Deutsche Bank replaces company-issued BlackBerry handsets with the Apple iPhone

Deutsche Bank has long had a BYOD policy for employees that allowed them to swap out company-issued BlackBerry handsets and replace them with their own personal iPhone model. Now, the 15th largest bank in the world (as ranked by assets) is officially phasing out its use of BlackBerry smartphones and is replacing them with Apple’s iconic smartphone. Deutsche Bank had continued to officially support BlackBerry longer than most of its rivals and that resulted in Deutsche Bank clients smartphone shaming the institution.

Interestingly, the bank itself ran several surveys back when the iPhone …

Asus to launch ZenFone AR in the UK on July 21, but its price will break the bank

Asus hadn’t been selling smartphones directly in the UK for quite some time, but the Taiwanese company had a change of heart recently. The mighty Tango-enabled Asus ZenFone AR will be officially launched in the UK and pre-orders will go live on July 21.

The ZenFone AR will be a costly device to purchase for those who want a taste of Google’s Tango project. Customers in the UK will have to come up with £799 to buy the high-end smartphone. The good news is Asus will offer some incentives to those who purchase the ZenFone AR.

Assuming you have that much money …

Do you prefer a battery case or a power bank?

Smartphones are amazing — snappy computers right in our pockets, which can deliver connectivity, games, media, or produce a camera on demand. For all their awesome features, users will agree that smartphones still lack in one area — battery life. Truth be told, there’s only so much battery the manufacturers can stuff inside an elegant smartphone’s body, at least with today’s technologies.

So, if you are an avid smartphone user or one that takes trips regularly, you probably have some sort of portable battery at the ready. There are two main choices to go for — a powerbank, which can get …

The iPhone 8 could be delayed by more than three weeks, Bank of America analysts say

If you’ve been paying attention for the past few months, you may have noticed that 2017 isn’t the best year if you’re a phone maker trying to switch things up. Take Samsung, for example: it’s been wildly publicized that the company intended to put an in-glass fingerprint scanner inside its upcoming Galaxy Note 8, but issues with speed and security ultimately killed those plans.

But Sammy’s not the only kid on the block looking to get rid of the separate fingerprint scanner: Apple has been rumored for a while to be implementing an in-screen Touch ID for …

Deutsche Bank says analysts are too bullish on the Apple iPhone 8

A vast majority of the analysts who have publicly commented on their estimates for Apple iPhone 8 sales or shipments, have been bullish about the device. Back in March, Morgan Stanley tech analyst Katy Huberty said that she expects Apple to sell 20% more iPhone units on a year-to-year basis in fiscal year 2018, thanks to the 10th anniversary model. That translates into a 30% gain in revenue for the year. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, considered the top in his craft, said last year that the iPhone 8 could be the best selling iPhone model of all time. The phone would have to sell in excess …

Anyone with a brain should be pissed off at Delta and Bank of America right now


In 2017, the year of United dragging customers off of airplanes and Pepsi putting out comically tone-deaf ads, you’d think that corporate America would know better by now than to screw-up where a screw-up is so completely and totally avoidable.  

Of course, you’d be wrong.

On Sunday, Delta and Bank of America pulled their sponsorships from New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park, which is hosted by The Public Theater—the same theater that brought blockbuster musical Hamilton to the world—which has been putting on Shakespeare plays in Central Park since the early ’60s. The reason? 

Julius Caesar, the current Shakespeare in the Park show, which portrays the titular character in a blonde wig and with a fondness for very long, large ties. Spoiler alert, for anyone not familiar with history everyone’s familiar with: Caesar’s murdered in the end. And the artistic choice to make him resemble Donald Trump drew immediate ire from online conservatives (including Donald Trump Jr.) and subsequently, Delta and Bank of America pulled their funding for The Public Theater. Read more…

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Delta, Bank of America pull sponsorship after Shakespeare play is seen as attack on Trump


Just a couple weeks after the uproar around Kathy Griffin’s photo of a decapitated President Trump, fresh outrage over a violent depiction of what some believe is Trump has led to a major move by Delta airlines. 

A new production of Julius Caesar at New York City’s annual Shakespeare in the Park event features the classic scene showing Caesar being stabbed to death by his friend Brutus and others. 

Only in this version, the man playing Caesar is wearing a suit, a red tie, and a large blonde wig, which has led some to believe (including some theater critics) that the intent was to show a theatrical version of Trump being assassinated on stage.   Read more…

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Apple now has 246.09 billion dollars in the bank. What are you doing with your life?

Apple has so much money now, it’s basically the Pablo Escobar of consumer eletronics. The iPhone maker closed the first quarter of 2017 with a $246.09 billion cash reserve, up $8.49 billion from a year ago.

We wish we knew how this much money looked like in real life so we could laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, but then again, having these stacks on hand is no laughing matter. It may seem like unlimited money, but Apple still can’t afford to buy Microsoft at its $500 billion market value. Still, it can, theoretically, buy Sri Lanka.

Of course, Apple is cautious about acquisitions …

ChargeTech Plug is the 48,000mAh power bank you can probably run your house on for a tiny bit

Power banks are some of the most useful tools for electronics users on the go, but at best, the more popular and portable ones are good for a charge or two of one gadget before they die off. That’s why ChargeTech made the power bank to end all power banks – a 48,000mAh capacity monolith that can let you take almost all your essential electronics for a day out, and is still somewhat reasonably sized and portable.

Priced $330, the bank is fit with two AC outlets, two traditional USB ports, and a USB Type-C port. It’s solar-rechargeable with the optional solar charging …

Samsung Malaysia is giving away a power bank and more with a Galaxy S8/S8+ pre-order

Those pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ from Samsung Malaysia will be receiving some free items for their new handset. That’s because the Samsung unit is trying to entice consumers in the country into reserving one of the two new models. A useful 5100mAh power bank is one of the items. It’s the perfect accessory for power users or for those who plan on showing off their new phone to friends, family and strangers that they bump into.

Other items being given away by Samsung Malaysia to consumers pre-ordering the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ include a Limited Edition Starter …