Samsung beats Apple for the US market share crown, but S8 not in the top three

Samsung has climbed up to the top in US market share in the three-month period that ended in May, says research shop Kantar, as often happens in this weak for Apple and strong for Samsung quarter, given that the Koreans launch their flagships in the spring, while Apple does it in the fall. Still, while Samsung reached 36.2% market share this past quarter, and Apple sits at 34%, Samsung’s achievement is still a bit shy from what it managed to pull off last year in the same period with the S7 and S7 edge.
“The Galaxy S8 launch helped Samsung …

Apple launched special edition Balmain-designed Beats that look stunning on Kylie Jenner

Apple has just released special edition models of the Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones and the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, designed together with premium brand Balmain, and endorsed by Kylie Jenner. Both Kylie and the headsets look absolutely stunning in the promo videos and images, and we came up with a single word to describe the whole special edition ordeal – sexy!

The Balmain Powerbeats3 are not much different, as far as build and hardware are concerned, compared to the regular model, and it’s safe to say they are virtually the same as the ones we already …

Apple offers free Beats earphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro

Apple is jumping in its yearly education discount program by offering free or discounted Beats headphones to teachers and students buying a new iPad Pro and/or MacBook. Purchasing a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro will either net you a free pair of BeatsX earphones, or a $150 discount on the Solo3 or Powerbeats3. The Solo3 run for around $300, and the Powerbeats3 go for $200, so you’re still getting a very good deal on these.

Unfortunately, the iPad Pro student discount is only $20, but a MacBook can have $300 shaven off its price, so that becomes a fair deal. The …

Hip-hop producer makes beats on iPhone, gets Grammy nomination and feature on Kendrick Lamar's new record

It may appear strange, but if you really know what you’re doing, you can make money, music, or both at the same time out of literally anything. Some people literally sell air. Others bang out beats on their cracked screen iPhone and do it well enough to get a Grammy nomination, a spot on Kendrick Lamar’s new record, ‘DAMN.’ 

We’re talking about hip-hop producer Steve Lacey, who literally uses an iPhone to come up with triple-A material. He made complete songs and beats for Lamar and his own Grammy-nominated R&B band with an iPhone, the Garage Band app, …

Beats 1 to broadcast live from renovated 5th Avenue Apple Store?

According to a report published today, Apple is thinking about adding broadcasting facilities to the 5th Avenue Apple Store that is being renovated in New York City. The plan is to have Beats 1 radio broadcast some of its programming from the retail location. Currently, one of the DJ’s heard on Beats 1, Ebro Darden, is believed to be broadcasting from a location on West 27th Street in the Big Apple. The store will more than double its size when the renovation, which started in January, is completed. Apple is currently running a make-shift Apple Store inside a former FAO Schwartz store which is …

Deal: Beats headphones, portable speaker on sale at Apple for at least 25% off

Although they are not the best deals we’ve tracked since their release, some of the Beats headphones sold by Apple have been discounted for a limited time. On top of that, Apple offers customers an additional deal on the Beats Pill+ portable speaker.

The cheapest Apple product that you can have for a limited time are the Beats EP on-ear headphones that cost only $99.99 (reg. $149). Then, there are the Beats Solo2 Luxe Edition on-ear headphones that sell for $149.95, down from $200.

It’s worth noting that both Beats headphones models are available in all color …

No joke; BlackBerry beats Wall Street expectations for the fourth quarter

BlackBerry, in the midst of transitioning from a hardware to a software company, topped Wall Street expectations with its latest earnings report announced this morning. For the fourth fiscal quarter which ended on February 28th, the company grew its top line by 12.2% to $193 million. BlackBerry has turned over design, production, marketing and sales of BlackBerry phones over to companies like China’s TCL. BlackBerry provides the software and collects a royalty based on sales.

The company also is involved with providing software to the IoT. It sells industrial software to manufacturers, and …

Deal: get the Beats Solo3, the only W1-equipped on-ear headphones, for $80 off

Several months after the debut of the Apple-made W1 wireless chip designed to fix wireless headphones’ problems, the market hasn’t exactly been overtaken by products that use it – in fact, there’s only four models available right now. Today, Amazon has discounted all color variations of the first W1 headphones ever released, the Beats Solo3, with savings of up to $80.

The Solo3 also happen to be the only on-ear option available for those who need to have Apple’s wireless chip, which promises lower power drain, among other benefits. So if you’re in the market …

A New Musical Dimension of Smartness – HTC Sensation Xe with Beats Audio

HTC a new brand in the field of mobile phones has launched many smart phones and mobile handsets worldwide. Every smart phone launched by HTC Company is different from other by some unique and brilliant extra feature. This time taking in to consideration the love and passion for music of music lovers, HTC has specially designed HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio for having a thrilling sound experience.

We all have busy life, hectic situations and utterly testing problems in life. Life is taking swings from up to down more frequently in this 21st century. We all want some relief from this swings and chaos. Vacations are good option for taking break but it cannot be done every now and then considering the work load we all face. There are mediums through which we can take a temporary relief from out utterly chaotic life. Example of such way by which we can take a small break is Music. Music makes any one stress free and relaxed and can change mood in just no time and thus proves to be one of the greatest hobby and passion. Need to carry music everywhere has caused the discovery of various electronic gadgets and ultimately some defining applications and gadgets in the smart mobile phones making easy for the users to carry music with them.

HTC Company has launched many mobile phones worldwide. All having some extraordinary feature and thus making that particular handset different from other. Smart phones launched by HTC Company are in high demand. But now in its series of smart phones the new crown is HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio smart phone which has a unique Beats handsets to provide thrilling musical experience for the music lovers.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Smart phone gives a powerful outlook because of the strong Aluminum body. 4.3 inch brilliant color display and touch screen gives it an adorable look. Android operating system and single core processor gives 1.5 GHz lightning speed making the many of the functions easy and faster for the user. With its great camera, you can store the beautiful moments of your life forever without a hassle or worry. To add more various Android applications are available in this phone.

If taken into consideration any HTC Sensation XE Review what make this phone so extraordinary are the Beats handsets which are slightly bigger than the usual mobile handsets and specially designed to give a brilliant musical experience. HTC Sensation XE is the best phone in the market for music lovers as per the HTC Sensation XE Review.

HTC Sensation Xe – is one of the leading online retailer companies of Mobile Phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note, IPhone 4 & Mobile accessories in UK. Glance through the extensive range of popular brands which we have categorized just according to your requirements.

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Beats Audio Teamed Up With The Latest HTC Desire C

When you get a Smartphone on a very limited budget may affect a number of aspects. In terms of display, size and over-all performance. The shoppers practical know-how can also be an issue. Most probably, they will invest in a gadget which can be running in an older version operating system.

With the appearance of the HTC Desire C, though it may be little with fewer specifications and less characteristics, it offers something which many gadgets launched during the whole first half of the year 2012 that didn’t have – The Android 4.0. Not to mention that it also includes Sense 4.0.

For those folks who may wish to swap their mobile phones for an Android powered smartphone, the HTC Desire C is one preferable option. The beautiful casing and style is among the of HTC’s trademark in its mobile phones.

The HTC Desire C is the notion of the company to provide the consumers an affordable Android smartphone. This device is developed however for those people who only wants to contend with the phone’s simpleness and won’t have to endure some complicated features. It is more often viewed as a basic gadget for the common individuals. The HTC Desire C does not include a front camera so it doesn’t have a face unlock function. The Chrome browser as well as the thumbnails of the operating apps may go slow at specific times. The device is operated with 600MHz processor and a 512MB of RAM. The most frequent complaint of the buyers is usually that the phone from time to time signifies lag while working on with its apps and browser.

The latest camera installed in the Desire C is one of the best enhancement HTC made. With the 5-megapixel camera, the Desire C can give you impressive shots and you might actually be stunned at how the camera functions swiftly in spite of the other slow functioning programs. Overall, the camera’s functionality and working condition would be the most notable feature on the Desire C.

In spite of the marketing of Beats Audio on the HTC Desire C, it does not comprise of any headsets even though it is integrated with the audio processing which offers it a bass boost as soon as you switch it on. HTC also integrated the inclusion of Dropbox that enables you 25GB of internet storage for your personal data such as videos and photos for a period of 2 years.

The HTC Desire C’s battery life lasted reasonably well. Without a doubt, as a result of unchallenging processor, the battery was able to last longer and offered an excellent one day and a half of massive use.

The HTC Desire C is an NFC incorporated smartphone that makes it capable to handle online transactions such as payments anytime during the day.

The HTC Desire C is considered the most favored ideal entry level smartphone to date. It is a cheap mobile phone, even though it may lack some of the desirable features but overlooking that, the Desire C is an amazing value for money. HTC has proved that basic level is not at all made of Gingerbread.

At you can easily compare affordable HTC Desire C Deals on monthly contracts as well as payasyougo deals.

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