Tesla's bringing Powerwall batteries to 50,000 homes in Australia


Tesla is about to become a very important part of South Australia’s power grid.

The company’s Powerwall batteries are set to provide the juice for a massive “virtual power plant” in the country that will provide electricity for up to 50,000 homes over the next four years, according to the government.

Under the program, households will be provided with solar panels and Powerwall batteries, which will become part of a larger energy network. The power generated by the individual systems will provide electricity to the homes where they’re installed but will also feed extra power back to the grid where it can be distributed to other locations as needed.  Read more…

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Galaxy S9 and S9+ batteries allegedly revealed… don't get too excited

A large battery — that’s every phone owner’s dream. But manufacturers also want to make their devices slim and elegant. So, there’s a fine balance that needs to be struck — make the device thin enough but don’t sacrifice too much of its battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is a perfect example of why one should be careful with this balance — the device had too small a compartment for its battery, which was sort of the general reason behind the whole exploding Note debacle back in 2016.

So, with the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Galaxy Note 8, Samsung played it safe and didn’t go with crazy capacities …

Apple's iPhone Xs/Plus tipped to come with high-capacity L-shaped batteries by LG

The rumors that Apple will be utilizing an L-shaped battery in the iPhone X actually materialized, though not to the extent initially thought. The usage of stacked system board in the X allowed Apple to fit all chippery in half the space the motherboard is taking in, say, the iPhone 8 Plus, leaving plenty of room for another battery cell underneath it. As a result, the iPhone X, which in size is not much larger than the iPhone 8, has a much higher, 2716 mAh battery capacity.

This year, however, Apple is allegedly planning to bend fully in L-shape, and equip the upcoming heirs …

Batteries that can't explode and last a lifetime are on the horizon

It seems that each year has brought with it a major development in smartphone technology. Each year we get better cameras with more impressive low light performance; bigger, brighter displays with less bezel; CPUs and GPUs that leave the previous year’s benchmarks in the dust. Yet the one place where we have seen little improvement is with the battery. Finally, companies have stopped trying to make phones thinner, and have started to embrace bigger batteries. But we should not rely on this for the future. Band-Aid solutions like quick charging help us to get more from our battery but also …

The batteries powering the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ might not be bigger, but they should perform better

We’ve already shown you what allegedly is the retail box for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and that certainly gave away plenty of information that Samsung would have preferred to release itself at a later time. One tidbit that wasn’t included on the box was the capacity of the battery that will power Sammy’s 2019 flagship phone. But Brazil’s telecom regulator ANATEL divulged some information that seemingly applies to the cells that will power both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Certificates issued by ANATEL show the agency giving thumbs up to a pair of new batteries that will be used by Samsung. …

This could be why some Apple iPhone batteries are exploding

Last week, we told you about two different cases where Apple iPhone batteries exploded and caught on fire at Apple Stores in Zurich, Switzerland and Valencia, Spain. While Apple has not commented on the incidents, no one was hospitalized as a result of the explosions, which created flames and heavy smoke inside both locations. The first thought that comes to mind is that there is an issue with the batteries, which was the explanation for the explosions that forced Samsung to recall the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

But one of our loyal readers by the name of Andrew Phan happens to be a DIY enthusiast …

Apple iPhone batteries catch on fire yesterday and today at two different Apple Stores

For the second time in two days, an Apple iPhone battery exploded inside an Apple Store. Today, a room in the Apple Store in Valencia, Spain was filled with smoke after a battery inside an iPhone unit being repaired caught on fire. Workers at the store smothered the flames and opened the window to let out the smoke. While three firefighters and police arrived at the scene, their presence was not needed. There were no injuries as a result of the blast, which took place at 1:30pm local time.

On Tuesday, an Apple Store employee in Zurich, Switzerland received minor burns when a battery …

Apple publishes letter of apology, cuts price to replace certain iPhone batteries by 63% to $29

After Apple recently confirmed that it throttled the CPU speed of certain older iPhone models, the company today published an apology letter that it titled “A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance.” In the letter, Apple acknowledges that customers might feel that Apple let them down. As a response to those who say that Apple is guilty of planned obsolescence, the company says that it would never do anything to shorten the lives of its products.

Apple is now being accused in lawsuits of purposely slowing down the performance of older iPhone handsets just when the …

Samsung and LG also confirm they do not slow down phones with older batteries

Two of the biggest Android phone makers – Samsung and LG – have just confirmed that they do not slow down phones with older batteries, a tactic that Apple has admitted it uses on some iPhones with aging batteries to prevent them from unexpected shutdowns.
In emails to PhoneArena the companies denied ever reducing the speed of the processor in its phones and LG explicitly committed it “never will” do slow down its phones.
Here are the official comments by the two companies:
LG Electronics, Inc.: …

HTC and Motorola don’t slow down phones with old batteries like Apple does

Two of the biggest Android phone manufacturers – HTC and Motorola – have explicitly confirmed that they do not slow down the processor in their phones when the battery of the device gets old.
Last week, Apple officially admitted it is throttling the speed of the processor and slowing down iPhones with older batteries. Apple claims this is not a bug, but a feature. Up until last week, Apple had not publicly acknowledged slowing down older iPhones and it was not clear that the reason for slower iPhones was actually in the battery. Instead, the …