New BBM beta for Android now available from the Google Play Store with several new features

Signing up to be a beta tester for the Android version of BBM is a snap. Just click on the sourcelink at the bottom of this story, and click on the box that reads “Become A Tester.” Shortly after that, you will receive an update to the version of BBM that allows you to test new features for the app. Just keep in mind that features added to the beta version of the messaging app could be buggy until developers have these added capabilities perfected. If you decide to quite being a beta tester, you can uninstall the testing version and install the public version of the app.

The latest version …

Android 8.1 Oreo beta starts rolling out to the Essential Phone

Essential has just announced that Android 8.1 Oreo is now available for the Essential Phone in the beta form. The US company confirmed last month that it will update the flagship directly to Android 8.1 Oreo, thus skipping Android 8.0.

The first beta build of Android 8.l Oreo is being pushed OTA (over the air) to those who’ve been using beta builds of Android 8.0. Otherwise, you’ll have to download the file from Essential’s website and flash it manually on your smartphone.

We also have a complete changelog that contains all the new stuff added by Essential, such as smart text selection, …

Google Maps Go beta now available in the US on some non-Go Android phones

Google is making the Android Go version of Maps available to even more users. Two months ago the app was released in some countries, but it wasn’t compatible with too many Android smartphones and certainly, no no-Go Android handset was supported.

Starting today, Google has decided to expand the availability of the Maps Go to more territories, even though the application is still in beta. More importantly, the app is now compatible with many non-Go Android smartphones, although we don’t have a list of all supported devices, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself.

If you’re located …

iOS 11.3 Beta 2 finally adds the iPhone battery health sub-menu

After another iPhone scandal late last year, Apple admitted it hasn’t been transparent enough about how it handles power management on aging iPhones. Long story short — iPhones with batteries that have degraded beyond a certain level get their performance throttled in order to prevent the weak batteries to cause random restarts. However, the user was never informed properly of what is going on and why their iPhone has suddenly slowed down in performance and responsiveness.

To redeem itself for this lack of communication, Apple lowered the price for replacing an iPhone battery down to $29 …

Latest BBM update is out of beta, ready to be installed on your iOS or Android phone

BBM used to be one of the only reasons to buy a BlackBerry. So when CEO John Chen decided to open up the messaging app to iOS and Android users, the executive was taking a big risk. Remember, this was before the release of the BlackBerry Priv, the first ‘Berry to be powered by Android. But Chen wasn’t too concerned with losing hardware sales because he was already looking at BlackBerry as a software company.

He knew he was on the right track when Facebook paid $21.8 billion to buy WhatsApp. If the latter was worth almost $22 billion, Chen reasoned that BBM had to be worth a few billion. …

Galaxy S8 beta testers to get Android Oreo a day earlier, Samsung "doing its best" to release official update

Have you taken part in the Android Oreo beta test program for the Galaxy S8/S8+? If so, Samsung has a little surprise for you. As a token of appreciation, the Korean tech giant will distribute the official Oreo update to beta users one day before the start of the general rollout.
The news comes from a “Beta Notices” notification that was recently sent out to participants. In it, Samsung doesn’t give information on when exactly we should see the Android 8-based Samsung Experience 9.0 land on the 2017 flagship pair. Still, the company says that …

OnePlus brings iPhone X-like navigation gestures in latest Oreo beta release

An edge-to-edge screen is a great thing to have, but you still have to navigate around this screen and on Android devices this is done via software buttons that take up space and spoil the “all-screen phone” idea a bit.

OnePlus now shows that it can be done in a different way. The company is testing gestures to navigate around the interface, a manner similar to what Apple uses in the iPhone X.
This new OnePlus feature is currently only available for developers to test in the OxygenOS Open Beta 3 version, as Reddit user MisterMrMister notes. We have …

OnePlus 5 and 5T beta update removes 'infamous' Clipboard app, adds new gesture

OnePlus is testing new features for its latest flagship killers – the OnePlus 5 and 5T, so anyone who’s part of the beta program can try them out. Also, the latest OxygenOS update addresses some issues and adds some under the hood improvements, OnePlus states.

But the most important change is the removal of the Clipboard app that caused so much ruckus among OnePlus users lately. Even though the Chinese company recently released a statement denying the Clipboard app sends data to China, it appears that OnePlus caved in under users pressure and decided to remove it completely.

Well, …

Will you be testing the new iOS 11.3 beta features? (results)

You no longer need a developer account to preview Apple’s newest iOS 11.3 update, as it was rolled out as a public beta, and we asked you last week whether you plan on taking it for a spin, and preview the new features like fresh Animoji characters, or Messages in iCloud that will save space on your iPhone. More than half of our respondents won’t bother, it seems, which is probably the wiser move, given all the bugs and glitches inherent to these first public beta 1 editions. On the other hand, plenty of users are intrigued by it, and are ready to take the risk, …