Hundreds gather to bid farewell to Stephen Hawking


Beloved physicist Stephen Hawking was honored at a private funeral service on Saturday.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Great St. Mary’s Church in Cambridge, U.K. for the event, which was attended by about 500 of the scientist’s family, friends, students, and collaborators. Attendees included Elon Musk, Chuck Lorre, Brian May, Lily Cole, and others.

Streets filled for Stephen Hawking’s funeral today

— Haskan Kaya (@HaskanKaya) March 31, 2018

Inside, according to NBC News, Eddie Redmayne (who played Hawking in the 2014 film The Theory of Everything) read from Ecclesiastes. Two people delivered eulogies. Read more…

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Watch Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on art like it's nothing


When you’re the six year-old daughter of two moguls, sometimes your weekly allowance gives you the opportunity to bid a couple bucks on artwork from time to time.

Or $19,000, to be exact. 

Blue Ivy Carter made an appearance with her parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé on Saturday night at the  2018 WACO Wearable Art gala, a fundraiser to support Tina and Richard Lawson’s Where Art Can Occur (WACO) Theater Center. 

It was a star-studded event, but Blue is the one who stole the show when she made it clear she was ready to take something home, no matter the price tag. 

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Qualcomm removes ex-chairman Paul Jacobs from board as he pursues bid for chipmaker

The never-ending saga of Broadcom trying to take over Qualcomm may have just made its first victim. Paul Jacobs, son of Qualcomm’s co-founder Irwin Jacobs, was replaced by Jeffrey Henderson in the chairman position last week.

The decision was made after several investors complained about Jacobs’ pay and said that since he has two separate roles at Qualcomm – executive chairman and chief executive, it might be confusing for employees and directors to tell who is in charge.

However, Jacobs remained a member of Qualcomm’s board until recently when he expressed his wish to pursue a bid …

Trump halts Broadcoms' bid for Qualcomm claiming national security is at risk

Claiming that an acquisition of San Diego based Qualcomm by Broadcom is a national security risk, President Donald J. Trump has blocked the transaction from taking place. Earlier this month, the U.S. Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) issued an extraordinary letter complaining that if a foreign company took over Qualcomm, it would damage U.S. participation in the production of components for the next-generation 5G wireless networks. Qualcomm, well known for its mobile chips, already has a number of phone manufacturers lined up to use its Snapdragon X50 5G NR …

Steve Jobs' 1973 job application surfaces at online auction; current bid is $50K

The amazing thing about history is that you can see what subsequently happened. Take an auction that is currently being held online by a company called RR Auction. Bidding ends on March 15th and one of the items up for grabs is a 1973 job application from Steve Jobs. The current high bid is $50,000. The document is written out in hand and the 18-year old Jobs lists Reed College as his address. His major is English Lit., according to the document. Ironically, in light of future events, he doesn’t have a phone.

Jobs goes on to state on the application that he has a driver’s license, but access …

Amid 30-day delay on Qualcomm's stockholder vote, Broadcom might have to pull its bid

Today, Qualcomm stockholders were supposed to vote on the make up of the company’s Board of Directors. With 11 seats on the Board, Broadcom lobbed in a slate of 6 candidates, hoping that it could win control of Qualcomm and rubber stamp Broadcom’s $117 billion bid for the Snapdragon chip designer. But some other news has come out that might force Broadcom to put the kibosh on its bid for now, and try again at another time.

The U.S. Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) sent a letter to two Broadcom lawyers on Monday, outlining some issues it had with the …

Qualcomm raises its bid for NXP, so Broadcom lowers its offer for Qualcomm (VIDEO)

After Qualcomm on Tuesday hiked its offer for auto chip producer NXP by 16% to $44 billion ($127.50 a share), Broadcom today dropped its bid for Qualcomm by 4% to $117 billion. Qualcomm, which was already complaining that the offer valued the company too low, responded by saying that the move by Broadcom made “an inadequate offer even worse.” The new, lowered bid works out to $79 a share, down from the previous $82 a share bid.

Broadcomm can still end up with its target depending on the outcome of a Qualcomm stockholder vote scheduled for March 6th. Broadcom has put up a slate of …

Qualcomm raises bid for auto chip maker NXP to $44 billion; Broadcom could hike offer for Qualcomm

Way before Broadcom made its initial bid for fellow chipmaker Qualcomm in November, the latter had gone after NXP Technologies. Qualcomm proposed a transaction for the largest producer of chips for automobiles, valued at $110 a share, back in October 2016. Since then, the deal has been approved by regulators around the world except in China. The regulatory agency in that country has yet to weigh in with a response.

While regulators have given the deal a thumbs up, NXP stockholders weren’t as happy with the price offered by Qualcomm. So this morning, the company raised its bid for NXP to …

Qualcomm rejects new bid from Broadcom

On Monday, chipmaker Broadcom raised its unsolicited bid for Qualcomm to $82 a share from $70. Broadcom said that it would pay $60 in cash and $22 of Broadcom stock for each Qualcomm share. On Thursday, the latter’s Board of Directors rejected the bid, stating that it undervalued the company, which is known for its Snapdragon line of chips for mobile devices.

In a letter from Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs to Broadcom president and CEO Hock Tan, Jacobs wrote that Qualcomm has offered to meet with Broadcom to “address the serious deficiencies in value and certainty in its proposal.” However, …

Rumor: Broadcom to raise bid for Qualcomm to $80-82 a share from current $70 offer

According to a report published today, Broadcom is going to raise its unsolicited bid for fellow chipmaker Qualcomm to $120 billion from the current $103 billion offer that was put on the table last November, and rejected by Qualcomm. That deal works out to $70 a share and consists of $10 a cash and $60 in Broadcom stock for every share of Qualcomm. Broadcom is reportedly considering a new bid worth between $80 and $82 dollars a share. There is no indication how much cash will be included in a revised offer.

In addition to raising the value of its bid, Broadcom is said to be enticing Qualcomm …