Get a handle on your inner world with these 5 mood tracking apps for Android and iOS

Sometimes life can make one feel like riding a roller coaster of emotions. Moods, thoughts, and feelings shift up and down at random, unpredictable intervals – making it difficult to stay grounded in reality. For better or worse, there’s no such thing as manual controls for one’s inner world, but thankfully, there are many ways to cope with whatever’s bothering our brains.

Keeping a mood diary is often recommended by psychologists and therapists treating people who can’t get a grip on their mood for one reason or another. It’s also a source of interesting insight for the curious minds …

5 offbeat dating apps you should (but probably shouldn't) try this Valentine's

Nursing a lonely soul this Valentine’s? Bored with your long-time partner of two weeks? You have the problem, we have the solution! Just come behind the corner over there with us… don’t worry, no shady stuff will commence. Okay, here’s a choice of five dating apps we selected, based on two criteria. First, they are not, and will never be Tinder. Second, they sound extra dodgy on paper, but if the universe does you a solid, they could lead you towards someone worth shaving your body hair for – or breaking off a relationship that makes your hair fall. Grab them by the horns and have …

5 activity tracking apps for Android and iOS that will quantify your life

Living in the age of the quantified self provides some interesting possibilities. It lets you become a quasi-RPG character or science subject, if you so prefer, monitoring your “performance stats” and raising your “level” as you see fit. Even mundane activities like going for a walk can be made curious when you’ve got information like speed, distance covered, and calories burned – or a sexy chart of all the routes you went through. That’s pretty much the kind of thing these five apps can pull off. You don’t have to be a fitness buff to use them – you just want to be a little extra aware of …

watchOS 3.2 update to add Theater Mode, Siri integration for specific apps

The update to watchOS 3.2 for the Apple Watch is still contained within Apple’s labs, but a change log for it is already available online, giving out the upcoming changes and new features. Okay, there are only two of them, but they are interesting! First off, Theater Mode. When activated, it mutes the wearable and prevents its display from lighting up when you raise your wrist. This makes the wearable less distracting in the dark. It still receives notifications, though, complete with haptic signals. Notifications can be quickly glanced at by tapping the screen or using the Digital Crown.

It …

Google Voice gets updated with new UI and new apps

Launched by Google way back in March 2009, Google Voice had grown to become a beloved app among many. It allowed you to receive phone calls on various devices, including computers. Google touted its service’s voicemail transcripts feature, as well as the ability to archive and search through all the SMS text messages you sent and received. As time went on, however, Google Voice became less appealing. Google brought new apps to the forefront, such as Hangouts, that eventually integrated your Google Voice number, allowing you to forget all about the Google Voice app. The Android …

Facebook & Google dominate the list of 2016’s top apps

shutterstock_186292982 Mobile applications from Facebook and Google dominated the new list of the year’s top apps released today by Nielsen. Not surprisingly, Facebook again grabbed the number one spot on the list, with more than 146 million average unique users per month, and 14 percent growth over last year. In fact, Facebook scored several spots on the top 10 chart, thanks to Messenger (#2) and Instagram… Read More

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Kickstarter is open sourcing the code for its Android and iOS apps

img_1096   Kickstarter is pulling back the curtain on its app development process. This morning, the crowdfunding platform is taking to Medium to announce that it will be open sourcing the code for its native Android and iOS apps, in keeping with the company’s goal of giving startups a bit of a leg up. According to the company, inspiration for the idea arrived around the same time it became… Read More

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Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

Apple’s iPhone is a device that has become so much necessary for smartphone-lovers that they can’t live without it. No exaggeration – we have seen folks around us who keep using iPhone no matter wherever they are. There are thousands of apps, games, and interesting iPhone tools that keep iPhone-lovers busy. And while not using them, iPhone users keep talking about their devices. If not about devices, they keep sharing which app is your favorite, what new app you recently downloaded, have you jailbroken your iPhone, and such talks go on. All this is not without any reason; its aesthetics, availability of scores of apps, and continuous updates in software and hardware, both are some points that we can say always attract smartphone users towards it. This is the reason; today iPhone app development companies are on their best times ever.

Mobile development has seriously changed the focus of many software development companies. We don’t need to go so back in the history, this is the talk of just 5 years ago that companies use to develop desktop software and the web applications at most. Very few companies were in to the business of mobile app development. But today if we see we find scores of iPhone app development companies and most surprisingly most of them are so much successful. All this is because of the proliferation and popularity of smartphones as more and more people started using these smartphones to access their emails and surf the internet. And today, according to various surveys, more people use internet through their smartphones. This in return has increased the demand for the companies who do mobile app development. Especially the iPhone app development companies are in high demand since the launch of iPhone 4. Furthermore, the news for the iPhone 5 is also on its boom. More and more companies are now being fascinated for iPhone app development. This is why, daily we see the inception of new iPhone app development companies.

However it doesn’t mean that all of these iPhone app development companies are expert, professional and result-oriented. Most of the people get inspired by the boom of anything and they start a company without proper planning and future thoughts. So beware of such iPhone app development companies who can waste much of your time and money by claiming to be your reliable app development partner. This is the reason you need to make sure about certain things while you are hiring an iPhone app development company to develop professional iPhone apps for you.

Millions of users and billions of app downloads, iPhone app development era is buzzing with activity. As there are variety of users, different sort of iPhone apps are needed. Some like to play games, some like to access social networking platforms, some like to check their IQ, some like to check emails, and the list goes on. That is the reason diverse range of iPhone application need to be developed for all these users that can fulfill their entertainment, business, commercial, and various other needs.

Techliance is a professional iPhone application development company that offers cost effective iPhone App solutions. Contact us today – to get a free quote for your iPhone app solution.

Hire an iPhone app development company to build professional iPhone apps for you

Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc

1) Evernote Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is a typical cloud technology software and we can access it anywhere since all the data will be synchronized to their server. We can access it in our tablet pc, smartphone, laptop and PC with the same account. It helps you to jot down every piece of information whatever that is text, pictures and voices. Furthermore, it allows you to organize and give you an easy retrieval of information. To sum up, it is a knowledge management app.

2) App: Remember the milk Platform: iOS(iphone) / android. The ipad version is currently still under testing and should be available soon. Functions: “Remember the milk” is a To-Do-List software. All the stuff were synchronized to the server. It is also known as Cloud technology. That means you can access it anywhere with almost any devices as well. You can also set the priority for the tasks and the User interface is simple and friendly.

3) App: Toggl Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to time tracking your tasks and manage the time resources spent on each task. You just have to press a button when recording the tasks’ time when you are doing the task. You can pause it when you switch to other tasks. Then you resume the time count of that task when you change to work on that task latter on. After a day or a week, you can review your time resources by the project category. This helps you to improve your efficiency.

4) Dropbox Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is would be the most user-friendly online file storage and management app. Again, thanks for the cloud technology, the data you put on the Dropbox were located on server securely. You can access the same files and same data anywhere with one account. We don’t have to waste time in synchronizing files. We can drag and drop the files easily with this Dropbox and it is so easy.

5) App: ThinVNC Platform: after it was installed in your computer at home or office, it can be accessed by almost any platform including iOS(iphone/ipad) and android. Functions: it is a pure-web remote desktop solution. After it was installed in the host pc, we can access it via HTML5 compliant browser. It is good software allowing you to remote access your pc at home or office. 6) App: Google Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to check email, read your favorite news with your Google reader, edit document with Google doc and share with team members, do scheduling in Google calendar, watch YouTube. There are still many free services offered by Google to replace our previous paid services.

Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc