Sony H3213 Avenger appears in benchmark with dual selfie cameras

Sony has yet to launch a smartphone with dual cameras, but it looks like the Japanese company is about to correct that “issue.” The Xperia H3213 Avenger is the model number and codename of one of Sony’s upcoming smartphones, and probably the first to feature a dual-camera setup.

However, unlike most of the smartphones that include such a camera configuration, the Xperia H3213 has two cameras in the front. The information is confirmed by the listing of the phone at GFXBench, which also mentions the handset will boast a 21-megapixel rear-facing camera.

If the benchmark is indeed real, …

Samsung Galaxy S9+ appears in benchmark with (only) 4GB RAM

Samsung is rumored to launch its new flagship duo – the Galaxy S9 and S9+, earlier than usual. Since the South Korean company unveils new Galaxy S series flagships in late February or early March, if the rumors are true, Samsung might introduce them as early as January.

New information about Samsung’s upcoming top-of-the-line smartphones has just emerged online, which suggests the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are already being tested before prime time.

As some of you may already know, the two devices have been given new model numbers: SM-G960 and SM-G965. The latter was recently spotted at Geekbench, …

Alleged OnePlus 5T benchmark nets one of the highest Snapdragon 835 scores

OnePlus 5T tips, specs and renders are being hurtled at us incessantly these days, indicating that the launch is near, and, indeed, it is expected to be unveiled as soon as next week, on November 16th. This time around, however, we have something more tangible to lean on than mere speculation, as a OnePlus device coded as A5010, just made a pass through the Geekbench database.

While the numbers it scored are top-shelf, and in line with the other top Snapdragon 835 benchmarks – those of the HTC U11 – we are more intrigued to find a confirmation that the OnePlus 5T would indeed …

Founder of Geekbench benchmark test says iPhone leaves Android in the dust

Over the last few years, Apple has created a performance gap between the iPhone and Android powered handsets, by creating powerful chipsets that it has employed on its iconic smartphones. With the release this year of the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus (and the Apple iPhone X later this year), the company is deploying the A11 Bionic chipset, a name that calls to mind speed.

John Poole, the founder of Primate Labs, the company that created the Geekbench benchmark test, points out that the new iPhone models are scoring more than 50% higher on Geekbench when compared to flagship type …

Asus Zenfone 4 Pro benchmark confirms Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB RAM

At least four new Asus smartphones will be announced on August 17, all part of the ZenFone series: ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro and ZenFone 4 Max.

But there’s a fifth smartphone that Asus may unveil along with the other four, the ZenFone 4 Pro, which may actually be the company’s flagship for the rest of the year.

Unlike the standard ZenFone 4, the Pro version comes with a much better SoC (system-on-chip) and more RAM inside. Luckily, the phone appeared recently on GFXBench, your go to benchmarking portal, so we’ve been able to learn a couple of things about its …

Sony Xperia XZ1 (Sony G8341) spotted in benchmark with Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB RAM

Sony’s next lineup of Xperia smartphones is expected to be revealed in late August or early September at IFA 2017 trade fair. Two of these new devices are supposedly called Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact.

For the time being, they are known as Sony G8341 and G8441. The former is believed to be the regular Xperia XZ1, while the latter is likely to be its smaller brother.

Early this month, the Sony G8441 was spotted at AnTuTu, a benchmark that keeps an updated database of test results from a multitude of smartphones. Based on the information listed on AnTuTu, we’ve learned that the …

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) specs might have just leaked via benchmark

We’re probably half a year away from the reveal of the new Galaxy A series, which is expected to arrive on the market in the last month of 2017 or early 2018. For that to happen, Samsung must have already started working on at least three handsets: Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 (2018).

One of them has just popped up at GFXBench, the Galaxy A7 (2018), which will be the most potent of the three (hence the name). The smartphone is listed under model number SM-A730x, so it’s hard to find if you’re not a tech-savvy.

The current Galaxy A7 (2017) smartphone …

Mystery Moto phone pops up on a benchmark. Could be a selfie-centric variant of the Moto X4?

For a while now, we’ve been hearing whispers of a new Moto X phone coming our way. The last time we saw the X line was in 2015 when the Moto X Style was actually Motorola’s flagship phone. Since then, it has been replaced by the Moto Z, and rumors of the X coming back may sound confusing at first considering the fact that there’s also a Moto Z2 on the way. However, it appears that the X will not try to rival or cannibalize the Z family of handsets.

Earlier rumors have said that the new phone will, indeed, be named Moto X4, that it will rock a metallic body, and …

Android engineer speaks his mind about OnePlus' benchmark shenanigans

So, the OnePlus 5 is only a couple of days old and controversies are already stirring up. It has been alleged that the phone “cheats” on benchmarks by enabling a specific profile, which forces the processor to work at high clock speeds. The reason this is considered cheating is because a handset would not operate in this way during normal usage, since prolonged times at high load results in overheating issues.

However, co-founder Carl Pei addressed this issue by stating that this profile is indeed used when the user boots up a game and will also kick in at app launches to reduce loading …

Benchmark site doesn't show the LG X Power 2's massive battery power

With an expected 4500mAh battery on board and a 720 x 1280 resolution screen, the LG X Power 2 is going to offer outstanding battery life. The phone was just benchmarked on the GFXBench site which revealed the size and resolution of the screen, along with other specs such as the MediaTek MT6750 chipset that is under the hood. This includes an octa-core 1.5GHz CPU and the Mali-T860 MP2 GPU. The MT6750 will give you mediocre performance, but it does provide good battery life which is the goal of this handset.

The LG X Power 2 is equipped with 2GB of RAM, which is on the bottom of the RAM totem …