22 more banks and credit unions now support Apple Pay

Apple announced today that its mobile payment service Apple Pay has added 22 new banks and credit unions to the list of financial institutions that support the service. This comes after 26 new banks and credit unions were added to the rolls on February 7th. Besides the domestic expansion into more financial institutions, the tech giant continues to rollout the payment service to more countries. In the beginning of the month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a conference call that Brazil will be getting Apple Pay sometime in 2018.

Half of the retail stores in the U.S. now support Apple Pay, …

Apple Pay update adds support for 26 more banks and credit unions in the US

Apple Pay works with most of the major credit and debit cards from the top banks in the United States, but there are still financial institutions in the country that don’t offer support for the mobile payment service.

Today, Apple added support for 26 more banks and credit unions, all from the US. You can find below the names of the new banks and credit unions that now support Apple Pay:

ACIPCO Federal Credit UnionArthur State BankBank of Eastern OregonBlue Federal Credit UnionCapital Credit UnionChoice One Community Credit UnionCity BankCommunity Powered Federal Credit UnionDedham …

Android Pay goes live for 80 additional banks and credit unions in the US

Google is doing wonders when it comes to the coverage of its mobile payment service, Android Pay, in the United States. If you’ve been following our reports, then you already know Android Pay supports hundreds of banks in the US and more are expected to get the same treatment in the not so distant future.

Today, Google published a list of 80 banks and credit unions that now support its Android pay service. Here are just some of them, so for the full list make sure to tap the source link: Act 1st Federal Credit Union, Adirondack Trust Company, AllWealth Federal Credit Union, American Bank …

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Android Pay adds support for 60 more banks in U.S.

While Google continues to expand Android Pay’s availability to additional countries, the mobile payments service is gaining support for more and more banks and merchants in the United States.

The latest update coming from Google confirms Android Pay is now available for 60 more banks in U.S. This could easily be one of the largest updates to the payments service since its launch.

The list of supported banks contains names like Alabama Credit Union, Bank of Sullivan, Bulls Eye Credit Union, Byline Bank, Cabrillo Credit Union, Charter Oak FCU, Columbia Bank, …

Android Pay adds support for 71 more banks and merchants

Android Pay keeps growing its network of supported institutions. The mobile payment system added as many as 71 new places where you can carry out Android Pay transactions. The complete list of new additions is available at the end of the article.

With Android Pay, both your credit card and the institution that services it must be compatible in order for the system to function. Google keeps adding new banks and merchants in order to increase its range of support. Once set up, the system works by simply tapping your phone on a payments terminal at the store. The functionality …

Apple Pay adds over 20 U.S. banks to its support list and debuts with Australia’s HSBC

After Apple Pay’s launch in 2014, the Cupertino-based giant Apple continues to expand the platform’s global reach by steadily adding more financial institutions to the list of those that officially support the contactless payment service. As MacRumors reports, this list now includes 22 new banks in the U.S, and Apple Pay also makes its debut with the Australian bank HSBC, supporting both MasterCard and Visa credit cards.
Besides the Australian bank HSBC, Apple Pay’s latest additions are mainly local banks and regional credit unions that serve less populated areas of …

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Android Pay adds support for 31 new US banks

Another month, another enlargement of Android Pay’s roster. This time, the number of US banks added by Google is 31, which is quite a sizable update for the service. The list of supported banks now includes the following:

Alcoa Pittsburgh Federal Credit UnionAmerica’s First FCU (Visa)Bank of American ForkBank of Eastman/Magnolia State BankBank of WashingtonCarolina FCUCentral National BankCitizens Commerce National BankCommunity Financial Credit UnionCredit Union of ColoradoDay Air Credit Union, Inc.First Command BankFirst State Bank of ColoradoFort …