Out Here Archery: an Augmented Reality game with a bow and arrow

Augmented Reality games and apps are still a fairly new thing. They will use your phone’s camera and place virtual objects in the “real world”, observed through your display. Then, the player gets to interact with the virtual items.

Out Here Archery is one such game — it lets you shoot a virtual bow and arrow in your living room or outside in the field. Your goal is to hit an amount of balloons for a limited time and you’ve got booster items to help you out — some slow down time, others freeze the balloons around the booster object.

The game has two modes — one that requires you to …

Microsoft to update Arrow Launcher with redesigned cards and Me avatar

The newest Arrow Launcher update is not available for download in the Google Play Store unless you’re a beta tester. However, since this is a pretty important update, we thought it would be nice to give you a heads up on what’s coming to Arrow Launcher very soon.

If you’ve been using Arrow Launcher for a while, then you’ll be pleased to know that you will soon be able to rest the app’s settings to default with a tap of a button. A new option will be added to the Setting menu so that you can reset your Arrow Launcher if you want to start customizing it again from scratch.

Furthermore, …

Microsoft's Arrow Launcher lands many new features in latest update

The team behind Arrow Launcher has just released a major update for their Android app, which has already been pushed to Google Play Store. Arrow Launcher 3.7 brings many new features and tweaks based on user feedback.

One of the most useful new features introduced in the latest update is the option to merge or remove any contact dupes in the address book. You can now let Arrow Launcher manage your contact list and never have to worry about having any duplicates in your address book.

Another important change is the option to sign in with a Microsoft Account …

Arrow Launcher update adds the option to sync files, other new features

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a new version of Arrow Launcher that included a brand new option that would allow users to create app shortcuts. The new update pushed today brings more new features and improvements to Arrow Launcher users.

The most important seems to be the ability to sync files between smartphone and PC. The new option is available within the new Arrow Hub card, which functions as a widget.

Also, the developers added a new MSN News card with category selections so that you can get your everyday dose of news with just a few taps. The …

Arrow Launcher 3.4 released with option to create app shortcuts, new Notes card

Arrow Launcher is getting yet another important update that adds new features and improvements. If you’ve been following our latest news about Microsoft’s Android launcher, then you might find the list of changes quite familiar.

About a month ago, the beta version of Arrow Launcher received similar improvements with the promise they will be made available to a wider audience if no serious issues appear during beta testing.

Among the many new features added in version 3.4, it’s worth pointing out the ability to create app shortcuts. Also, Arrow Launcher …

Arrow Launcher gets Android for Work apps support, improved search function

Microsoft recently released a new beta version of its Arrow Launcher for Android devices, which brings a couple of new features and improvements on board. The most important one seems to be Android for Work apps support, which is not yet available to those who use the stable version of Arrow Launcher.

If you participate in the beta program, then you can definitely try Android for Work apps support, as well as the new features implemented by the developers in the latest update.

So, in the latest version of Arrow Launcher beta, users can create app shortcuts. …

New beta update of Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android is underway

Just a few days ago, the Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android received a large update to version 3.0. The update carried with it support for tablets, and a utility page where certain features such as a contacts list, reminders and a list of frequently used apps can be pinned. Now, Microsoft is in the process of beta testing another update to the Arrow Launcher. Among the features being tested is one that locks widgets and apps so that they cannot move around the screen accidentally.

Another new feature that is part of the beta test includes a date/time widget that displays the time of your …

Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android soon to receive a massive update

Arrow Launcher is mildly popular among Android users, but Microsoft hopes to improve the app’s appeal with regular updates that add new features and improvements.

The last massive update for Arrow Launcher was released last summer, but smaller ones were pushed to Google Play Store almost monthly. Those who use the launcher will be pleased to know that Microsoft plans another big update for its Android application.

Arrow Launcher 3.0 has already been released in the beta channel, and after a short testing period, it should be published in the Google Play Store …