Vertu auctioned most of its luxury phones, but they remained expensive

Vertu will soon be no more, but before going into oblivion, the UK-based company has to liquidate its assets to pay its bills, as well as the people that worked for the luxury smartphone maker.

For a few days now, Vertu is selling the contents of its UK factory, including all the stuff showcased inside the company’s museum (older phones, statues, awards, etc.).

Even though all Vertu smartphones are now being sold by an auction house called G.J. Wisdom & Co., the starting prices are still high enough to make these luxury devices untouchable by the middle-class.

The …

T-Mobile says it won 45% of the 600MHz spectrum auctioned off by the FCC

The process seemed to take forever, but the results were as expected. According to a video just disseminated by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the nation’s third largest carrier ended up winning 45% of the 600MHz spectrum put up for auction by television broadcasters. If you’ve been reading our coverage of the FCC auction (which stretches back over two years), you know that these low-frequency airwaves travel farther and penetrate building better.

To be precise, T-Mobile won 31MHz of spectrum, covering the entire U.S. and Puerto Rico. The other day, we told you that T-Mobile was looking …