Chinese authorities arrest iPhone data thieves, who made millions selling user data

User data is probably one of the hottest stocks on the market nowadays, as technology continues to penetrate lives and households around the globe. Gadgets that collect different stats and data about their users come in various forms and shapes, but smartphones are perhaps the most common means for collection of sensitive info these days. Knowing how and why people behave is a precious resource across different spectrums of business.

Apparently the business is running hot in China, as authorities in the province of Zhejiang reportedly arrested 22 suspects in May, who apparently stole and …

'Find my iPhone' helped authorities arrest a man who stole over 100 phones at Coachella

The Coachella festival started last weekend in Indio, California. And just like any other large gathering of people, it attracted some rather shady individuals. According to the LA Times, one of those people managed to steal over 100 smartphones in one day.

Several people, attending the festival, noticed their phones are missing and managed to activate the Find my iPhone feature. When they tracked the devices, they all independently managed to pinpoint the same man as the one who has their phones – Reinaldo de Jesus Henao, 36 year old of New York.

The festivalgoers …

Samsung to tighten control over donations following arrest of vice chairman Lee

Following the recent arrest of Samsung Electronics’ vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, today the company has pledged to ramp up control for any future donations or financial support made to third-parties.

In order to achieve that, the South Korean tech giant will implement several strict measures. Any financial payments above 1 billion won ($882,460) will be reviewed by a committee of “independent directors” and then publicly disclosed. Previously, only payments or donations of 680 billion won (about $600,773,200) or more to third parties were subject to such board reviews.

This …

South Korean prosecutors seek the arrest of Samsung's Vice Chairman

Today, the bad news for Samsung doesn’t deal with a particular device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Instead, it appears that South Korean authorities are looking to arrest Samsung Vice-Chairman Jay Y. Lee. The latter is the only son of Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee, who has been sidelined since suffering a heart attack in 2014. If the arrest takes place, it could lead to some confusion at Samsung over who will be running the company. It also could force changes in Samsung’s succession plans.

Jay Y. Lee allegedly had the equivalent of $36 million wired from Samsung subsidiaries to accounts …