The batteries powering the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ might not be bigger, but they should perform better

We’ve already shown you what allegedly is the retail box for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and that certainly gave away plenty of information that Samsung would have preferred to release itself at a later time. One tidbit that wasn’t included on the box was the capacity of the battery that will power Sammy’s 2019 flagship phone. But Brazil’s telecom regulator ANATEL divulged some information that seemingly applies to the cells that will power both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Certificates issued by ANATEL show the agency giving thumbs up to a pair of new batteries that will be used by Samsung. …

Samsung Galaxy S9 rumored to come with bigger battery, here's the alleged capacity

The Samsung Galaxy S9 could arrive with a slightly larger battery than its predecessor, according to a new rumor. The latest speculation comes from Chinese website Weibo, where a user who supposedly is in possession of a test unit shared the following information:
Now, Google Translate isn’t exactly stellar with Chinese to English translations, but from what we can make out, Samsung’s smaller 2018 flagship should pack a 3,200mAh power cell. Compared to the Galaxy S8, that’s an increase of 200mAh. 
The …

Microsoft Launcher update brings support for bigger icon layouts, UI adjustments

Microsoft Launcher shapes up to be a huge success for the Redmond-based company. Even though it’s still in beta, the app has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

If you’ve been using the Android launcher, then you’ll be happy to know the developers have just pushed out a new update that brings a host of new features and improvements.

First off, the Android app now supports apps grid layout up to a maximum of 12×12 and move apps/widget half grid. Also, with the last version of Microsoft Launcher, new users will be able to migrate their …

Analyst sees Apple's AR smartglasses becoming bigger than Apple Watch, just as big as the iPad

Earlier this year, we passed along some comments from former analyst Gene Munster, who claimed that Apple iPhone sales will peak in 2019  with Apple’s smartglasses launching the following year. At that point, Munster sees the iPhone getting replaced by the AR powered glasses as the biggest selling product in Apple’s lineup. Another analyst, Bernstein’s Toni Sacconaghi, wrote a note to clients stating that as much as Tim Cook loves AR, it won’t impact Apple’s bottom line until the company produces a pair of smartglasses.

Like Munster before him, Sacconaghi expects Apple Glasses (as …

Samsung teases the Note 8 event with a “Do bigger things” video

It’s been almost a month since Samsung sent out an invitation for its Unpacked event to be held on the 23rd of August. The image back then depicted a Galaxy Note 8 silhouette with an S Pen pointing towards it. Pretty obvious who the star of the event is going to be, right?

Now, Sammy has posted a video on its YouTube channel, basically teasing the Note 8 further. The clip basically throws a number of inspirational words like “leap”, “innovate”, and “bigger” at us, then finishes up with the same silhouette from the invitation. The supplied text reminds us of the …

Galaxy S9's Exynos version tipped to use 'stacked' motherboard for a bigger battery

We’ve been hearing about “stacked” motherboards destined for iPhones for a while, and Apple is now rumored to use one in the upcoming iPhone 8, so as to free space for a larger, L-shaped battery supplied by LG. In a nutshell, those advanced SLP (Substrate Like PCB) circuit boards would stack or package the chips tighter together, making their footprint much smaller, and leaving space for other things inside a phone, like, ahem, larger batteries. That’s exactly what Samsung may be doing with the Galaxy S9, tips Korean media today, referring to “industry sources”. 

Allegedly, …

iPhone 8 could be bigger than what leaks are suggesting

We’ve all seen the renders and blueprints, we’ve all heard the rumors. The iPhone 8 has been leaked to death at this point, but despite that we recently got yet another curious leak regarding the new iPhone, and it came from none other than Apple itself.

After the company accidentally pushed an early firmware for its upcoming HomePod smart speaker, swarms of developers and enthusiasts took it upon themselves to scour every line of code in the firmware for interesting info and/or clues about upcoming products.

What we got was (seemingly) a confirmation on …

Moto G5S Plus confirmed to get metal body, dual camera, bigger screen

Reporting for VentureBeat, seasoned smartphone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) published a marketing image for the upcoming Moto G5S Plus. This is a “special edition” variant of the Moto G5 Plus from earlier this year. The reported changes can be summed as cosmetic – the phone is now made of aluminum – and technological.
A dual camera (two 13MP sensors, one color, and one monochromatic) has been added, the front camera has been upgraded to 8MP (from 5MP), and the display has been enlarged to 5.5 inches by diagonal. The smartphone also grows slightly bigger …

ZTE intros the Blade V7 Plus with bigger battery, but outdated specs

ZTE quietly introduced an updated version of its Blade V7 series unveiled last year at Mobile World Congress. The new device is called Blade V7 Plus, which suggests ZTE made some improvements over the Blade V7 and V7 Lite models.

Unfortunately, ZTE Blade V7 Plus remains a smartphone with outdated specs, even if the Chinese company slightly enhanced some hardware and added new components.

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that the smartphone ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system on board, the same version of the OS that comes on the other …

Popular apps are getting bigger and taking up more space when you install them on your iPhone

Sure, the amount of native storage on your iPhone has risen sharply over the years. According to a report from Sensor Tower, the minimum storage available on an iPhone has doubled from the 16GB on 2013’s Apple iPhone 5s to the 32GB on last year’s Apple iPhone 7. But the truth is that Apple is not keeping up with the huge increase in the file size increases on popular apps. This is why many users of the iPhone are often looking for apps to remove in order to create space for new downloads.

Here is an amazing piece of data that says it all. The top ten most downloaded iPhone apps in the …