Bandai Namco brings One Piece Pirate Rush and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor to smartphones

It looks like Bandai Namco is on a launch spree. After the surprising announcement of Dragon Ball Legends last month, the Japanese publisher and game developer released two new games on mobile, both available for free: One Piece Pirate Rush and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

One Piece Pirate Rush is a purely PvP title, as teams of up to four players face each other in real-time battle action. The gist is that every One Piece character in the game has unique abilities, which adds a layer of strategy whenever you have to choose your team members.

The game features five character …

Watch Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on art like it's nothing


When you’re the six year-old daughter of two moguls, sometimes your weekly allowance gives you the opportunity to bid a couple bucks on artwork from time to time.

Or $19,000, to be exact. 

Blue Ivy Carter made an appearance with her parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé on Saturday night at the  2018 WACO Wearable Art gala, a fundraiser to support Tina and Richard Lawson’s Where Art Can Occur (WACO) Theater Center. 

It was a star-studded event, but Blue is the one who stole the show when she made it clear she was ready to take something home, no matter the price tag. 

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This app tells you which museum art you look like and it's way too real


Every so often an app takes hold of web culture to the point where you can’t help but notice its presence every time you scroll through your feeds. This time, it’s the Google Arts and Culture app.

Though the app launched in 2016, a new feature that compares your selfies to works of art found in museums has been hitting off on social media in the last few days. The concept is pretty simple: take a selfie or photo of somebody else, and Google will compare that to thousands of pieces of artwork, and deliver you a selection of possible doppelgängers.

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Pixel Art coloring books are the new app craze

Pixel Art is one of the most universally loved art forms. A style of drawing that draws inspiration from low-res retro video games from the 90s, Pixel Art has been the trend for mobile games for a few years now.
While most of you have probably played a pixel art game at some point in your life, the newest craze on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are pixel art coloring books. In December alone, four pixel art coloring books climbed to the list of the top 10 apps on the Apple App Store. This really is something that has started …

'Stranger Things' nail art is here and weird and we love it


2017 has been a great year for cinematic nail art.

We may be approaching peak craze with the latest Instagram trend, however: Stranger Things-inspired nail art. Ever since the second season was released, folks have been designing Eleven-themed nails and other Demogorgon-inspired patterns.

No matter what you think about think about the second season, you’ve got to admit — this looks good.

The trend really kicked off toward the end of October. Most of these designs can’t be executed unless you’re an absurdly talented nail professional, or drunk and have no standards. Read more…

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Google Wallpapers brings fresh new wall art, but the best is Pixel-exclusive

The Google Wallpapers app is getting fresh new wall art, but most of it is exclusive to the Google Pixel series.
There are 3 new categories added to the Google Wallpapers app: you have geometric shapes a la Nexus 4, the photo-realistic Underwater section and a cool and artistic new “Keep Looking” section. The Geometric Shapes one is available on all Android devices. There are also new additions in the existing categories, including that Rainy day wallpaper that we saw on the Pixel 2, but that’s again a Pixel exclusive.
There …

Master the art of social media marketing without going back to school


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Maybe you’re thinking about going into the PR industry. Or maybe you just want to pick up some essential communications skills that’ll help you in any industry. Whatever it is, you probably don’t want to go back to school or pay thousands in tuition in order to do it. Because, seriously, who wants that?

That’s why this Digital Media and Public Relations Course Bundle is so clutch. You can learn PR skills online for just $29—it’s that simple.

Save 85 percent off the regular price of $199 and get training that’ll help you advance your career, start a new one, or gain skills that’ll help you in industries like advertising, music, fashion, and sports. So much of PR is about learning the ropes and mastering the inner-workings of a complex system that’s built on age-old best practices. This course reveals those industry secrets. Read more…

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Beached whale in Paris turns out to be an art piece


On Saturday morning in Paris, a sperm whale appeared on the banks of the Seine river in Paris.

Whales, which thrive in the salty waters of the oceans, don’t tend to end up 100 miles inland, washed up on the banks of fresh water rivers. Yet there it was: a whale in Paris.

Cachalot Paris ! Rien de plus normal #captainboomer

— Stéphanie Basquin (@ba_stephe) July 22, 2017

Just arrived in Paris and found a stranded whale! 🐳🌊#captainboomercollective #whale #paris #whaleparis #notredame

— Julien Kerduff (@julienkerduff) July 23, 2017 Read more…

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Captain America's fugitive beard is the real star of the 'Avengers: Infinity War' concept art


Turns out, Captain America can rock one hell of a beard. And you don’t have to just take our word for it anymore.

While Marvel Studios has yet to release any Avengers: Infinity War footage online, they have been giving out concept art posters at Comic-Con this weekend, and those posters offer an early peek at what our heroes will look like in action. 

It all started a few days ago with this official announcement from the Marvel Twitter account.

SDCC-ers, we’re giving away this #InfinityWar concept art poster at the #MarvelSDCC booth now! Stop by and grab one if you

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 20, 2017 Read more…

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This free service puts all artworks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art right in your phone

If you are an art fan or just looking to waste some time on your mobile, doing something that is a lot more sophisticated than, say, chasing Pokémons around, then the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has something you will truly love.

Apparently, the museum kicked off a service last year that allows you to get on-demand photos of pieces of art from the collection the museum holds. SFMOMA houses more than 35,000 artworks, mostly sculptures, paintings and photographs, all of which could be accessed by sending a text to 572-51.

Your text message should …