ISG) TPI index showed that Europe spent as much as 27 per cent more on IT and BPO outsourcing in 2011 than in 2010, and outsourcing contracts crossed €44bn, out of which BPO and IT contracts alone were estimated to be above €20m.

The services sector in India contributes as much as 52% to the GDP growth and includes BPOs, KPOs, IT companies, ITeS etc. Due to the economical crises in America and European nations, the Indian outsourcing industry has evolved. This is because global IT companies are cutting down on costs and are seeking more cost effective solutions by seeking cheap resources. These include several changes in corporate behaviours such as staff reductions, bringing in new decision makers, better payment management and simpler value propositions.

Of course, changes in pricing trends see American and European companies deflating pricing for globalization services. Large companies, especially those that work on long term engagements such as TCS, Satyam, Wipro, etc. are not adversely affected. In fact, Indian IT services companies will prove beneficial to recession hit countries due to their ability to compete better. Business relations between India and these nations will improve, as a result.

Recession essentially means the paying rates will come with approximately 20% profit margins, even to countries such as India who actively contribute to offshore software development. However,

A Forrester report said that though companies are now holding back their IT budgets to cut expenses, after some time, they may outsource more of their processes when cutting costs pressurizes them, in case the present recession settles to become a mild one. There is a general assumption is that outsourcing is likely to benefit from the credit crunch, but at the moment things are highly unpredictable.

A negative impact of recession is revised political and tax regulations, not to mention, visa and travel restrictions. This means a major decline in travel by offshore workers. However, anti-offshoring measures may be countered with newer policies such as free trade.

The Indian IT sector is dealing with Western recession in many ways. These include exploring the domestic market, improving internal efficiencies to maintain cost competitiveness and improving product portfolios. Experts say the focus needs to shift to non-dollar economies. At the same time, they are optimistic that this recession period won’t last for more than two or three years.

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What You Need To Know About The Blackberry

This week, a brand-new Blackberry device hit the market with a touchscreen and many other innovative features, yet many other people who are technologically savvy might have no idea what this devices or why it’s important. The new President of the United States can’t seem to live without his Blackberry and wants to find a way to have access to one. Why on earth are these devices so popular?

Unless you have spent part of the past few years in a cave or under a rock, you have heard of the Blackberry. However, Do you know what a Blackberry is? Most people don’t. In many ways, the Blackberry was the iPhone before the iPhone even existed. It is an innovative smartphone device that incorporates the most advanced e-mail features, from desktop computing into a phone.

For example, a Blackberry is designed to allow you to read and respond to email. On top of reviewing, reading and sending email, there are many other functions that can be performed with a Blackberry. It is like a texting phone for corporate e-mail users in the same way that kids love to text message.

Presently, the Blackberry widely is available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Present plans are in place for the Blackberry to be introduced in other countries the world over in the very immediate future. Yet, with the introduction of the iPhone, and competitors from other companies and blackberry growth could be stalling.

You can find the Blackberry device on most modern networks. A notable carrier is Verizon wireless, who has secured exclusive use of the latest iteration of the Blackberry. Some people are calling this device, the greatest Blackberry ever and a worthy competitor to the iPhone.

The iPhone showed us how easy a phone can be with a touchscreen, but before there was a touch screen. There was the Blackberry and its innovative QWERTY keyboard. Oftentimes a person who has a Blackberry can be found to remark that he or she cannot imagine getting by without a Blackberry.

Anymore, the older models of the Blackberry have gotten so cheap that it can serve as a fantastic text and e-mail enabled phone for anyone who wants to use them, not just corporate e-mail users.

Even when all the competition out there now, the Blackberry or man’s extremely popular device for many important reasons. It is a highly usable, highly functional, and highly practical device that suits the needs of its millions of users wonderfully. It is no small wonder that the Blackberry continues to be the device of choice for many many people.

Brian is a att cell phones enthusiast who really loves new tmobile phones. You can learn more at

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Blackberry Priv to join Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint Networks in 2016

Chen also stated that Blackberry does not plan to release any new phones based on the Blackberry 10 operating system this year however it may be revisited in the future depending on how the Android device plays out and if it is profitable for the company.


While Blackberry is not going to release any devices offering Blackberry 10, the company will still provide users with updates to the current devices running the operating system. By straying away from the Blackberry 10 operating system, it actually costs less for Blackberry to develop Android phones since the company will not have to develop and maintain its own operating system. In its last quarterly earnings report, Blackberry 10 was not doing too well as the company only sold 700,000 smartphones over the previous three months and a good chunk of those phones were likely to be the first Android based device, the Blackberry Priv.

In order to bring the brand back into the limelight, Chen announced that the Blackberry Priv will be offered through Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile networks sometime this year. Currently, the Priv is only available as an unlocked device or with a contract through AT&T. While no information regarding release dates to the various carriers have been confirmed, T-Mobile will allegedly get the device on January 26th with Sprint and Verizon following suit later this year. This is important news for fans who have been waiting for the Blackberry device to become available on the carrier of their choice however it can be alluded that the device carries some popularity among consumers.

In regards to the new Android based device, at CES 2016, Chen chose to keep all of the details secret however, computer renders of what could potentially be the device, code-named “Vienna,” were leaked last year. As 2016 continues, more information will be released regarding the new device however in the meantime, consumers can enjoy the Blackberry Priv on the carrier of their choice.

Learn How To Unlock Your Blackberry Phone, And Exactly How This Works

The organization behind the brand Blackberry is RIM (Research in Motion), that happen to be a Canadian company who launched their mobile products from 1999. Blackberry gadgets have become very popular, in the beginning with businesses because of their effortless integration into current business mail networks as well as communication devices, however they have rapidly improved over the years to become suitable alternatives to other mobile manufacturers, such as the iPhone, as well as mobiles running the Android Os.


However, not every networks deliver the huge selection of blackberry mobile devices, that could leave you in a challenging circumstance of needing to choose amongst the desired network provider, or the particular label of blackberry you want.

Yet, do you know you may now unlock most Blackberry products? This article is great if you are looking for information on how to unlock a blackberry storm.

The Key Advantages Of Unlocking A Blackberry Smartphone:
– By unlocking your blackberry, you have got complete independence of deciding on the network of your choosing
– Whenever travelling abroad, you can use a local prepaid sim card that will help you save big money on calling fees
– It can add resell worth to your phone if you want to sell it, and also be able to offer it to a bigger audience since it won’t be tied to any specific network.
– You can purchase virtually any blackberry phone of your choosing, and then use it on your current network contract.

What Blackberry Mobile phones Might Be Unlocked?
Almost all GSM Blackberry smartphones, and those which are GSM/CDMA can also be unlocked too. Providing your Blackberry has a sim card slot, there shouldn’t be a issue in removing the lock on the device.

Would Blackberry Unlocking Void Warranties?
It’s among the significant inquiries of several new Blackberry owners. In the past, the traditional means of removing the lock on mobile devices was by physically opening up the device, and tampering with a few of the devices. The good news is, many Blackberry’s could be unlocked remotely using a simple program code, and since this is more of a software revision, the mobile phone can most likely be insured with any warranty should it fail.

When Unlocked, Would My Programs Still Function?
Unlocking any blackberry mobile phone, is merely making it multi-network suitable. You’re not replacing any particulars inside the Blackberry OS or the method your applications function. With this in mind, you would experience no difficulties as a result with unlocking your blackberry device, and would always benefit from the use of any applications, like emails, Blackberry Messenger, web browsing and many more.

Still, be sure you have Blackberry data plan together with your network to cover up the price of any relevant data consumption.

Could I Find Out If My Blackberry Is Unlocked By now?
It is very simple to discover if your new Blackberry device is unlocked and all set for usage on several other sites. Simply make sure the unit is switched on and has a working Sim Card inserted. Go to to the ‘Options’ Menu, click on ‘Advanced Options’, and then finally ‘Sim Card’. Once at this interface, type in the letters ‘mepd’ in to the unit.

You would get among the three responses: disabled/inactive, enabled/active or blocked. In case the reply is ‘Disabled’ or ‘Inactive’, it implies that the Blackberry device has already been unlocked and able to use on a different network. Should your Blackberry device states ‘Enabled’ or ‘Active’, this means the unit is locked to it’s original network, and you will need to get the blackberry unlock program code to unlock it. Then again, if you see “Blocked” this means that your Blackberry is hard locked on the primary mobile phone network provider and may not be unlocked remotely by a unlock code.

How Do I Get My Blackberry Unlock Code?
Simply contact your network provider and request for the unlock code for the particular Blackberry device. Nearly all networks will offer you this data, however in the unfortunate situation they won’t, you might be able to use a 3rd party Blackberry unlock service, and they may charge for the unlock codes.

Can My Blackberry Unlock Code Work For All Blackberry’s Of Similar Model?
Absolutely not. Each Blackberry is allocated a distinctive IMEI number, which recognizes each and every handset. This may generally be found under Options> Status or by phone dialing *#06# from the phone. The code generated for your unit is specific for your IMEI number, and won’t work on different products of the same brand. Your own code to unlock blackberry 9360 won’t work for another phone of the same model. If you have your mobile replaced under warranty, you will need to request a new unlock program code.