Rumor: Apple to offer cheaper smart speaker under Beats name

According to Strategy Analytics, of the 9.2 million smart speakers shipped in the first quarter, the Apple HomePod accounted for only 600,000 of those units. That gave Apple 6% of the market from January through March, behind Amazon’s 43.6% and Google’s 26.5%. There are a few reasons for this. Apple is late to the market, and at $349, the device is not cheap. In addition, Siri’s capabilities pale in comparison to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.
According to a rumor from the Taiwan supply chain, Apple plans on offering a cheaper smart speaker that will be priced …

Apple may release a $199 HomePod model with Beats branding

According to an anonymous source from Apple’s Taiwan supply chain, a cheaper version of the HomePod is in the pipeline and it may carry the Beats branding.

Priced at $349 at launch, the HomePod was not exactly a running success for Apple. It sold a respectable 600,000 units during the first quarter of 2018, but this is still not terribly impressive in a market where Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers are selling by the dozen for as low as $49.
Rumors of a more affordable version of the HomePod have been circulating …

Verizon beats all estimates, as Apple and Samsung watches save the day

Verizon saw a huge uptick in subscriber growth last quarter, but the 260,000 extras against the 159,000 consensus analyst estimates average, has come from unexpected places. Despite that Verizon nominally lost 100,000 phone and tablet subs in Q1, the loss was much less than expected, while the carrier actually added the whopping 360,000 subscribers thanks to watches and other wearables.

Yep, it seems that the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S-lines of this world saved the day for Verizon, and, although these don’t pay nearly as much as phone subscribers, they still add a substantial …

Deal: Save $100 on Apple's Beats Solo3 wireless headphones at Best Buy

Among the most expensive Apple headphones available on the market, the Beats Solo3 are now on sale at Best Buy and Amazon. Both US retailers have nearly similar deals on the wireless headphones, but Best Buy’s price is the only one that slightly drops below $200.

For a limited time, Beats Solo3 wireless headphones can be purchased via Best Buy for just $199, although they usually sell for around $300. Amazon has the same headphones on sale for $202, so there’s not much of a difference between the two offers.

It’s worth mentioning that customers can choose from no less than thirteen …

Deal: Save $100 on Apple's Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones

Released back in October, Apple’s Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones are officially priced at $349, which means many users can’t really afford them. However, you can now buy the headphones for $100 less if you know where to shop. 
Both Amazon and Best Buy currently sell the Beats Studio 3 headphones for $249 a pair, offering four color variants at this price: black, blue, white, and red (you can see the $249 price only after you add the headphones to your cart).
Powered by Apple’s proprietary W1 chipset (the same that’s found inside the …

Fitbit's new Versa smartwatch copies the Apple Watch, but beats it in battery life

Fitbit is probably the company that suffered the most from Apple’s entry into the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch ate into Fitbit’s revenues and the company tried to counter it in fall of last year with a distinct smartwatch of its own, the rugged-looking Fitbit Ionic.
But now, Fitbit seems to have decided that the best way to beat Apple is to… copy it.
The newly unveiled Fitbit Versa looks a lot like the Apple smartwatch, except that it lacks the spinning digital crown. Instead of the rugged look and sharp corners …

Deal: Apple's Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are nearly half off at Newegg

Apple’s Beats Solo3 are on sale once again, but this time the price is the lowest we’ve been able to spot to date. First off, it’s worth mentioning that Apple is still selling these wireless on-ear headphones for $330, while many retailers like Amazon and Best Buy offer them for $300 when they’re not on sale.

The good news is Newegg’s official eBay storefront is selling Apple’s Beats Solo3 headphones for just $170, nearly half the price that other major retailers are asking. It’s the lowest price to date for this pair of headphones, so if they’re on your shopping list, now would be a good …

AT&T beats Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint in mobile video streaming

T-Mobile has its quarterly OpenSignal network tests to brag with, Verizon boasts after each bi-annual Root Metrics study, while AT&T remains mum on the matter, although it scores very well in all reports.

No more, though, as AT&T just issued a bit of a humble brag on its own, citing the latest Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) study that puts its network at the top of the mobile video streaming pile, followed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The GWS tests used criteria like loading (or time to first picture), video quality, amount of freezing, and the overall reliability …

Deal: Save $80 on Apple's Beats Solo3 wireless headphones at Amazon and Best Buy

Apple’s Beats Solo3 wireless headphones have been on sale quite a few times in the last year or so, but if you missed those opportunities to buy a pair, you get another one right now.

Both Amazon and Best Buy have the Beats Solo3 on sale for just $220, so you’ll be saving $80 for the MSRP. However, not all color variants have had their prices discounted by $80, but the white and black models are surely among the cheapest.

For example, the Matte Gold Beats Solo3 are on sale for $260, which means you’ll only be saving $40. The same goes for the Matte Silver and Asphalt Gray variants. …

TSMC beats out Samsung, will be the exclusive producer of A12 chips for 2018 iPhone models?

Apple designs the chipsets used to power the iPhone, and then turns over the manufacturing to a company with the facilities to produce the component. In the last few years, Samsung and TSMC have been given the task (exclusively, or together) to produce these chips. TSMC has beaten out Samsung in the race to the 7nm process and according to industry sources, Apple has given the foundry an exclusive to produce the A12 SoC that will be used on the 2018 iPhone lineup. TSMC already has orders from 40 customers to produce chips for mobile devices, using the 7nm process.

TSMC reportedly plans on …