Google seeks feedback from Pixel 2 XL owners, asks users to take survey found in settings

Google wants to make sure that Pixel users are having the best experience possible and are truly enjoying their new phone. To do this, some Pixel 2 XL owners are being asked to take a minute of their time to complete a survey. While looking at the settings page, a notification pops up at the bottom of the screen that says, “Help Improve Pixel: 1 minute survey. You can decide whether to opt-in or opt-out.

Should you decide to take the survey, you are asked questions about your level of satisfaction with the phone, how long you’ve owned it, and the name of the company that made the previous …

Protester hugs a Nazi and asks 'Why do you hate me?'


The age-old debate: Should you punch a Nazi? 

Here’s a new one: Should you hug one? Probably not, but a protester outside white supremacist Richard Spencer’s failed speech in Gainesville, Florida this week tried the tactic. 

High school football coach Aaron Courtney approached Randy Furniss, who was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with swastikas and had been punched earlier. 

A man wearing swastikas is punched at a protest against white nationalist #RichardSpencer #SpenceratUF📷:Brian Blanco

— Getty Images News (@GettyImagesNews) October 19, 2017 Read more…

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FTC asks court to dismiss Qualcomm's request to stop ongoing anti-competitive case

Once again, Qualcomm has been taken to court, accused of being anti-competitive and monopolistic. This time, it’s Apple, Samsung, and the US Federal Trade Comission against the chipmaker. The three aren’t exactly cool with how Qualcomm allegedly uses its humongous portfolio of standard essential patents – governing technology required to be doing business in a specific industry – to play the market for its benefit. Thus, the FTC argued that the court should not accept Qualcomm’s request of dismissing the suit put against the company in January.

Moreover, Apple claims …

Qualcomm asks the ITC to ban U.S. imports of the Apple iPhone

Apple and Qualcomm are in the middle of a battle over royalties. Last month, Apple decided to stop paying royalties to the chipmaker until the mess is straightened out. Needless to say, that did not go over terribly well in San Diego where Qualcomm is headquartered. As a result, the latter is asking the International Trade Commission to implement a trade ban on the importation of the Apple iPhone into the U.S. Having a trade ban put into place could jeopardize the U.S. launch of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8.

The fight is over patents held by Qualcomm that allow it to charge …

Airbus’ Vahana VTOL project asks what vehicle makes for the best self-flying taxi

vahana-watermarked Airbus debuted Project Vahana earlier this year, an ambitious project designed with the specific intent of creating small, efficient vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft for use in dense urban environments with a target launch date of 2021. Now, the company is proceeding with its plans, and detailing its Trade Study, the first part of which asks what a functional VTOL that meets… Read More

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