Unlocked BlackBerry Motion is now available in the US (compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T)

BlackBerry Mobile today
released the BlackBerry Motion in the US, allowing customers to get the
phone either from Best Buy, or Amazon. As previously announced, the BlackBerry
Motion is sold unlocked (at least for now), being priced at $449.99. The
smartphone comes with 1-year US
warranty, and is compatible only with GSM/LTE carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile,
Cricket Wireless, and Tracfone.


The Motion is the very first BlackBerry smartphone to feature
dust- and water-resistance, thanks to its IP67 certification. Unlike the
BlackBerry KeyOne (available in the US since last year), the Motion …

Did Verizon and AT&T swing to miss on the Mate 10 Pro? (poll results)

We asked you yesterday what do you think about the pressure that lawmakers put on Verizon and AT&T to ditch the deal with Huawei on the Mate 10 and 10 Pro, and it seems that the overwhelming opinion is carriers have missed out on good phones, though 21% of our respondents think that there is a reason for that. In any case, you can still get the Mate 10 Pro from Best Buy and other places, and use it on the T-Mobile or AT&T, though Verizon’s approval would be a no-go now.
The emotional outburst of Huawei’s CEO at the CES keynote was …

Huawei lost AT&T and Verizon due to political pressure, but gains Wonder Woman

China is pretty miffed that Huawei’s deal with Verizon and AT&T to include the excellent Mate 10 line in their carrier roster fell through at the last minute, and is not mincing words about it. “The US is very worried about the impact in the US from the growth of China’s hi-tech industry. It is worried that Chinese companies will transfer US technology through mergers and acquisitions. China should contemplate countermeasures…,” chimed in He Weiwen, who used to work at the Chinese consulate’s business wing in New York.

Huawei’s first major carrier deals were nipped …

AT&T to launch a real mobile 5G network by the end of 2018

AT&T is planning to launch a mobile 5G network that will comply with the recently approved 5G New Radio (NR) specifications. In its press release, the US carrier states that the service will be available in 12 cities by the end of this year, but it hasn’t specified the names of those markets or which devices will get upgraded to the higher speeds first.
Melissa Arnoldi, president of AT&T Technology and Operations, has commented on the developments:

5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment. We’re moving quickly to begin deploying mobile …

Is the LG G6+ coming to AT&T and other US carriers next year?

The LG G6 is already available in the United States and customers can buy one from all major carriers, but the slightly improved version, the LG G6+ isn’t officially available for purchase in the country.

Of course, you could go ahead and buy the international version on Amazon, but that will not come with a warranty and it’s not even working with all US carriers, as you’ll only be able to use it on AT&T and T-Mobile.

However, it appears that an AT&T version of the LG G6+ that goes by model number H871U has just been spotted on LG’s open source website. The bad news is we …

Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile: which is your preferred carrier in 2017? (Poll Results)

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile: which one is your preferred carrier in 2017?
That’s what we asked you, our readers, just a few days ago, and we have now closed the voting and the results of the poll are in.
Out of the big four US carriers, an overwhelming majority of our readers have voiced their preference for T-Mobile. Once the underdog, T-Mobile with outspoken CEO John Legere at the helm has been building 4G LTE towers, boosting coverage and LTE speed, and it has won FCC’s important 600MHz auction this year, …

Huawei Mate 10 rumored to hit AT&T shelves in February

If you live in the U.S. and have fallen for the Huawei Mate 10, the latest rumor suggests that you might be able to pick up the phone from AT&T as soon as February. Back in November, there was speculation that the Huawei Mate 10 Pro would be heading to the nation’s second largest carrier. Recently, Huawei president Richard Yu said that the company would be expanding its smartphone operations in the U.S. during 2018. While not mentioning any carrier by name, the executive said that Huawei would be selling its flagship model through U.S. carriers next year, and that would be the Mate 10.

Huawei …

Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile: Which is your preferred US carrier in 2017?

Having a great smartphones is one half of having a great smartphone experience: the other is having good signal and when it comes to signal, your carrier is the one that is responsible.
That is why as 2017 winds down to a close we turn to you, our readers, to share your favorite US wireless carrier.
Throughout the year, many important things happened in the wireless carrier industry. Operators now support more and more people in the most distant places in the States, with faster and wider-spread 4G LTE connectivity. …

Thanks, GOP! AT&T will give employees $1000 holiday bonuses when tax cuts pass

It’s not only T-Mobile that will benefit from the tax cut bonanza that Congress and Senate just passed, AT&T employees could feel the love, too. There seems to be a concerted effort to prove the trickle-down economic theory right, as many companies announced they will invest in the US and/or give employees bonuses if the tax reform passes before Christmas. We don’t know what kind of hand-twisting has been going on behind the curtain, but AT&T was one of the first to bring the good news. Besides $1 billion in new US investments, AT&T said that it will be able to give $1000 to more than …

Traveling abroad? AT&T has new international roaming data plans in its Passport

The AT&T Passport program is a boon for international travelers on the carrier’s plans, and the offering just got simpler and sweeter. Roaming warriors will be able to pick between 1GB of data for a one-time $60 charge, valid for 30 days, or can get triple that amount of data for twice the price (3GB for $120), and set it as recurring payment, if needed. Actual talking is extra, though, at $0.35 per minute to any place.

Given that before that announcement AT&T’s Passport add-on was giving just 200 MB, and for $40 at that, this is certainly good …