The coming Arctic blast probably won't make you sick, but winter definitely can


The coldest air of the season will soon smack the Midwest and East Coast, dramatically dropping temperatures and rudely establishing that winter is here. The Arctic chill will arrive between Dec. 8 and 11, and could persist in some areas straight through Christmas.

Given such an abrupt shift in weather, especially since the fall was much milder-than-average across the country, one might think that it’s going to be easier to get sick as soon as the cold air hits. Many people think that they’re more susceptible to the common cold or the flu during periods of shifting weather conditions. 

However, experts say this is probably not the case — or at least, it’s difficult to prove.  Read more…

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Galaxy Note 8 leaks again in case maker renders, Arctic Silver version included

Back when the first color versions leak of the Galaxy S8 came our way, we couldn’t help but notice the funky names that Samsung chose for the hues – Black Sky, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver. That last Arctic Silver version will apparently be present as a color layer on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, as well, if the leaked case maker renders above holds water. It will probably join the obligatory black and grey versions, as well as that Blue Coral that so many seem to be fond of. Will Samsung ever release a pinkish Note 8, or a brand new color altogether, remains …

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver (UPDATE)

A new tweet from tipster Evan Blass reveals renders of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ in three different colors. The trio of hues include Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver. The official color options should be announced on March 29th when Samsung unveils its new flagship phones, making them public for the first time. The eagerly awaited Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are expected to be launched on April 28th.

UPDATE: Blass also has disseminated a second tweet that leaks the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ in Euros. According to Blass, the Galaxy …