The best auto and automotive apps for Android and iOS you can have in 2017

Some of us spend a significant part of our lives driving around, so we might as well make the experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. That’s where these five apps come in – they will help you track and organize car costs, drive and navigate better, pump cheaper gas, or easily buy and sell vehicles. These are some of the best car apps you can have in 2017 or any year, really, so make good use of them. We hope the selection is valuable to you!

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Apple hits reboot button on electric car project

Project Titan, Apple’s secret electric car program that was greenlit by Tim Cook two years ago, is facing a serious crisis.


The iPhone maker has reportedly laid off dozens of employees that were working on the auto project, even though the company has already started testing a couple of autonomous vehicles the team built.

“In a retrenchment of one of its most ambitious initiatives, Apple has shuttered parts of its self-driving car project and laid off dozens of employees,” reports The New York Times.

Apple’s car project hit some major roadbumps earlier this year after automotive mastermind Steve Zadesky left the company for personal reasons.

Apple veteran Bob Mansfield was brought out of retirement to lead the team that now consists of more than 1,000 employees, but the focus has allegedly shifted from building a car to developing the underlying technology that powers self-driving cars.

Employees were told that the layoffs are part of a “reboot” of the car project. Details on how Apple plans to change its car strategy have yet to be revealed.

To beef up talent on its car project, Apple has poached key engineers from companies like Ford, Tesla and Mercedes. Early rumors claimed Apple was aiming to launch its electric car by 2020. However, recent struggles make it look like the Apple car won’t be road-ready until 2021 or later.